Getting to Know Redshift for Cinema 4D

October 6, 2017 - By 

In this video, Chad introduces you to Redshift and some of the underlying concepts behind this impressive new GPU renderer.

Learn More about HDRI Link

Check out Redshift Here

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  • Thanks for the intro overview. I’ve been hesitating, but as result of this take, ready to plunge.
    Played with demo, but ignorant of various sampling idiosyncrasies, and was disappointed with results.
    Now I understand a little better.
    Thanks ?

  • I meant, thanks! ?

  • Arnold is cooler it’s for me. And arnold haved a mac OS High 10.13 operating system on Mac!

  • Thanks this really helped me to understand the unified sampler.
    Starting to meet walls with octane in productions now, so getting eager to try redshift!

  • This was great! It would be awesome if you could do a breakdown of that material on the mech.

  • Thanks Chad for this awesome Redshift tutorial!!!
    Please more Redshift tutorials in the future

  • Amazing. Clarification regarding samples / render settings. I’m in love with RS. Thank you Chad.

  • Chad Ashley,
    During the Twitch cast you have a shortcut setup ( alt W C ) so any node can be viewed via the Surface Output.
    How would I set this up ?

  • Chad Ashley,
    What do you prefer, arnold or redshift? if redshift, is redshift compatible with teamrender? tnx

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