Create the “Micro Jelly” frame using SSS, GSG HDRI Studio and Octane

February 16, 2016


In this tutorial we are going to jump into C4D and make my GSG everyday frame “Micro Jelly” from Day 46. Using Cinema 4D, SSS, Octane and GSG HDRI Studio. We will dive into the setup of how to build these materials using Octane to create this transparent material. We will also use a GSG HDRI Studio image to light our scene as well as create our environment. Once we create the main setup of this scene we will add some remaining final touches such as particles and DOF all in C4D.


Wait for the Upcoming GSG HDRI Studio Octane Link Tag. I have been playing around with it and it is so much fun. I will demonstrate the new tool in the next tutorial. It is coming soon!

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  • Great tut! Excited to see more GSG product integration with Octane.

  • These Octane tutorials are great, please keep ’em coming!

  • Please not Octane! I love GSG tutorials but I just can’t afford most plugins and specially not Octane, it would suck to start seeing Octane content everywhere in GSG 🙁

  • Hell yeah! More Octane stuff please cause I personally can’t see how the 3d World will get around this badass Workflow and stunning looks in the near future.

  • Thats so cool! I want octane so bad XP

  • whaaal realy nice

  • this is lovly

  • You might want to use Path Tracing for specular materials as opposed to Direct Lighting. Works much better I find. DL is not for transparency.

  • Does anybody know if the Octane people are ever planning to support the AMD FirePro cards in the new MacPros?

    • Version 3 is supposed to be able to support OpenCL for those not using CUDA. The Alpha version has not implemented this yet however.

    • I believe Octane will work with OpenCL when version 3 is released.

      It’s great to see Octane content on GSG! Looking forward to more!

    • V3 of Octane is supposed to support OpenCL and thus AMD Cards. I don’t know what the benchmarks are yet, but it could make the new MacPros something more than just a FinalCut editing machine.

  • This is exciting! Much respect for teaching Octane!

  • I am very interested in Octane. Im just not hardware compatible. Can anyone or Nick or the crew do a breakdown on how to find or build, a pc or mac setup other than the random pro windows mac bashers? Ive been spinning my wheels for months trying to figure it out simply. Or is it not that simple? Im currently on an imac highest you can go with RAM and NVIDEA graphics card and it aint gonna work for Octane. I prefer mac but can use both. Windows 7 is preferred if PC. Id love to dig into these tutorials Nick. Hard to do when you dont have it and have a home based business budget but need to compete with whats out there. What will get you going with a good octane renderer machine? Not hie yo build. But what to buy? Are there out of box machines you can buy that are good enough? Im not into gaming or doing architectural CAD. Just cool renders and animations for my clients.

    Much appreciated!

    • Hi Chad,

      Back in November I was in exactly the same position. Did lots of research on octane and specs but not being a pc guru I was stuck. I then decided to go with a local company who were experts in putting together top pcs but even they weren’t too clued up about specing for octane. The short of it is that fast render times means good graphic cards with lots of Cuda cores, the more the merrier. The calculations that c4d does before it gets to octane is the cpu so that is still important if you are working on complex scenes and lots of polys. I ended up with an i7 processor (i think), 2 Titan X (with the ability to add 2 more which I am definitely going to do now), 64 GB RAM and a Big box to put them in them in. The machine set me back £5K which is ridiculous considering I can’t stand Windows 🙂 But as I said in previous message it’s the tools for the job that you need these days and sometimes Mac doesn’t cut it. I have the latest Mac Pro with top spec but for 3D GPU rendering it just doesn’t cut it. I have no idea of what version 3 of octane will be but they announced that months ago and then went silent so didn’t bother waiting around any longer. I can say on a positive note that my learning or C4D has risen steeply now just because it is way more fun and interactive, You can actually see the changes that are being made live. If you want to see what my spec was for the pc then let me know and I can send you through the order form I had. Definitely worth the investment if you are planning on seriously moving forward with GPU rendering which I personal believe is the way the industry is going with rendering. 🙂

    • I have Octane running under Mac OS X using a Hackintosh for this exact reason. i7 with 32GB RAM and a GTX680 andGTX760. Works very well. If you put in two GTX980 even better.

    • I was a Mac user for a few years, now got a PC because of Octane, I must say I find Windows 10 much quicker and easier to use than Mac.

      I didn’t unfortunately do my research properly and don’t have space to add another GPU, what an idiot!

