De-sync Expressions Tutorial by Sebastian

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In this short tutorial, Sebastian Bap shows you how he made the follow arrow effect from his popular animation, “Make it better” using After Effects and Expressions.

Make It Better Animation (Example)

You can see more of Sebastian’s work at

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  • Thanks for a great tutorial. Did you animate the original to the sound or was the sound design done afterwards?

  • geniales tutoriales aprendo mucho….

    podrían hacer tutoriales en español….

    gracias y exitos

  • Genial la info!!
    Muchas gracias por hacer este tutorial!!

    Saludos desde argentina!

  • Very useful….Thank you

  • Great tutorial! Great!
    I would like to see a tutorial about I am going do it better! Very nice! 🙂 Are you planning to do it?

    Thanks again!

  • Hey Sebas, muy buen tutorial, ahora quiero saber más. Me sentí demasiado identificado con tu espanglish, a veces me sucede lo mismo. Te felicito por la animación de “Make it better” it’s awesome.

  • Gracias !!!!

  • I would love to see a tutorial on that “make it better” animation 😛 anyways great tutorial mate!

  • Great tip sebastian.

    I wish we could see more of these kind of stuffs.

    Thank you nick for organizing this tut..

  • yes thats Amazing tutorial. What i have been finding from two Years. Thanks Greys for AfterEffect and which version did u used.
    Jobs in India and Pakistan

  • What font did he use at :17 in the example?

  • Buen tuto!

    ESPERAMOS MAS! Tu técnica es simplemente fascinante Sebastian!

    Felicitaciones y espero q sigas compartiendo tu conocimiento con la comunidad!


  • this tutorial is so awesome!
    thank you man!

  • Muy bueno Sebastián felicitaciones de un vecino argentino, estoy terminando de estudiar acá y pensando en q se viene después, sos un buen ejemplo a seguir y para saber q se puede dar un paso hacia otras experiencias.. como dicen por allá.. go to the next level!.. jeje abrazo y felicitaciones por el inglés tb!.. q tal barcelona con motion graphics o vfx ???.. alguna recomendación ??

  • Nice , Nice ? More Than Nice ? Thanks

  • This is great! Does anyone have an expression to control the opacity of all the layers to where they would all diminish inline?

  • jajaja “recorrido” jajaja Sebastian me encanto tu manera de explicar y siento que tu ingles lo entiendo mas jeje es enserio 😀 espero tenerte mas seguido aqui saludos desde México, este pequeño fan de los efectos visuales y los mothions graphics de apenas 17 años te admira desde hoy 🙂 espero algun día llegar a ser grande en este mundo tan fantastico.

  • Great tutorial. I will definitely use this in the future

  • hi Sebastian,
    this was a nice tutorial. I want learn the hard part of the video. like letters distorting and all that. the drop effects. They were really nice also. by the way. thanks
    Pritam Singh

  • thank you for a tutorial! very nice!!

  • Great little tutorial! Bien hecho! Very very clever way of controlling a simple repeated animation!

    Just curious, but did you use C4D to make the text? How did you make it? Great piece though. Very nice work. Saludos!

  • Sebastian,
    Thank you very much for this helpfull and cool trick/script!!!
    Love it, use it!!! And don’t worry about your English…. Love your accent 😉
    Best, Vince

  • This was very helpful. Thank you very much.

    P.S. Your English was great.

  • More tutorials like these please.
    Obviously love all the tutorials but some more from Seb would be great too

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