The Cinema 4D Tutorial For Absolute Beginners

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In this tutorial, Chris starts from the VERY beginning and very briefly cover a lot of topics. The goal here is that a brand new user can get their feet wet and create a very basic final render that includes some modeling, texturing, lighting, and animation! Based off of the first session of an old Introduction to C4D course he used to teach.

Tutorial Preview

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  • Perfect.
    I really enjoyed this intro to the fantastic world of Cinema 4D.
    Well presented, in depth, and easy to follow. I was so glad I accidentally stumbled upon Chris Schmidt, you made my day!!!

  • Thank you so much!!! Really for beginners as me this was absolutely friendly, I must confess I was afraid to not understand it, I was terrorized to do 3D objects in Cinema, now I’m ready and exited to know more about the subject. You are a totally Yoda 🙂 infinite thanks

  • hi, I am using cinema 4d R16.050 in a windows 8.1 computer with 4gb ram, quad core processor and 64bits but my mograph doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the screen. pls i need help, thanks.

  • as someone that has avoided learning c4d but has done creative coding and OpenGL stuff, this is an amazing introduction. exactly the right amount of information (and no more).

  • wooow thank you very much man. It was really usefull.

  • SPACESHIP!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks a lot, It was really useful.

  • SPACESHIP!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the great tutorial.

  • Pls i cant find all my tags on d cinema 4d lite wah can i do

  • Best tutorial ever!! helped me sooooooooooooooooooooo much,

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