Cinema 4D to After Effects Tutorial: Plasma TV

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to prepare a cinema 4D scene file for export to After Effects. First, we will model, light and animate a simple flat-screen TV. Then, we will export the scene to After Effects where we will use Trapcode Particular to add snow and use the camera data from C4D to add the screen on the TV and text on the side. You can see the final render below.

Example Render

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  • Happy Holidays Nick,

    This was long, but it was great to see all tools and layers coming together.
    You really make your projects shine. Much appreciated.
    Again Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.
    Kind regards,


  • That was a great tutorial.

  • I have a question please help !!
    can you make tutorial usin cinema 4d and after effect for this
    here’s the problem – how to make that cinema 4D solid little bend and so how to use that bend solid in after effect? how to make it bend in after effect? i just tried a lot of times to make it i dont no 🙁 how can do it? please give me answer anyone?

  • Thanks Nick , learning c4d at speedy rate with your all tutorials.

  • I liked your your tutorial.

    I have a question for a similar setup ??????????
    I have a box in C4d which is rotating 180 degrees while is being scaled from a zero size.
    When I move to AE I want to replace the box backside with an AE layer.
    I splited the box face and applied compositing and external compositing tag
    BUT when I open the .aec file in AE the “solid” doesnt follow the object scale!!!
    (in C4D it is gruped together withe rest of the box and moves together)

    Thanks a lot

    • Hi Nikitas! I’m currently experiencing the same issue with my animation! There’s a definite bug in the communication between Ae (for me CC 2014) and C4D (for me r14). I’ve asked around on a few forums, and this is the best advice I’ve gotten:

      I was hoping to see if anyone else had that same issue here and what solution they were using…

  • this was one of the best tutorials i have seen to date, thank u so much, very very useful

  • To Brad’s point above – Cineware in E CC seems to have a major bug in being able to map video to an object. The reference layer’s time is way off and odd. This is my import of TV monitor (semi-based on Nick’s tut). See how the red object does not stay with the other object? Well in C4D this is all together and looks great.

    If any of you know how to work around it would be most valuable. Thank you.

  • Hi GSG, i have been trying to figure out how i can use trapcode particular on an light with an align to spline tag attached to it(cinema4d file) in aftereffect.
    I ve tried using an external composition tag on the light instead of the light to retain its animation, it stays static after extracting it in After Effect cc. i was hoping ya all could help me out.
    You guys are doing a great work by the way. Thumbs for ya all!

  • Hey Nick!

    I know you made this tutorial a long time ago, but I have a quick question – How’d you get that plane to show up in the .aec file?


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