Creating Thick Stylized Fur On A Model

May 5, 2015


In this AskGSG, Geoff Greenwood asked about these gorgeous illustrations of various animals. At first I thought they must have been drawn in Illustrator but then found that they were in 3D. Not to pass up a challenge, we dive right into creating a fast and dirty 3d model of a gorilla face and begin to explore ways for drawing splines to give us control of the flow of the fur.

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  • greetings of the day..
    i was planning to build heavy render machine.. i have a question.. are global illumination renders are based on cpu (processor + ram ) or gpu based???

    do i need heavy ram or heavy gpu like quadro workstation ???

    • From what I know, any kind of rendering in cinema 4D Is very highly CPU based. Now that said, the are other programs in C4D that do use GPU acceleration if selected. Such programs are: Turbulence FD, and X-Particles, to my knowledge.

      The GPU is also heavily used in the view port, especially if you have GPU acceleration turned on. One good example of this is when i did a dragon modeling project, that was made up of over 6 million polygons.

      My GPU was used heavily during the making of the model, and when i tried to swap very detailed textures on it, my system crashed, repetitively. I have a EVGA GTX 760 with 4Gigs of VRAM.

      This is a great card, but since it is not a Quadro, it can perform at close to its level, from what I have read, but it is not near as stable, hence the crashing.

      But to answer your question, typically a render farm does not have to display anything onto a monitor, and typically most renders do not use GPU at all.
      So most render farms do not have a very good GPU in them, if at all, from what I know.

      Hope this helps, and sorry if i when on lounger about more then what you wanted to know, 🙂

      Base line is, I do not think you need a GPU for you render farm, spend that money on a good CPU and RAM, as for how much RAM, I’ve heard of render farms that have gotten away with only 32Gigs of RAM.

  • Please made a quick tutorial about BodyPaint. Lighting and dynamic it is cool but texturing more importent, i think. Thank you for all guys!!!

    foto right and down. maybe a new challenge)))))))

  • Hey guys, may i ask why my phys render is longer then full render ? All settings as default. PS: maybe it’s wrong topic for that q – my apologies for this, but all top about rend is too old =)

  • Shubham Chawla July 4, 2015 at 6:15 am

    Hey! another gr8 tutorial from greyscale guys.
    Hey Nick and EJ….I have made a very useful modelling plugin here: named Creamyselect. It’s a tool which help do complex and tedious polygon selections easily.

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