Recreating the Velcro Effect In Cinema 4D

July 20, 2018

Watch us figure out how to approach, test, and recreate this incredible effect from a VELCRO commercial, all in Cinema 4D.

In this tutorial form AskGSG Season 4Chris tackles from scratch the technical aspects of a shot from the amazing VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop spot from Alexa Sirbu and Lukas Vojir. (We previously interviewed them about this specific piece that was created in Houdini. You can read the interview here.)

The goal was to recreate the effect in Cinema 4d, and using Mograph, softbody dynamics, and bunch of springs we actually manage to pull it off. This video covers the entire process of trying to figure out the best approach and testing each aspect to make sure the techniques will scale to the overall shot.

It was a really fun project to tackle, hope you have as much fun following along.

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  • Chris is such a boss..thanx for another great tut.. Chris equals Houdini..

    i hope we could tackle some of these

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