GI Area Light Script for R16 – Light Kit Pro and Reflectance

September 8, 2014

CherubGIAreaLightIn this short video, I go over adding GI Area Light to your scene to properly light with Reflectance. Reflectance has drastically changed how lighting and texturing works in Cinema 4D R16 but we are trying to make it as simple as possible with Light Kit Pro and our new script below.

The real secret is the “GI Area Light” box. Be sure it’s checked if you are adding luminant geometry to your scene or using Light Kit Pro. It’s so important, we even made a script to make it super simple to add it to everything in your scene. Download and read the install instructions. Then, follow along in the video below to learn how to use Light Kit Pro and Luminant Geometry with Reflectance.

Download The Script Here

Install and Usage Instructions

  1. Un-zip the downloaded file above.
  2. Copy and paste it into your library/scripts folder in your Cinema 4D R16 install.
  3. Restart Cinema 4D
  4. Highlight any Light Kit Pro lights or luminance geometry in your scene.
  5. Select Scripts/User Scripts/Light Kit Pro/GI Area Light to activate.


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  • Hi

    on all your Reflectance tutorials you have not been using the add function on your channel layers but you are using dielectric fresnel on everything. Other new tutorials I have seen use this add function. Can you explain your workflow on this as it is confusing.

    Cheers Matey

  • Thanks Nick and GSG Team!

  • Thanks for the script! I bought the light kit, HDRI studio pack, and all the pro studios a while ago and I’m loving them – I use them for everything. Just bought the texture kit recently also – is there going to be an update to that to include reflectance based materials?

  • Hi Nick, been around for sometime but is the first time i comment or question something ! So Hi to you and to everybody around !

    Quick question, Is necesary to check the GI area light if im using HDRI lighting? I dont have R16 yet so i cant try right now !

    Thanks in advance !

  • Nice one Nick, thank’s!

  • Quick suggestion on Vimeo streaming: Myself–and many others–have been having streaming issues in Chrome and sometimes Mozilla (Vimeo Tech says they are working on it), consequently it is beneficial for me to be able to download your videos, otherwise Vimeo is just way too unreliable (feels like the early days of internet streaming.) Usually you have this option, but on the above video there is no download option. Just a request, but it definitely helps to be able to download your vids/tuts. Thanks.

    And my internet speed is 20Mbps.

  • And the hits just keep coming…thank you, Mr. Gorilla

  • Dear Nick,
    i am always using the GSD HDRI Studio Pack for lighting my scenes, great stuff !!
    but with 16 the reflections on the seamless floor are no longer working, do you have an idea how to fix it ?

    regards Nils

  • That was helpful, Thanks for the great tips, as always!

  • Hi Nick thanks for sharing,
    what about the render times using your script ? Is it faster than adding GI in the render settings ? Looks very grainy in the video, what is the optimized samples settings to have a realistic render ?

  • Hey Nick,
    just been loaded HDRI Studio in R16 and Floor Reflections no longer work. Found that by adding Reflection (Legacy) Layer in ‘Visible’ material brings it back – (although you have to control it in the Material as the Xpresso’s not connected).

  • I would like to nitpick a bit.
    I think (which means you can dismiss this if you want 🙂
    that you are pretty sloppy with your terminology which doesn’t help much in teaching people how things work and interdependent.
    for example calling ‘Materials’ -> ‘Textures’,
    describing a lambertian Surface shader (or ‘reflactance’ as you put it) as a type of global illumination,
    saying that this is not global illumination (it is off?) but is like GI but only better?

    I am not a C4d user so you can dismiss this easily if you want. I simply may not know how the program shapes your understanding of the render pipeline and if maybe this makes sense in the context of C4d.

  • I’m going to be making the switch to R16 soon, so I’m studying up.

    I’ve watched every tutorial and presentation you’ve posted since getting your hands on R16, but I feel like I missed one thing.

    When using ONLY reflectance to create a texture, will I need to turn on Global Illumination in my render settings? (After putting an HDR Image in the “Illumination” channel of a sky object)

  • Hi Nick,

    Within the Light kit pro the floor reflection and floor reflection blur do not work anymore in R16. Will there be an update in the near future?

  • I meant within HDRI Studio Pack 🙂

  • This might seem like a basic question, but I have no idea how to install a script. I have upgraded to R16, and can’t install my textures because R16 has no texture folder. I understand I have to download the scripts, but the script download is a folder with 2 .py files as well as two .tif files.

    Am I supposed to move the entire FOLDER you linked above into the C4D Scripts folder, or the 4 individual files (2 .py and 2 .tif) into the scripts folder?

    I am running a MAC, and it gives a warning, so I want to make sure I do it properly before add them.

    Also, with the texture error, do I have to run the script every time I create a new scene using LKP?

    Thanks very much in advance

    • You can move the entire “tex” folder into R16. You only need to run the script if you are using LKP with Diffuse Reflectance. In a future version, it will be on by default.

      • Thank you very much, moving the “tex” folder worked.

        One last clarification, if I do choose to use LKP with Diffuse Reflectance and want to run the script, do I move the the entire “Light Kit Pro Scripts” folder linked in the above post into the “Scripts” Folder in the C4D file tree on my computer, or do I have to move a particular ( or all 4 files) individually into the Scripts folder?

        Thank you again.

  • Hello nick, first at all thanks for the time you spend for sharing your tutorial, i follow your work since few years now.

    I’m playing with R16 right now and with the new reflectance channel. your script works fine, i’ve just have to say that you need to run it everytime you change something in reflectance. About reflectance, i’m looking for blur, and i dont find it, i use it often because when you have a floor with reflective material, when you use blur with small ratio, the material reflection, absorbtion is perfect. Unfortunatly, i try to use roughness effect but it add noise, mor than blur. Could you help me please?


  • Does anyone know where to download that beautiful Angel statue? Is it a free model or does it come with a price?

  • Hi everyone. I was wondering if the Light Kit Pro V2 does not have the light switch element anymore. Our office updated to V2 and I couldn’t find it. I use V1.5 at home and I really miss it. Is there something else inside C4D or LKP that replaced the Light Switch? Thank you!

  • ABINOAN BRANDÃO March 31, 2016 at 6:55 am

    Hello Nick , I would like to know how to install textures in C4D R16 of GSG Light Pro 2.0 kit because I saw that the folders are different . I did not think the tex folder.

  • ABINOAN BRANDÃO March 31, 2016 at 7:04 am

    When I apply the render returns me an error message :

    SofboxWrinkles3.jpg ( softbox Texture )
    Umbrella2.jpg ( softbox Texture )

    What is this ?

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