Cinema 4D R14 Quick Start Tutorials

September 10, 2012

To celebrate the launch of Cinema 4D R14, I put together these short “quick start” tutorials to get you up and running with the latest features of Cinema 4D R14. We will have our more typical longer finished tutorials in the near future, but I thought you may want to start playing around now. Keep in mind, these tutorials were made with the Studio Version of R14. Look for more R14 tutorials soon, but in the mean time, I hope these help get you started and having fun with the new features.

Interface Setup

Camera Calibration


Sculpting Tools

Plastic Deformation


Light Colors, Camera Morph, And Filters

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  • Thank you, Nick. Very useful.

  • Amazing tutorials Nick , just like always 🙂 Thanks .

  • Thanks Nick! I am moving out of Maya and I am simply in love with Cinema 4D. Thank you for these!

    • Hey man, How long you used Maya? I want to know why you left Maya to come C4D. I thought that Silmualation functions of Maya are better than C4D ? Is it wrong ? Please reply me ^_^

  • Very nice tutorials nick, Can’t wait to get hold of my version 🙂

  • Thx Nick. Great new features. I hope i can get the update fast and play around with these new stuff..

  • Every time i check your blog… BAMM!

    Very innovate News! THX for that
    Greetz from Hamburg, Germany

    PS: Where is the guy in background? -__-

  • Thx for these Tips. btw the Filters are not new (used them since I started withR11.5), althout I have never seen the curves.

  • I was catching up on some tuts and then boom!! Nice tuts, Nick 😀

  • Thanks for posting these Nick, very helpful and quick.. which is what i need most of the time when im stuck on something. keep them coming :), the camera morphing seems very similar to the CSTools AutoCamera thing.

  • Thanks a lot for these tutorials, Nick! Really enjoyed them. Would definitely love to see something about the new snapping and guides tools! 🙂


  • Hmm, about the Aerodynamic quick look. Shouldn’t the Wind object be set to “Aerodynamic Wind” instead of “Acceleration” for it to actually use the Aerodynamic calculations?

  • Hey Nick, thanks for these Quickies!

    I watched them all and at the intros couldn’t stop wondering if you ate some burritos with some reaaally spicey hotsause the day before..? ;p

    Thanks again.

  • Very nice tutorials, thanks

  • Nick you are THE MAN!!! Thnx a million times for your tutorials!!

  • when cinema 4d r14 will be launched?

  • This is really awesome!! Thanks Nick

  • Keep ’em coming nick!

  • Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Any one pick up on the nose picking in the background of plastic deformation. I chuckled

  • I can’t figure out how to turn on that object highlighting you have showing up when you hover over an object in the viewport. Hook me up, Gorilla!


  • Hi Nick,

    Now with the new Light Colors in the scene manager, would it be possible to change the color of your Softboxes to the color of the light automatically? I mean, the softbox is in a null and you change the color of your light in the User Data. Now it should be possible to propagate that color to the Null. That would be cool.

  • Hey Nick

    Do you know how the Aerodynamics works in the Broadcast version?
    There is no Tag for “Mass” functions……


  • In beginning of the Aerodynamics video one guy coming back side and he’s pants one leg short 🙂
    Why is that ? Who’s that guy 🙂

  • great tutorials, as always.
    are you engaged ?

  • Hey Nick! Cool videos. I learned a lot more that way then on the boring Maxon-Roadshow, as they call it. Please more of it.

  • VERY useful tutorials! Thanks, Nick!

  • Sidney Jorge Cruz Junior November 3, 2012 at 8:13 am

    Hello Nick loved the tutorial, but I am Brazilian and I do not know the English language perfectly.
    I was wondering if you could write step by step, it would be best to help me in case I would translate it into my language.
    I would be really grateful.
    The videos are much more detailed I have trouble understanding because of language.
    The great friends who comment can audar also I will be very grateful to everyone.
    I’m Sidney Jorge Cruz Junior, die in the Amazon in Brazil.
    Near the theater and since Amazon is already the invitation to those who want to know my address.

  • thanks a lot for your very interesting tutorials.
    Very useful.

  • Thanks a lot on these, I’m finally jumping on the C4D/AE thing..!

  • I gaved you 501 clicks :)) . Good job and pls go on with the tutorials, you are a god among us.

  • Thanks a lot Nick for all theese great tutorials! From Madrid Spain.

  • You are da Guru Gorilla! Great teacher and incredible inspiration. Thanks!

  • hi nick
    thanks for your hard work love your tutorials i have a question about dynamics
    wondering if you can help its about rigid body when i break an object or any sphere lets say it falls on the plane is there any way to control that fall like the gum balls you did it just burst and come to rest time to control the burst what to key fram

  • Thanks so much for all your tutorials!

  • Dear Mr, Nick Campbell.
    Could you possibly help me?
    I’m a newbie in AE and Cinema 4d workflow, so i have a question if you don’t mind .=)
    In your tutorials you often use CS TOOL. Is there CS TOOL have full support in R14 or not? For exemple in 3D Stroke not all controllers are working…
    Do you have a problem like mine, or I just something don’t understand? )))
    Thanks for the answer, and sorry for my english)
    Kind regards, Dmity

  • Got a question, in R14 when you select a object ex. a cube there is no grid anymore, can that be turned back on or ??? because otherwise i liked R13 a whole lot more.

  • is this only the introductory , or also some advanced ??

    ps . for free !

  • ?????????????cinema 4d??????????

  • Thanks very much Nick, great into. We’re upgrading to R14 at work shortly and I can’t wait to get stuck into it.

  • i owe too much from greyscalegorilla

  • So helpful Nick, cheers matey.

  • I have a portable version of C4D R14 and I don’t have sculpting layout. How I can add it? (srry for my bad English)

  • wow excelent tutorals…this is only what i want………………sir,i saw c4d r14 feature- breaking connection,is there any tutorial from you????

  • Love the tutorials. Great pace and awesome content. One thing- tne calibration tag not showing up in tag menu. What am i doing wrong!?

  • Hey i was really happy when i get my C4D R14 until i found out that for some reason under my tags ther is not my camera callibrator :s, do you know why this could be?

  • Thumbs up NICK on the tutorials :>)

  • I love little tutorials like these that describe useful stuff within the program. Thank you so much Gorilla!

  • thank you nick. as usual this one is very useful too. thank you dude 😀

  • Hmm, about the Aerodynamic quick look. Shouldn’t the Wind object be set to “Aerodynamic Wind” instead of “Acceleration” for it to actually use the Aerodynamic calculations?
    Guido 1 year ago
    Maybe you’re right. I tried to recreate the aerodynamics scene (i’m still on r13) and came up with similar dynamics:
    Alex 1 year ago
    I agree with you guys, I don’t really see Aerodynamics in that scene.
    you can do pretty much the same without tweaking any aerodynamics properties.
    ** I hope Nick goes deeper about this subject and show us itsreal power : )

  • Hi Nick!

    Please change the setting of your Vimeo videos and add the full screen button when videos are embed on your site. It’s much more convenient to follow. Thanks!

    • Sorry about that Alex, all our videos should be able to go “full screen”. Can you let us know which video was giving you trouble? thanks

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