Cinema 4D Quick Tip 2 – Make A Custom New Scenefile (new.c4d)

February 6, 2014

In this quick tip, I will show you how to customize your default scene settings by building and saving a new.c4d file. I use this all the time to set my project settings so I don’t have to change them every time I open a new scene file.

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  • Wow really good tip. Many thanks Nick! Hi from Chile 🙂

  • Hi nick

    Ive been struggling with VRay lately and i can’t find good tutorials.

    Do you use VRay? if so will u create some tutorials for it?

    Good vid BTW did not know that you could make a default scene!

    • Hi Hugo,

      I’m mainly C4DVRay user and I’ve dug out some pretty good materials, unfortunately, they all cost, except for few Youtube/Vimeo channels (one of which Tod has already mentioned in the comments).

      I’m not familiar with GSG’s policy: is directing to other “products” allowed? I’m going to take a risk here, since it’s all about sharing knowledge.

      Free tutorials:
      Youtube ( Go trough his channel: he has got a tutorial series for both Vray interior & exterior scenes. It’s fun to watch and very informative.

      As Tod mentioned earlier ( This guy makes both free and paid tutorials. You can look up his Vimeo channel and see what he is up to. Very beautiful renderings and seems to know what he is talking about. Talks quite a lot…

      Paid tutorials
      I’ll start with my personal favourite ( Material creation, interior/exterior rendering, Vray parameters, tips & tricks – it’s all here. This guy goes really deep into VRay and takes his time to explain how the engine works and what different buttons and parameters do.

      Next on is Digital-Tutors ( There are one or two tutorials series that cover VRay for C4D. It doesn’t go that deep to explain everything and is sort of a “need-to-know” to get the rendering done with optimal quality and fast.

      Search Vimeo/Youtube/Google yourself. I’ve probably missed and forgot many awesome tutorial sites. If you find any… let me know!

      The fact is that if you learn the basics of VRay then you can look at any tutorial series and apply that knowledge to VRay. The basic rules are the same and it’s all about connecting the dots.

      Have fun with Vray!

  • Always knew this was possible, now i know how to do it, thanks

  • Hi Nick,

    Great tip, thanks!

  • Thanks Nick! 🙂
    This explained an old question of mine.

  • Hugo: Curse Studio ( has some excellent tuts on Vray. Also, try the VrayforC4D Solidrocks plug-in…it’ll pay for itself within the first hour.

  • Hmm, works on my mac (R15) but not my main PC. Gives an admin error. Oh well. Great tip!

  • Hi Gorilla, great video, as always. Uh, I would like to ask for a tip and think you would like the challenge. There is a television station here in Brazil that renewed one of your vignettes and I really liked the style (the video is below)

    You know a way to make the effect of the final phrase “Sessao da Tarde” ? That’s Cinema4D or After Effects?

    Thanks for your patience and continue with the videos.

  • I would like to know about some info on materiel management. Tabs, asset locations the best way / location to store bitmaps for projects also what to do when textures don’t load. Stuff like that. Thanks for the great videos!

  • Hey Nick, nice vid. However for me, it won’t save my tabs layout. Everything else it loads in except tabs. I have tabs for my view/picture viewer/render settings, but every time i relaunch c4d it ditches the tabs. Is there anything special you have to do to keep the tabs? I’m using r15 (legit version I bought it), so not sure why it doesn’t work. Thoughts?

  • Great stuff. I live in the UK and always want to work in 25fps. I also always want to default to 1920×1080 settings. Setting up the new.c4d scene is exactly what I needed to do. It was a real PITA to set the frame rate in several places each time I made a new scene.
    On my windows PC I initially had a permissions problem when trying to save the new.c4d file into the C4DR16 directory, but this was easily fixed by enabling the folder options to all users. Thanks Mr. Gorilla : )

  • Thanks for awesome tip Nick! Todays podcast brought me here:)

  • I really appreciate your tutorials but sometimes it would be nice to have bullet point text underneath the video to use as a quick reference rather than scrub view the video when I need the tip again 3 months later (for example).
    It would also be less frustrating for proficient users to get the gist of how something is done instead of having to watch a long video which, no offence intended, seems to be aimed at beginners.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Hi, I’m new to C4D. Sorry for the stupid question but How do I revert back to when I want a default new scene.

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