Creating Soft Body Dynamic Strings in Cinema 4D

February 28, 2017

In this tutorial by EJ from Eyedesyn you’ll learn how to create dynamic springs using an often overlooked feature inside of Soft Body Dynamics!

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What will I Learn?

In this video we’ll learn all about the Soft Body Dynamics ‘Made of Clones’ option and how you can use it and the Mograph Module to create dynamic strings.  This workflow is the best way I’ve been able to find to do this sort of thing without 3rd party plug-ins and I’m excited to share it with you!

Be sure to check out this awesome Nike Air Max 2017 piece done using Houdini that inspired me to try to figure out how to create the dynamic strings in Cinema 4D!

Where can I learn more about soft bodies?

If you’re new to Soft Body dynamics, be sure to watch my ‘Intro to Softbody Dynamics’ tutorial!  Check it out here.

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  • Hi,
    First thanks for this nice tutorial, really healpfull 🙂
    second is question i would like to ask:
    I’m trying to recreate something like first 2 sec of this :
    with your technic but when i turn off Banking in sweep the strange rotation is start to happen and when i turn it on the begining of the string is rotating. Any sugestions how to solve it?
    thanks 🙂

  • Hey,
    Unrelated to the video but make the “Follow us on instagram” clickable to link you to the instagram profile.


  • Super tutorial. I have a question though. What if you wanted to recreate your tutorial for the application of, lets say, caulking, but on a vertical surface, a wall. How would you do this? How would you have the stuff come out of the tube and stick to a wall?

  • Hey EJ! Loved this, Can you do a similar tutorial on how to do get this same effect using x-particles? (there’s gotta be a way!)

  • Great tut. Thanks.

    Think I left it a bit too rigid. But also learning more about GI lighting from yourselves. 48 hour render took its time but am happy with the result.

    Apart from having to stop the render part way through and I hadn’t baked the dynamics and hence the glitch. If you’re not laughing, you’re learning 😀

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