Easily Transform One Object Into Another In Cinema 4D With Transform

January 11, 2018 - By 

In this Cinema 4D Tutorial, Nick shows you how to turn one object into another using our animation plugin, Transform. Showing you tips and tricks to make words turn into other words and models turn into other models. You’ll also learn some other ways to use transform to create great looking animations.


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  • Hey! I really like Transform! And your tutorial, that’ really helps!
    I just realized that I don’t have the “Presets”-Menu on Transform, which means I don’t have the Custom-Mode.
    How can I get the Presets-Menu?

    Thanks for your help!
    Cheers, Jann

    • I actually have the exact same question. I’m running Transform 1.232S, which as far as I know is the most current version, but I don’t have the Presets Dropdown menu like in Nick’s tutorial. Wondering if there’s been an update or what the most current version of Transform is as of now. I did notice that everything exists in my version under Mode but curious if a new update is coming. Awesome plugin by the way. Thanks!

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