CInema 4D R19 Voronoi Fracture Features

July 31, 2017

In this video we break down all the new improvements to Cinema 4D R19’s improved Voronoi Fracture object.

New Voronoi Fracture Features we Cover

We are going to jump into C4D R19’s Voronoi Fracture and check out:

  • Sorting (The order in which the cells are indexed)
  • Detailing (Adding internal detail and complexity)
  • Connectors (Quickly linking cells to each other dynamically)
  • Geometry Glues (Merging cells together to create more complex chucks)
  • Cells Scaling (Stretching cells to create new styles of break patterns like slices and splinters)
  • New Vertex Tag Outputs (Get Vertex Maps that cover the internals of the Fracture and the edges)


Software:  ,

  • Looks pretty awesome ! I skipped R18 but will jump on R19 for sure. Look forward to your Siggraph 2017 later today.

  • Yesss this is excellent!

    Gotta love your enthusiasm, vids like these are why I am inspired by C4D!

    Thanks Chris & the GSG team

  • Excellent video! I saw Maxon’s announcement of R19 yesterday. Looks like GSG is on top of things. Much like the previous commenter I skipped R18 (it was a budget thang). But hoping we can get R19.

    I’d love to see more GSG videos on the new features (Viewport, Radeon ProRenderer, etc.). Can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say.

  • Wow! Pretty exciting new features. I can’t wait to use the new R19!

  • Very awesome, Thanks K.Smith!

  • I wonder how performant this will be. Seems like it can slow down on complex meshes quite a bit.

    Anyway looking forward to the new r19 release!!

  • Hi great tutorial, so now we have our rayfire for C4D 🙂
    I did a test with the voronoi R19 to fracture that road, would be cool with smoke and particles.

  • Thanks for the tutorial – we’re playing around with fracturing translucent objects and trying to locate a setting that will keep the geometry merged together (render as solid) until it hits the ground and fractures. The quick solve is to swap out the object, but we’re convinced this should be a setting in the effect. Have you come across this? Thanks!

    (Rendering with Arnold 5)

  • Thank you Chris Schmidt For an Updated Tutorial

    I’m New User of cinema 4D u Made me Learn C4D Very Easily and I’m Happy That i Finished Mine Tunnel project I want You To See My First Project That Thought By You And i Want to Thank Nick Campbell And biggest Thanks For #grayscalegorilla Team

  • taylor enzminger April 12, 2020 at 4:24 am

    the picture on this one gets me everyime ????

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