  • I totally bought a whole new pc with 2 titans ( and 2 more slots ) just so I could use octane and I am a mac boy boy through and through. Nowadays I totally believe you have to have the right tools for the job otherwise you just can’t compete. Unfortunately mac has shot itself in the foot with its closed system and the 3D render world going gpu based. There are ways around it but I feel the reality after extensive research is to switch os if you want to use gpu rendering. Octane is amazing and my 3D skills, ability has come on leaps and bounds purely based on that real time feedback as opposed to adjusting and guessing and waiting for a result when you hit command+r. Keep em coming David and your everydays are part of my everydays. Keep up the inspiration and also i loved the rapid speed approach to your tutorial 🙂

  • Great tut, thanks! Still haven´t had the time to play with octane´s SSS

  • I would love to see GSG plugins that use Octane!

  • This was really great. Totally love how you played with the temperature/absorption -settings. It also gave me another glimpse of the grapes in my adventure in Ocatanrender.
    Keep up the good work,

  • Hi Thank you Greyscalegorilla family for Octane Tutorials. I have been using for a years and I really love it. I hope we can see more tutorials related with Octane.

    For hardware base tips please check for Tom Glimb’s web page. There are very useful information.

  • I’m surprised there isn’t more Octane stuff on GSG? It seems like it would be right up your street? Anyway this is really great – more please David!

    • We are looking more into Octane for sure. I have used it and it’s really amazing. However, we don’t want to start making tutorials that only a small section of C4D users can watch and learn from. Demanding that they have C4D and Octane limits the people we can help.

      That being said, we are looking at other ways to get more Octane on the site for sure. Keep the feedback coming.

  • I totally thought so too. When I discovered Octane as a long time GSG follower and watcher, I thought this is exactly what Nick was always talking about. Getting the technical stuff out of the way to be creative. Getting real time Visual Feedback of what you are doing! He must jump in circles when he sees this!

    I can understand that GSG, from a buisness perspective, is somehow bound to C4D’s implemented render solutions and it seems GSG is also very bound to Apple.
    I honestly never understood why every “true designer” must use Apple. Sure those are designproducts itsself but back in my working days at the design company we had nothing but problems and these closed Systems are annoying as hell by being slow and unflexible.

    Anyway, when I watch GSG tutorials today it quickly comes to “ok we have to leave this and this out because of render time, we can’t use reflectance here because of render times, no way we can use SSS here…..because of render times”.

    The point is:

    We live in the year 2016 and those limitations are really not necessary anymore, thanks to GPU rendering. Today we can make awesome stuff in High Res within Minutes and instant preview renders without any limitations. And for the fun of it we can then go and turn our awesome still render into an animation… with the same LOOKS and without having to uncheck anything in HD+!!!!
    What more can you want as a 3D Artist?

    I really love GSG for all they’ve done and are doing. I am binch watching askGSG’s all day..but in that point I think it’s wrong to stick to the old technology and limit yourself and your creativity.

  • for those of us without deep pockets to purchase Octane, can this tutorial be followed using C4D native render engine?

    • You sure can Bob! You will be able to follow along with everything up until the texturing of the materials as Octane material manager is different than C4D’s.

  • Does the GSG HDRI Studio Octane Link Tag connect HDRI Studio with Octane? Like it will render properly in Octane? If so, can you please release it? 😉 I actually have a project that I’m in the middle of that’s coming up for redner very soon, and would love to use HDRI Studio on it, but need to use Octane to render. Thanks!

  • Thanks a lot for this great tutorial David and Gsg!
    I’m trying to explore Octane before deciding to buy it or not, when I stumbled into some videos of the Arnold renderer.And this is when I got confused… Is there a way you guys can do a comparative vid between Arnold and Octane? Are you guys exclusive to working with Octane?
    I would really like to know your opinion on what is the best (time efficient and task managing friendly) 3rd party renderer for C4d.

  • Im looking into Octane to integrate it into my workflow…. but it seems that it isnt yet compatible with the new trashcan macs yet…. do anyone of you guys know if there will be an update for better compatibility with the new macs (2015 and above)?

  • I’d love to use octane myself but by the moment I watch your tutorials hoping I can make it later using VRAY… Sometimes It works, this time… it didn’t that well.

  • Gorillas Bros!!!!!….We need the HDRI Studio Octane Link Tag…. but like yesterday!!!!

  • Amazing as always BUT does anybody know of suitable method for this result using physical or standard? I don’t have the privilege of Octane (yet)

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