Create Melting Objects in Cinema 4D

July 19, 2016

After many requests it was time to jump in and show you all how I created my “Asymmetric Melt Series”. We are again going to dive into Cinema 4D’s awesome Sculpting tools to make our objects drip and melt!

In this Tutorial you will:

  1. Use modeling tools to prep your object

  2. Jump into Cinema 4D’s sculpting tools to refine your drips and add detail

  3.  Set up some materials and lighting in Octane

Below are select frames we will be able to create from the tutorial:

Preparation For Excellence: “Mustard” Day 202/365 #everyday

A photo posted by David Brodeur (@lockedandloading) on

Preparation For Excellence: “Euclidean” Day 210/365 #everyday

A photo posted by David Brodeur (@lockedandloading) on

Preparation For Excellence: “Blood” Day 187/365 #everyday

A photo posted by David Brodeur (@lockedandloading) on



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  • very nice? thx

  • Love it! more octane please!

  • Sweet. Still would love a tute on how you make those textured grounds using Octane which is all over instagram. I know you said you would 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Whitney Alexander July 20, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    This tutorial is great! Totally inspiring me to get more use out of my cintiq. Super fun 🙂

  • David – absolutely inspirational stuff!!! Would love a tute on the Alive series ;o)
    PLEASE !!

  • Thank you David, I’m a big fan of your work and tutorials!

  • David i really love your stuff!! would love a Tutorial of the Tunnel or Poison Series are really Dope and love it!!

    Kind Regards from Mexico! 😀

    • Thank you Edwin! I will definitely do a tutorial on those projects. My plan is to show some more in depth texturing techniques in Octane soon.

  • Hey David Great stuff! I did some messing around and to get a nice circle while pulling the geo go into the symmetry tab while using Pull there is a Axis option use world or workplace don’t see a difference yet and check on X(YZ) or which ever works for your situation and you will be able to get a nice circle shape !! My hand isn’t as steady as it use to be so I kinda need it! Great Video thanks so much for the inspiration!

  • Hi David! Great stuff as always! I was wondering how you ultimately chose Octane over Arnold for your work. Octane was making my computer crash constantly. I had to go Arnold, and I actually love it!

    • Hey Noah, they are both great and I think it really comes down to preference at a certain point. For the work I do Octane really works well for me and I have not had any stability issues or heard of other really having any. My main thing was speed and Octane is so fast. I think the renders they both get look fantastic. If/when Arnold comes out with GPU rendering I will definitely pay some attention to it.

    • Hi Noah,

      You were probably running into crashes in Octane because you were running out of GPU ram, which causes it to crash. Tesla and Quadro cards are very expensive, however they offer up more GPU ram. Otoy was talking about implementing regular ram and utilizing AMD GPUs, but I’m not clear on whether that has happened in Octane 3. Good luck with Arnold!


      Great tutorial as always! Any thoughts about a tutorial series on your Alive work? I think that would be very interesting if you have the time. Take care!

  • Awesome tutorial, thanks a lot

  • tnx for tut
    i have one question
    how can i use live viewer?

    • The Live Viewer seen in the tutorial is from Octane Render. If you do not have Octane you would need to use the “Interactive Render Region” or the “Picture Viewer”.

  • Nice! Thanks for this tutorial.
    Been following u for a while on instagram and was wondering how you did it.

  • 35,000 thats it?? lol

  • Cool tutorial man, thanks!!! we really need more octane stuff.

    All the best

  • hello
    great tutorial

    wondering how would I animate the drip like in the video?

  • I finally got Octane and I’ve been dying to try something like this thanks for the awesome tutorial!

  • hi, one question, if i want scale the object, mi cinema doesnt permit alwaays its the same size? how i can scale the object?

  • Good tutorial mate! Really enjoyed following along with this one…

  • Hello everybody, If I do not have octane, can I do similar things? How do I do it?

  • well it is not working in octane 3.05
    you will have grainy non colour results

  • what about letters? how does it get that super clean quad geometry?

  • i love you

  • all these stuff works only with octane ??

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