Fixing Third-Party Plugins in Cinema 4D R20

September 6, 2018

Ready to get up and running with Cinema 4D R20, but noticed all your third-party plugins are not working? Here’s the fix.

Cinema 4D R20 introduced a ton of new features and options, but you may notice a new change when trying to install your go-to plugins. All third-party plugins are not initially compatible with Cinema 4D R20, so you will need to update every plugin, whether they are from Greyscalegorilla or not.

To get the R20 compatible version of your third-party plugin, you’ll need to go back to the original developer or market you purchased the plugins from.

If you purchased a Greyscalegorilla plugin from our site, the updated R20 compatible version is now available in your Greyscalegorilla Account. Head over to Your Products and Training to find the most recent update. You will need to do a complete install with the new zip file.

The following Greyscalegorilla Plugins are R20 compatible with the free updated download:

For X-Particles customers, Insydium Ltd has released the XP4 beta for R20, and you can learn more here.

If you purchased Greyscalegorilla plugins from re-sellers, like Toolfarm, your Toolfarm account will be automatically updated with the latest download.

For other third-party plugins purchased on other sites, head over there to find your updated download. Keep in mind that R20 is a new release and other vendors may take need some more time to release their updates.

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  • Thank you so much for posting this. We are upgrading right at this moment and it was great not have to search a site to find such important info out!

  • There isn’t really a fix. It just relies on the plugin developers to rebuild their code and since some plugins have been abandoned this isn’t going to happen.

    For this reason I will have to keep using an older C4d as well.

  • Have you also updated the installation procedure? Seems like there is no more plugin folder in R20. Thanks

  • Edit/preferences/plugins…

    At the bottom of the panel is:

    Open preferences folder… Explorer will open and you will see the plugins folder listed.

  • Lol @ waiting for developer to fix as a “fix”

  • Hi, For Light Kit Pro where does the GSGTextures folder go in R20 as there is no ‘tex’ folder in the main application folder? Thanks

  • July 5, 2019 at 11:54 am

    so the $100.00 texture kit pro 3 is no longer supported in R20??

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