Cinema 4D Quick Tip 1 – Change And Save Your Interface Layout

February 4, 2014


Quick And Helpful

We had an idea to start a series of C4D Quick Tips to share some super short ideas, tips, and tricks. Some of these tips end up in some of our longer form tutorials, but they can get lost in the noise. These first few will be some basic but essential parts of Cinema 4D. But, we hope to move into some more powerful and less well known tips as this series goes on.

Look for more of these coming soon. And, if you are in the mood for some of our longer project-based tutorials, visit our tutorials page where we have over two hundred and fifty tutorials sorted by category, teacher, and by what version of Cinema 4D you have. Have fun and keep learning!

C4D Quick Tip 1

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  • I’m excited to see this. I’ve been out of the C4D game for a while now and would love to start from scratch to see all the new features and re-tune my existing skills. Awesome stuff!

  • Nick will you do some kind of other 3d programs like Maya, Max or Maybe zbrush or do you know some sites like this that explain the program sooo good like you guys Cinema 4D ?

  • Cool! Thank’s guys!

    When are you going to release the next “5 second projects”? 😀

  • Great tips Nick, Ive set up my C4D layout for Modelling with all essential tools docked to the left and a few extra tabs. Here’s a shot of it plus link to anyone who wants the layout…

  • Great! Thanks!!! Very useful!

  • very good ideea. thank you

  • Thanks, Nick. Hopefully these Quick Tips will be short and easy to produce and they will appear frequently and regularly. Lately it seems that the pace at GSG has slowed to a crawl; The last tutorial by Chris was January 20 (about 16 days ago!) and we haven’t had a new 5 Second Project Challenge since December 16! January only had 2 tutorials all month long . . .

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this site. I have learned SO much about C4D from you guys. Every time I fire up my browser, I head here first in hopes that there will be another excellent tutorial to satisfy my C4D interest. Lately I have been disappointed more often than not . . . We all love your insight and expertise and learn so much from you guys. Please keep the content flowing!


    • Thanks for the feedback, Marv. Not to worry. We have quite a few of these quick tips and other long-form tutorials coming up soon on Greyscalegorilla. We have a bunch of stuff planned for 2014. Stay tuned!

  • Nick has an old tutorial named “How to Change Your Default Option Settings in Cinema 4D” that shows you how to save project settings like aspect ratio, render settings, etc. that fits with this nicely. You can find it here:

  • Looking forward to more of these quick tip vids. Can you guys do some more videos on taking work in C4D into AE?

  • Hi Nick, how can i manage my opened project files? can i manage them with tabs or something?

  • where download laylout helpppp

  • Thanks man. Your tutorials & tips are really helpful. I have just finished you starter course for Cinema 4D & I intend to go through a lot more tutorials from you guys in order to finally master Cinema 4D. You guys rock! God bless.

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