Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite QuickStart Tutorial

June 16, 2013


In this QuickStart video, we will dive into how to use Cinema 4D Lite and Cineware. These are the new 3D animation tools and workflow included in the newest Creative Cloud version of After Effects. Cinema 4D is a fun and powerful tool to play with so I figured we would make this video to give you a rough idea of how Cinema 4D Lite can be added to your animation workflow. So, come join us for a tour of Cinema 4D Lite.


Learn More About Cinema 4D Lite and Cineware

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  • Thanks Nick – but one thing you haven’t mention. If we already have C4D studio version – and we don’t want the lite version – how do we jump into the studio version thru cineware? I don’t even want to load the lite version if that’s possible. Thanks for all your help.

    • @Allen If you already own a current version of CINEMA 4D it will open the version you have. It will only open lite if you do not own a licensed version.

      • Maximilian Grimm June 18, 2013 at 4:00 am

        Mhhh, i have a fully licensed Version of Cinema 4D R14 Studio, but it opens C4D Lite cO

        • You might need to reinstall C4D. It uses a key that’s stored on installation, but sometimes if you move the installation or for other reasons I haven’t figured out that key isn’t set properly. Just reinstall C4D to the same path (and make sure to reapply the dot upgrades), and it should work.

    • I have followed your execellent tutorial. But when I try on my own I get this error when I try to rotate in AE: layer size must match composition and use default transform values. Adobes AE forum answers are just arrogant. Would be grateful for help.


  • Richie Williamson June 17, 2013 at 11:08 am

    Thanks so much for the intro Nick. As always you bring your honest enthusiasm to the forefront to get us all excited. I can’t wait to integrate this remarkable new tool set into my work flow

  • What if your running 11.5? It wont work with AE CC so how can I make Cineware ignore
    it? Is there a work around?

  • Nick, what’s the name of the font you used for “CINEWARE”?

  • hi guys,
    are there certain features in the Studio version that will NOT work within Cineware?

    i just did a quick test with a plain and delay effector on some motext.

    within after effects, the plain effector worked great, it didn’t recognize the delay effector.

    it doesn’t look like alot of the mograph stuff is included in the lite version other than Fracture, Plain and Random. is this true?

    • I have had that problem. You will have to bake your keyframes to use the delay effector in Cineware.

      • Robert Figueira July 7, 2013 at 3:55 pm

        Just ran into that problem but cannot for the life of me figure out how to bake to keyframes. It’s going on motext with a plain effector followed by a delay effector for some springy action on each letter. The googles haven’t been much help…

      • Hey Nick am kinda starting to learn animation and I love all you tutorials I have one request where can I get the new Cineware and Cinema 4D lite for After Effects. Please get back to me ASAP…I will appreaciate it

      • @Nick have you come across any baking functionality in Lite????

        i havent found a single way to bake anything in Lite. neither the character cappucino baked or the timeline back keyframes commands are available from what i can see… not very helpful for anyone how needs cineware and knows they cant do much without baking…

  • Never will subscribe to the CashCow (CC) of Adobe.
    Geting into dependency with all my client files? Never!
    So be lucky with all your CC stuff – I will not use it.
    And I even hope, Adobe will not buy Cinema (as they did with so many others) to hold it´s monopoly.
    The guys at Cinema where so helpful, serious and absolutely not arrogant all the last years.
    Would really hurt to say good bye.
    CC = Cash Cow = Terminating the word “Archive” in digital future = Lifelong dependency = NoGo = Never

  • Awesome tutorial–thanks so much! I’m sure I’ll be back to buy some of your products!

  • I just bought Studio based very much on this tutorial. I told the sales manager that GSG had a huge influence on my purchase. Thanks again!

  • Oh-and I bought your everything bundle.

  • Hello,
    I have a not-so-strange question :
    I have the studio version of C4D and After Effects CC. When I create a new cinema 4D files from within After Effects, it opens Cinema4D Studio as it should.
    But what if I want to use the Cinema 4D Lite version instead ? I often set up projects for clients, and then I work on their computer. They won’t certainly have the studio version of C4D. There’s so many differences and limitations between Studio and Lite, so that, just to be safe, I’d like to be able to use Cinema4D Lite instead of Studio.
    I’ve found the install path of Lite within After Effects, but when I try to launch Lite manually it just doesn’t work.
    So, any idea how to bypass the studio version ?

  • Thanks Nick, just bought Adobe Creative Cloud and you are really helping with the integration of those two great software

  • Im diggin the integration with C4D … thanks for the quick start!

  • I have C4D studio 14 at the office, just upgraded to CC how can I make cineware uses my studio version instead of the Lite version?

    – KiX

  • Fantastic tutorial, thanks. Just bought into the cloud (for better or worse) knew a little about after effects and can’t wait to learn more about Cinema 4D. Cheers.

