Easily Fold Objects Using Joints & Pose Morph Tag in Cinema 4D

January 6, 2015


In my new tutorial, I’ll be continuing on how to create cool flat 2D design animations using Cinema 4D. In this one I cover how to fold objects such as maps or brochures by introducing you some very simple joint rigging techniques. I’ll cover how to prep your geometry, how to create joints, how to have the joints bind to the geometry so the joints move the geometry by going over the Skin object. Finally I’ll show you how to easily animate the folding by using a Pose Morph tag and setting just a couple keyframes to control it all.  If you’re not familiar with the Pose Morph Tag, be sure to check out my previous Pose Morph tutorial on how it can be used to animate rigged objects.


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  • Hello,

    Awesome tutorial as always! Pls how do I achieve a scroll (roll of paper) that can be animated to fold and unfold? I tried using AE but its been awful! Thanks.

  • Brilliant tutorial. Any chance of a quick reply on how I can make the Pose property work properly on the animation? I’m trying to get every fold to occur after the other instead of it all folding together. Am I just being retarded? I can manually do it but wondered if the Pose tag would do it?

    cheers GSG. Keep up the good work.


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