Explode and Shatter With Cinema 4D And Cloth Dynamics

January 18, 2012

In this video, Chris shows you how to quickly explode and shatter objects using Cinema 4D’s Cloth Dynamics. Do you like this guy as much as I do? You can follow Chris on twitter, here.

Example Animation

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  • Hah, Chris I did something similar in a video I created a week or two ago http://vimeo.com/35103058

  • CAPSONWHILERENDERING January 18, 2012 at 11:53 am

    Thank you so much, I’ve been wondering how to do this for awhile. And I learned a bit about Cloth, which is always helpful.

  • Clever. I was toying around earlier with the Explosion deformer and cloth nurbs, but I think I prefer this!

  • Hi Chris,
    thank you very much, it is really amazing cause it looks simple and speed to do for a great result, so yep thank you guy !

  • yes! sixth comment!.. hey chris this was amazing.. so simple and such a good result!

  • Another excellent tutorial, thanks. (I wouldn’t have thought to put it in a cloth nurb)

  • Very interesting and useful tutorial. Thanks for sharing. I really like these kinds of tutorials that are more about the technique, than step by step of how to make a scene. Thanks again, and I hope to see more like these in the future.

  • In CD4 r13 cloth not find the tag, as I do?

  • Could someone explain me please how do I make the pieces not look like they are cloth but solid pieces when they hit the ground? Thanks

  • i am expecting more professional thing like animation character modeling or mocap, enough with the play

  • really useless, … imagine who could use that???

  • This is a great technique. I’m amazed at how much control you get with such simple parameters using this technique.

  • Some of the shattered pieces are going through my collider objects. I tried increasing the Steps per frame and Maximum solver iterations in the project settings but it didn’t help. Any advice?

  • Very nice tutorial, Thanks Chris.

  • I never knew that Cloth can be used for explosions and shatter. Thanks!

  • Hi, me again,
    one little question I have not solved yet,
    how can we retard the explosion during an animation ?
    I mean if we want the explosion begin after few seconds, not at time 0s ?
    thanks again Chris
    (if I found solution I’ ll reply)

  • Great! Thank You!

  • Awesome tutorial just what i needed. Got a question about animating the cloth. like how do i go about say having the effect happen at F90 instead of starting straight away? can anyone offer any help.


  • Hey thanks man you just saved one of mine projects that i have been struggling with both in style and performance(brought down poly count so that i can actually navigate through it now)

    again thanks

  • Hot Tut Chris, This is a different spin on using cloth! The possibilities for this technique are endless! I cant wait to try to explode some text into different objects!!!! Thumbs Up!!! Thanks for this info!!!

  • What if you got multiple objects whitin a null object. I’ve got this complex car that i want to blow up. How do you do that?

  • this was a very helpfull tutorial, it gives a better result than any of the plugins that i have seen.

  • Thanks a lot!

  • Very cool tutorial thanks

  • oh my god CHRIS! i’ve been looking for this forever the original files you made years ago are no longer to be found. your alias was different back then. This has been plaguing me for a while lol. thank you!

  • thank you dear,thank you so much for great tutorial.

  • at 4:58 you say you can combine multiple objects in the cloth nurbs and have them collide with each other. i am having a headache of a time getting that to work. i followed along the basic demo. then, did it with 2 cubes. so far, everything i have tried has some bits still going through each other. i have tried pushing the sub sampling on both objects up to 80 even. still, many bits passing through each other instead of hitting each other. some collide, many do not.

    i have also tried self repulsion. so far, nothing seems to work well enough. also, bumping up cloth tag iterations for both cubes still without success. any ideas?

  • Great, cant seem to find cloth nurbs? in my menu i simply dont have the simulation tab?

  • Hi there,

    I am trying to apply this technique to a MoText or a Spline Text but I have noticed that the CAP won’t be editable, the knife tool won’t affect it even though the polygon tool it has been selected and it’s selecting ALL …any ways to get around it?

    Thanks People 😉

  • Hmmz, when I go to Simulation Tags, I can’t find the Cloth option…does anyone know how this is possible?:)



  • Thank you, Chris! Really appreciate you are sharing. 🙂

  • I cannot for the life of me get motion blur to work with cloth.. I see you achieved it in your first ever render. HOW??

  • Thank you very math you’re so amazing man n i think we all here appreciate your work

  • In firefox i cant seem to axcess the vimeo controls i.e to make the window fullscreen

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