Exploring Techniques For Adding Wrinkles to Cloth

April 28, 2015


In this AskGSG, Rod_Eiji brought in a highly detailed photo of a cabbage leaf, but I took it as a challenge to explore a few techniques to add wrinkles to a simple cloth simulation. We cover adding detail through displacement, then dive into a few simple sculpting tools to be able to paint in our own detail.

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  • Around the 3:00 mark, you copied and pasted the sphere along with the tag, that’s possibly (I’m not sure just a guess) why the cloth simulation didn’t work at first. And for the other sphere, it’s possible that scaling the object could affect the tag (Not sure but just a guess why it didn’t work at first).

  • Great challenge Chris. Maybe starting with an extruded sine wave to get the basic wrinkles?

  • Hi Chris,
    try to put the noise in the distortion-shader. With a second noise you can influence in a way the direction of the wrinkles.

  • “A nice little still life” …. with a person as a model, Chris? 😀

  • Got that with displaced splines and Loft https://www.behance.net/gallery/25435775/Flowing-Metal

  • hi there,
    would you mind advising which lighting tutorial would best suit trying to achieve this lighting effect as shown in the first image?


  • None of these vids buffer properly for me at all

  • There is a cool little trick with cloth, it works better with triangle !!

  • Andreas Schwietzke May 8, 2015 at 11:54 am

    Thanks a lot Chris! Exactly what I wanted! Making wrinkles, yeah. Very well explained, very easily comprehensible! Cheers

  • Hello, i have a question i use cinema 4d R 14 Visualize but i cannot find the menu wit simulation tags do i have to download this somewhere else? Or does anyone knows how to find it in Cinema 4d

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