Cinema 4D R13 Live Demo From Chicago C4D

September 12, 2011

Recorded live from the September Chicago C4D meeting at the Michigan Ave. Apple Store. Chris Schmidt goes over what’s new in R13. We look at Motion Blur, Character Rigging, and the new Collision Deformer. Also, be sure to check out the new CMotion keyframe-less animation tool starting at minute 19. Chris makes an awesome zombie walk and makes the crowd go wild.

About Chris Schmidt
Chris Schmidt is a self taught Cinema4D user since version 6 in 2001. After teaching C4D for 4 years at Prairie State College and creating a series of tutorials for Maxon on Cineversity, he cofounded Chicago’s C4d user group ChicagoC4d. With a general obsession of all things C4D especially character rigging, animation, Xpresso and Thinking Particles. Most recently co developed the City Kit with The Gorilla.

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  • Guys,

    thanks for recording, sharing and @Chris doing this! Good introduction!
    Keep it up folks!


  • Nice one!
    Like your stuff.


  • this is awesome~!!!

  • They are high as hell :)) hahaha awesome stuff! Thanks Chris!

  • The character rigging part is very funny.

  • Thanks Nick for posting this out.
    Can’t wait till version 13 comes out.

  • Excellent again GSG!!!
    By the way, for those who’ve been following you and installed CSTools, Texture Kit, etc… any mini tutos on how to install all the stuff in R13? Big Up! Keep on doing it!

    • just about everything i had in R12 installs in the exact same way, and to the exact same locations, in C4D R13. you can even just copy over most of your stuff from R12 to the corresponding locations inside of /Applications/MAXON/Cinema 4D R13

      also, remember to install the C4D«»After Effects exchange plugin into R13, so that you won’t have any issues when saving out .aep files from C4D.

      also, i gave it a shot, and found out that custom layouts saved in R12 indeed *do* work in R13, even though the R13 GUI layout is somewhat different than R12. it saved me hours of configuring buttons and menus and layouts etc

  • Hi Nick,

    I really want to purchase R13 but boy is it expensive. How does one approach spending that amount of money when the bank balance is very low?

    The new features in R13 are just too awesome to give up. Blender just can’t keep up anymore.

    • Seeing blender is free and have very nice things that C4D don’t have, i think it’s fair to say it can keep up.

      I’d kill for blender fluids & smoke for example.

  • Looks amazing! Got to get my studio to buy it!

  • yeah nice !
    little parenthesis : I just discovered that you can change the font of the cinema 4D interface, and the gotham book is really nice !
    Anyway I ‘d like being there on the next “outdoor tutorial”

  • I could just sit and watch Chris talking about C4D all day. I love how he started to talk faster and faster when the topic of character rigging came up. 😛

  • For those who speak german Helge Maus recorded 7 videos about Cinema 4d R13:

  • Thank you Nick, Chris, Mike and Simon 🙂
    Everyday waiting for something new cause GSG is awesome 🙂

  • Chris Schmidt = C4D God.

    I could listen to this guy talk about C4D all day.

    Please do more tuts here Chris 🙂

  • Is it just me thinking that Nicks Tuts and Videos are a lot better prepared, even though I guess they are not scripted to detailed. Nick gets through C4D much more fluently and more new / interesting Info out opf it per video…

  • I feel suddendly less alone when I hear the whole crowd becoming crazy in front of a nerd pushing buttons! WE must be some sort of weird people! Thanks for that quick overview, feel like animating some zombie myself..

  • Awesome!!! All Cinema 4D cast hehehe very funny… tnx Chris ^^,

  • Hopefully, David and the other guys from Maxon are also amused about this funny, but really bad Demonstration about the new C-Motion Tag.

  • When are we going to see some GSG shirts? Have to represent!

  • how is that possible i dont have ‘character builder’ in my character’s menü?

  • hey bro how you add squash and strech to cmotion ??? and what paremiters ? box jump so nice thanks 🙂

  • thank you my friend , i hope put a video show us how to make a Mass Physics Simulation . thank again

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