  • I already have AE CS6 and C4D, do I really need to pay for Creative Cloud in order to use this? Does anybody know if Cineware will be included in CS7 or a future update of CS6? Thanks for the great tutorials.

  • As a C4D newcomer I just wanted to thank you for your excellent tutorial, Nick. Really well presented and going into just the right amount of detail for a quick start. Have now subscribed to your newsletter so I can learn more.

    Just a quick opinion on the Adobe CC situation: I’m just getting into animation/video FX etc. and there’s no way I could of afforded to buy even 1 of the latest Adobe protects. CC for about £45 a month means I get to try a great range of powerful software and learn a load of different techniques. Further down the line I’ll concentrate on just a couple of the apps, but for the moment CC is perfect for my needs.

  • Hi! Very much like that lessons for Cinema 4D and were in Russian. Thank you.

  • Thanks for the tut!

    One thing I am trying to figure out with C4D lite is how I can add motion blur to the animation? Some searching online reveals that I need to have the vector motion blur option enabled under render settings but that is not available with the lite version. I tried enabling Sub-Frame motion blur to no avail. Any help would be appreciated!!

  • How do you register C4D lite with MAXON?
    There is no option for c4d lite on the Maxon registration page.
    And – where is the serial number?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Thanks Nick for such an awesome beginners course. Hey Nick. I’ve already have C4D R15 and (AE CS6). Is there a way to use the Cineware Plugin on on AE CS6? I would hate to have to upgrade just for that. Please advise.

  • Fantastic tutorial and got this beginner of Cinema 4D Lite that came with AE/CC up and running. Made a great first project too. One problem, is Lite only good for three seconds??? Can’t figure out how to get past three seconds! Please help, thanks

  • Hi Nick,
    Thanks again, this site has been a great place for questions, answers and fun stuff! Cool beans.
    There was a question further up the “ladder” about the possibility of Cineware’s availability as an independent plugin for CS6 or CS7 (if there is such a thing to come) any more info on that? My boss is not a fan for the idea of the “cloud” but as the graphics guy this live pipe line would serve as an integral pathway for speeding up the work I do.

  • Move the camera around the object is too slow… and I try with only a small cube. What happens if I import an entire scene?

  • Hi Nick.
    Apologies if this is to silly of a question.
    Is there a way to bring 3D objects saved as obj or PSD (created in Photoshop CC ) into Cinema 4D LITE? I have some psd 3d files I would like to bring into AE but cant get it to work.

  • Hey thanks for all you do, Nick. So, how do I re-open a C4d lite file from within after effects, without making a “new” cinema 4d file? There has to be an easy way to re-open a previous file, but I’ll be darned if I can’t find anything online telling me how. Thanks!

  • Why does the text change its appearance after you separate the letters? I prefer how it looked before when it had clean edges. Is there a way to get it back?

  • This works for me but when I try to open a c4D project it doesnt show in after effects. How do I import a model in for after effects to recognise?

  • I have to tell you that this is hands down the best tutorial I have ever seen. I have various courses on Cinema 4D, and I have understood more and gotten more out of this introduction tutorial, then I have out of 6 hour courses. Thank you so much.

  • Nick,
    I’m fairly newish to C4D.
    I’ve picked up the After Effects CC at work and started playing with C4D Lite. What I noticed was ‘connect-delete’ isn’t included and I can’t find a way to connect multiple objects to create one, before adding a Boole.

    Why was it left out?
    Can you help with my dilemma, please?


  • Hello, I have the full version of C4D studio. How will i open Studio version instead of Lite inside from After Effects?

  • thanks for the tutorial nick. just got CC and was trying to use my camera vibrate tag from C4D —> after effects camera, or alternatively add a wiggle to the position on the AE camerea. neither seem to work. Have tried baking the camera wiggle in C4D for export but no luck. can anyone advise?

  • Wow, thank you, this was an incredible tutorial, learnt so much!

  • Thanks for this video. I just started to get into After Effects more detailed. I just wondered why you have the “Specular” Option in your material editor and I dont. Is that a Plug-in or something like that? Or is this missing because of the lite version?

    I’ll be here more often I guess, it is easy to understand and well done =)

  • How can I take a picture of my project on a gif, png file?

  • At about 5:27, you say you can save things out from the picture viewer. How? I’d love to save still frames, but for some reason I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it.

  • Is there a way to use AE camera Depth of Field settings on the C4D layer?
    Maybe some work around? I spent some time experimenting with exporting the AE camera to C4D and messing with render settings, but not having any luck.

  • Thank you for putting these tutorials together. They do a GREAT job of covering alot of material quickly. After having been away from C4D for many years I was really rusty and these got me up to speed real fast (and forgot what a sheer joy C4D is to work in)!

    Thanks again!!

  • Jean-Louis Blackburn April 26, 2020 at 11:07 pm

    Has Maxon begun requiring a serial number for 4D Lite for Adobe After Effects?

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