Create an Entire Art Gallery in Cinema 4D with Moving Art and People

April 6, 2018

Chad and Chris team up to create a cascading piece of art, and put it on display in a gallery showing. Download the free scene files and follow along.

In this two-part Cinema 4D tutorial, Chris and Chad are going to team up and show you how they created this gallery and moving artwork. Take a look at the final piece here.

Ready to learn and create the moving artwork and then build out the gallery? Get started by downloading the scene files.

Download Free Scene Files

Click the button below to download the free scene files. You’ll be able to dissect the project, and see how everything came together.

Download Now

Cascade Art Gallery Tutorial – Part 1

In the first tutorial, Chris is going to show you how he created the cascading wall art in Cinema 4D. You’ll see Chris and Chad talk about coming up with the concept, and then we’ll dive right into Cinema 4D (R19) and get to work building the cascading wall art.

Be sure to experiment with your own movements, and share your projects with us! We’d love to see them.

Cascade Art Gallery Tutorial – Part 2

In the follow up to creating the cascading wall art, Chris hands off his project to Chad. Learn how Chad brings the photo-real gallery to life and see him light, texture, and render the space using Redshift and Cinema 4D. If you are interested in the 3D people used in the project, check out Human Alloy.

Hope you were able to take away some cool nuggets of knowledge from this team-up series. Leave a comment down below if you’d like to see more of these types of videos. That’s it for this one, we’ll see you in another Greyscalegorilla tutorial.

  • Hey guys… uhm i need your help with picking the right desktop. I’m so lost an confused i don’t know which desktop to pick. Some people advice to buy an Hp Z820 some say i should pick Asus i7 or Dell i7(with bigger graphics card and bigger Ram etc etc. So with your help and advice. I would appreciate that. Please help!!! ?

  • James R. Fellows April 7, 2018 at 6:09 am

    The tip about using a Boolean to knock off the wall of the box to get the camera back was so great. I also took in the concept of displace everything a little. Thanks.

    Polyfx has a lot of secrets I feel.

  • Chad and Chris, thanks for this great tutorial. I love seeing all of your tips and it’s great to learn more about Redshift. Chad, can you please post a link to the free bench models? Thanks!

  • I love your tuts and have always considered them to some of best around bar none. I would be so much happier though of you went back to doing more tuts that utilise the C4D in built render engines etc as so much of what you seem to put out now seems to always be using Redshift, Arnold etc. Can we have more back to just C4D please.

  • Around the 30 minute mark, when creating the falloff of the displacer. I found that after many tries this effect only works with a 1 in the Z for size in the falloff not with a zero. (:

  • Ofentse Letebele April 26, 2018 at 5:20 am

    Hi Chad,

    I just want to ask, how do I render on the cloud using Cinema4D and C4DtoA?
    You are one of the few people I’ve head talking about this.

  • Here’s one of the greatest things about GSG. You can pickup so many tips to apply to your own projects from tutorials like these. And watching Chris work is like having your own personal R&D guy. Keep up the amazing work!

  • Hi

    Do i need redshift for this?

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