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March 7, 2017 - By 

Learn some new tips for squeezing out all the power you can with Mograph Effectors in this Cinema 4D Tutorial.

In this video, Chris shows you how to make Mograph Effectors even more useful with the weight transform and a technique for driving keyframe animation entirely with falloffs.

What will I Learn?

In this video we’ll the basics of the weight transform, ways to layer up different weights, and end with a bonus mini tutorial about driving your keyframed animations with falloffs!

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  • Useful stuff as always Chris thanks!
    I didn’t actually see them as “fish” until you rotated them. I just saw the top fin and eyes and a a dudes face and his head opened up and the head had teeth.

  • Great tutorial Chris! I’ve been wanting to learn more about Mograph, and this tutorial popped up at the perfect time :D!

  • GSG Your the best and most fun and informative out there. Thanks 🙂

  • The pace of your tutorials is the absolute best. Thanks.

  • Hi Chris. Again a great tutorial. Thank you

    I there a chance to get your fish..look so funny

  • Fantastic!
    The time offset animation bit is just awesome. Can’t wait to play with this technique.

  • Amazing ideas~! But I think there’s a better way for the 3rd part in the tutor to use the plain effector to control Clone Elements’ complex animation with fall-off range, by “blend mode” of clone. and with this way it’s able to enable Render Instance of clone which is very importent for massive amount of clones.

  • Nice stuff Chris!

  • I just want to be better, and I want ro follow my heart.

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