Create an “All Fuzzed Out” Spike Ball with Mograph and Effectors

March 8, 2016


You may remember this Black and White GIF from the GSG Daily Render Series. Since it was posted, I’ve received numerous requests to break it down with a tutorial. So here we go!

In this video, you’ll learn how to set up a looping noise to drive Mograph and create your very own film-noir fuzz ball.

First, we will set up our Fuzz Ball with a Mograph Cloner. Then, we’ll jump into how to use Cinema 4D’s noise maps to drive a Shader Effector.

I’ll also talk a bit about how I used the GSG HDRI Collection to light our GIF.  The color correction, film grain, and camera shake were added in the comp.

As an added bonus, I’ve included the Cinema 4D scene file for you to dissect and play around with. Be forewarned, you’ll need R16 or R17 and the GSG HDRI Collection for it to render out properly. If you’re not a Collection customer, don’t worry. It will still work, you’ll just have to figure out your own lighting. Have fun!

Click HERE for the scene file!



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  • Hey man, great tutorial! I did notice around 7:53 you mention how the noise animation can be viewed by right clicking the box > animate. The animation can also be viewed in the view port if you open the material window, go to Editor and then check the box that says animate preview. You probably already knew about it, so this comment is also intended for our community 🙂 Great tutorial !!

  • Great work but would have liked to see how you got it to loop & how the gif was created ?

  • hi
    why i can not download this video?

    How do I access the video link Vimeo?


  • Really liked the effect. Thank you for the tutorial.
    I tried it with Hair instead of Cloners and I think it came out quite well…

  • Nice tutorial dude, taught me a few things that iv been trying to figure out for a while.

  • Is it Possible with the Soundeffect too ?

  • Great job!!!! How can I export this object in a file .obj or 3ds?
    Thank you

  • Any chance you can do this using a material’s alpha as the source? (trying to do this with a sphere wrapped with a mercator of the earth.)


  • Hi, Can I do with R 12?

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