Creating Dynamic Conveyor Belts in Cinema 4D

January 25, 2018

In this live stream two-parter, Chris Schmidt explores various ways to construct conveyor belts inside of Cinema 4D.

Part 1

Part one focuses on the more manual and precise placement with splines.


Part 2

Part two dives into ever more dynamic setups to move your objects from one place to another, even around curves!


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  • You forget Spline Rail put in Rail field )))))

  • I really enjoy watching your tutorials and there is so much valuable information. But frankly its way beyond my skill level. For someone with PSD and Illustrator and an illustration bckgrd what route would you recommend for learning C4D? Local classes in Cinema 4D are nonexistent. I’ve done many of the online tutorials but its a very steep learning curve compared to Photoshop.

  • One solution for the crates passing through the imaginary top surface of the belt (from the cloth surface) is to add the cloth thickness as a negative value. This would make the collision occur on the outside of the belt and then you just fiddle with the cylinders/belt collision tag size increment to make it look like the now imaginary bottom surface of the belt is touching the cylinders/wheels.

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