Create an abstract tentacle creature with X-Particles and Octane

May 10, 2016


As I was creating one of my daily renders I came up with a technique to create an abstract tentacle sea creature using X-Particles in Cinema 4D.

In this Tutorial you will:

  1. Create an object fully driven from X-Particles

  2. Refine the object using Cinema 4D’s Sculpting tools

  3. Texture the object using Octane Render to create a organic SSS material

  4. Light your scene using HDRI Studio and HDRI Collections and the “Upcoming Octane Link Tag” (Coming out soon, stay tuned!)

Wait for the Upcoming GSG HDRI Studio Octane Link Tag. I have been playing around with it and it is so much fun. It is coming soon!

Below is my everyday render that was the catalyst for the tutorial:

“Tentacles” Day 332/365 #PoisonSeries #OctaneRender #Cinema4D

A photo posted by David Brodeur (@lockedandloading) on



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  • Jens Grosshans May 10, 2016 at 9:47 am

    Really cool tutorial, as always ! I love that i can see some tutorials with Octane here ! That’s what i was missing ! Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Hey !
    thanks for the great tutorial

    for the part where you did the sculpting

    You could’ve used sprites from the Xparticles menu (set Sprite type to sphere) …. and add them to the skinner as well 🙂

    Cheers !

    • Hey Hishem, I tried using sprites and clones on the particles but it only reads it as a point and not geometry. Keep trying stuff! Thanks

  • Cool tutorial. And why Maxon doesn’t want to embedded xparticles to the software… Specially when big companies do that. Maya in the latest release have big challenges against C4D.. Maxon should wake up. Maya know have motion graphic tools. And guess what… They do the best performance in the viewport in millions of instances… And these motion graphics tools maya embedded them to the software to start the war against C4D. And also in Maya last release they have character tools like in C4D…… Best of luck C4D. We are waiting for fluids. Particles. Multi threaded. Viewport enhancements. And shader network. … …..

  • Hi, I need some help guys!! … I have a Mac Pro (Late 2013, the cylinder) with AMD FirePro video cards … is it possible to run Octane? … how can I make it Octane ready?

  • Very cool…Now all I need is a HDR link tag for Arnold *Hint hint*

  • Hi Nick…When will you guys start recording Arnold renderer related tutorials.I know I speak for a lot when I say this ..not everyone has octane renderer and Arnold is actually a very cool renderer which I prefer to octane…just hope you take this into consideration…cheers gsg

  • Will HDRI Link Tag work with Arnord as well?

  • Great job thank you. I had a go (knowing nothing, still know very little!) but I added a skinner to the emitter, then another skinner to the trail, the geometry and the other skinner (skin tha skinner yo), and with a bit of a fiddle you can get similar results without the sculpt (ie keeping it editable) they intersect and ‘meld’ together alot, but Im sure when I figure XP out abit more I can make the particles keep their distance from one another.. Just a thought, maybe you already tried this and it will/ wont work?
    Thanks again man

  • cool tutorial as always. And also waiting for the ground tutorial as well.

  • Hey Guys! Some Arnold Tutorials would also be appreciated!

    • We are hearing a lot of requests for Arnold and Octane. What sort of Arnold tutorials would you like to see?

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