Create An Animated News Bumper With Cinema 4D and Mograph

June 28, 2013

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make this animated title card using Cinema 4D, Mograph and After Effects. I will be using the new Cineware layer to go between Cinema 4D Lite and AE, but this tutorial can also be followed if you own a commercial version of C4D. Have Fun.


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  • Thanks all tuto 🙂

  • Awesome Tutorial Nick! Cheers!

  • As usual, it was a great tutorial with some awesome new stuff! Thanks, Nick! 🙂

  • Hey Nick, Thanks for the great tutorial. But I find the Cineware needs much hardware resources. Especially in this animation is all much more fluid and faster with VideoCopilots Element 3D, or on the old conventional way. I tested the last days Cineware with a fast i7 machine, and it runs very slow and lame.

  • Richie Williamson June 28, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    A whole new set of tools and functions that bring your AE projects to life. Thanks so much Nick for showing us how!

  • Thanx for the tutorial wich is great, as others. I still can’t see the supposed advantage of Cineware, with the exception that it avoids to have to export from Cinema.

  • Thanks for all the great tutorials! The introduction of Cinema 4D Lite and Cineware to AE CC has been great for those that don’t have the budget to purchase the full version of C4D.

  • hey Nick, you’ve done so much for us over the years, giving lots of cool tips showing us awesome techniques and pushing us to develop some sense for design.
    So i was wondering: is there anything we can do for you? I mean…besides buying your products. Seriously.
    Not hearing you say: I AM THE GORILLA! made me worry a bit ; )
    Cool tut BTW, as usual.


  • Tarcísio Kelson June 28, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    Very nice Nick! That’s one of the tutorials what i need to learn in Cinema 4D and After Effects. Thank you. 😉


  • I don’t know. This tut seemed basic. Real basic. Look at the finished product: A bit old school. I will always give GSG the props for providing a massive wealth of C4D education, but this one was…..bland and basic. Didn’t need C4D to pull this one off.

  • Hey Nick, just out of curiosity .
    Wouldn´t be much easier to use just AE´s internal tools like the Raytracer, Shatter or ShapeshifterAE?
    I would like to see a tutorial thats not just Text. A tut thats a little bit complexer and shows how good the pipeline between C4D and AE is.
    To be honest, blender seems to have a better integration with AE. And it has a node compositor inside. So no rendertimes at all.

    Thx anyway!

  • Thanks so much for this great tutorial!

  • Is GSG becoming a Cineware promo website ?? 😉

  • Nice tutorial Mr. Nick.
    But i have not seen any tutorials on whats the use of Coffee effector, Formula effector and Time effector i am really curious about these three. And hows this

  • Nick, your tilt-back failure in the 39th minute of the tutorial was not due to your absurdly claimed “way the Extrude NURBS are working”. The real reason was blindingly obvious: you had selected and rotated everything including the camera, which understandably resulted in no change of camera relative to the text.

  • I wanna start by saying…YES, NICK YOU ARE AWESOME……..tutorials are keep coming, mostly for free, site is running, plugins and adds on are in making..just pure awesomness.
    i dont wanna sound rude or something like that, dont know how to express myself correctly.
    FOR EXEMPLE THIS TUTORIAL……..?……the look, the talking, mograf…..yes the little detail is cineware…..but THIS KINDA TUTORIALS, THIS KINDA LOOKS….you were doing like 4 years ago……simple move and so on…..its NOT exciting at ALL.
    I JUST DONT LIKE THAT YOU ARE TARGETING PEOPLE WHO ARE STARTING, feels like…….EVEN thou i think You have huge potencial for more advance stuff….
    Anyway….thanks for everything you do.

    • This is definitely an intro tutorial. I hope I make that clear in the description and tags. We have more advanced stuff for you soon.

  • Thanks for the awesome tutorial!
    As always a pleasure to watch, can’t wait for the next one!

  • Also, one problem I am having regarding the fracture object, once I duplicated it, or even when I alter keyframes , the text disappears. I am having to mess around with turning the extrude/text off and even pulling them out of the fracture object and back in to have the text re-appear.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks again!

  • Bobby,

    I am seeing the same thing….adding that second set of extruded text brings my (not insubstantial) Mac Pro to its knees and the second text disappears.


    • Good to see I am not the only one experiencing this problem. If there is a solution, I would appreciate hearing about it, whether from fellow Cinema 4D users or from the folks at Greyscalegorilla.

      Thanks again!

  • Hi Nick,

    great tutorial, especially for people just starting with Cinema 4D Lite!

    One note; the way you use RSMB is not the way it is intended. Especially now with cineware it’s easier then ever to get accurate motion blur. You have to set it up the same way as you did in the previous tutorial with Depth of Field. You made a ‘depth pass’ and linked that to the plugin. With RSMB you link the ‘motion pass’ to the ‘source’ in the plugin so it can do it’s magic. Beautiful motion blur without artifacts!

    But you probably knew this already, and wanted to focus on the animation and lighting in this intro tut?

  • Ha ha. I could finish that character animation in AE using Zaxwerks Proanimator in about 10 minutes. That includes building and exporting. Sometimes C4D is overkill unless you need reflections, transparency, dynamics,etc. Its not the best tool for build this in a quick efficient manner if you have AE and PA.

  • hey Nick …
    please show me the technic how to make it

  • Well, I can’t download it. I hate that.

  • sometimes i just leave these tutorials on in the bg while i’m working, always pick something up that i didn’t know before.
    Thanks for the hard work.

  • Hi Nick I’m having some issues with my text being as sharp as yours? I’m using the same font and It has some anti-aliasing issues maybe – I turned the C4D renderer off Geometry but still the ‘M’ I’m using looks chunky – is it to do with phong?


  • I would like to know how to create a light sign like the generic of Jimmy Kimmel. It seems to be a good challenge… would to try to do that ? 😉

  • Awesome tutorial, as always, Nick.
    Here’s what I’ve done:

  • My warmest greeting from sunny Kosovo, dear Nick. I am a frequent visitor in your website, and I have to admit that you post truly amazing tutorials.
    But for my recent work, I have a serious question: Soon, I’m gonna shoot a short featured film, for my university assignment, and I wanted to make an opening titles sequence, just like this tutorial. One thing that differs is the background, witch is gonna be walking shots over asphalt. My question would be: How can I add the video to cinema 4d project, cause i wanted to make the reflections as realistic as possible???
    I appreciate your help in developing my artistic carrier.

  • I’m new to the Cinema 4D world. When looking at their site I see a few packages and they seemed geared towards high-end commercial / TV production. Which one of these should I be working in? Also, I think many of us coming from the AE world could have a little sticker shock when looking at Studio. Please advise.

  • Hey, sorry for a basic question but I’m new to these programs. Everything on my comp turned out great except that my falloff track I set up in C4D shows up in my AE comp and renders with my comp. How do I get make that track invisible in AE?

  • Great tutorials, so many amazing things to learn! I’m a graphic designer but at my current company I’m finding myself to be the go-to motion graphics/video person as well. I’m new to C4D, and have recently been able to convince the management at my job to purchase the software for me, allowing me to create more advanced motion graphics that include 3D. BUT I’ve only been provided with enough funds to purchase C4D Prime. I’m finding that a majority of the tutorials that I want to follow along with use the Mograph menu at some point or another – which is not included with Prime. Does anyone have any suggestions for any work arounds or alternative ways to simulate some of the Mograph menu items?

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