Creating Motion Streaks in Cinema 4D Using Sketch & Toon

August 7, 2015

In this tutorial I’m going to be going over how you can use Sketch & Toon’s Motion lines to create motion streaks or trails inside of Cinema 4D.  First, I’ll show you how Motion Lines work and how it’s different than the Tracer object.  I’ll then cover the different modes and options followed by me demonstrating my workflow that I use for having full control over where motion streaks appear on your objects.  Finally, I’ll cover how to smooth out your motion lines using the Sketch Materials Curve Stroke feature and how you can add Squash & Stretch to your motion lines with the Taper option.

If you have any questions, be sure to hit me in the comments below!  Have fun and if you make something with this technique, be sure to share it!  Enjoy!

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  • It’s only me or there is no sound at all?

  • Learned a ton from this one. Thanks EJ!

  • Think you forgot the audio on this one!

  • For some reason my lines really don’t want to smooth out, in the distortion tab in it’s texture the steps set to 50, tried in all of the different spline types, they still appear to be edgy and chunky.
    thought the effect might look at the movement of the object it’s making a line out of per frame so tried 60fps, but had the same results crooked lines.
    Is there any other settings that define the motion lines path smoothness, or do I have to resort to a tracer 🙁

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