Creating an Illustrative 2D Style Ribbon in Cinema 4D

June 11, 2014


In this tutorial I’m going to keep with the nice, 2D illustrative look theme and apply it to create those popular and trendy 2D style ribbon banners with 3D depth by using Cinema 4D. I’ll start by showing you how to use C4D’s Spline Wrap to create our ribbon along with some handy tips to sell that 2D illustrative look. Then, to get the flat 2D color, we’ll use materials created by the Cel Shader & Spline Shader. Finally, I’ll show you some creative ways to animate the ribbon to give it some nice organic movement. You’ll even learn some Latin! This tutorial has it all, huh?

Again when working with Cinema 4D to create 2D vector looking art, be sure when you render to turn up the Anti-Aliasing settings as well as using a sharper Filter than Animation; such as Cubic (Still Image) or Sync so you have nice crisp edges in your animation to sell the 2D style.

Here’s the tutorials I mention in this video that shows you how to create the 2D illustrative materials using the Cel Shader as well as the text material using a Spline Shader that is applied on the ribbon element:
Using the Cel Shader to Apply an Illustrative 2D Style to 3D Objects in C4D
Using the Spline Shader in C4D to Create Text as a Material


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  • marcus martinez June 21, 2014 at 4:50 am

    This is awesome, to be honest I’m not gonna recreate a shield or ribbon but the techniques expressed in this tutorial are awesome. Same with Nicks stuff 🙂 the monkey and EJ should make a double team tut for the more advanced.

  • EJ Hassenfratz on Greyscalegorilla. So cool. :DD

  • EJ, love your tutorials. Glad you are here.

  • Ribbon making is very often work for me. This tutorial is so helpful! Thank u!

  • really great like always, love the result and your explanations,

    but can you make a short tutorial about your workflow ?

    you use a lot of shortcuts to open menu, for example when you use move axis, or the knife, the measure thing and lot of other things, i wish i could do the same !!

    again nice work, your tuts are really great, and you’re not so many that can do that.

    hello from france 🙂

    I love illustrative style.
    thank you!

  • Nice tutorial – thanks.

    If the seem of the ribbon were to have a ‘stitched’ effect what would your approach be (rather than using the gradient texture that you did in the tutorial)?


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  • Hi, I am starting out at cinema 4d and since I am more of a designer than animator I’d like to know how works like this: or this: are done in cinema 4d is it even possible? All my attempts don’t turn out that well and in your tutorial the cel shaders are still to complex!?

    So is it even possible to achive such a flat look with cinema 4d?

  • Tor Martin Austad April 30, 2015 at 2:39 am

    I cant seem to find the ‘Rotate from rail’ option (min 9:20) on my Studio R13. Is it to old?

  • hi i cant download the CINEMA 4D SCENE FILE why?

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