GSG Cast 02.17: Duplicate Layers in Photoshop and Wacom Tablet

February 17, 2009

Back: At the office

Using: A 4×6 Wacom Tablet

Digging: Screenflow for tutorials. More to come.

Tip of the Day: Duplicate Layer – Command J

Resources: Amazon Store and FXPHD


  • I was wondering if you could do a technical comparison of Mac Vs PC. Alot does come down to preference due to adobe software being available on both platforms but I was wondering if you could also highlight some of the other software that is not available to both Mac and PC. I’m personally a PC user so it can be hard to overlook my biased opinion at times.


  • Hey Nick, thanks for today!
    Nice that you mentioned books as I wrote you for, thanks 😉
    Just wondered if you don’t have any tips for like basic design books…I am now in Norway studying visual communication and there are so many books in the library and I would like to hear some tips of the professional :-)….
    But anyway, thanks for the books in the store…looking forward to your AE tuts, maybe I’d be interested in playing with shapes in AE – how to animate logos and stuff…thanks…

  • Regarding the difficult browsing with a tablet: I set one of the buttons on my pen so that whenever I hold it and “paint” on the tablet, the current page is scrolled. The function is called “Pan/Scroll”. It’s sort of iPhone-like scrolling. It works great in Photoshop (it’s proportional 1:1 scrolling) but unfortunately less great in Safari (it’s somehow weirdly accelerated scrolling).

  • Hey Nick! I was wondering if you could do a quick run through of what codec you render for your videos on your portfolio site. How do you get the file size so small while keeping the video at full size?

  • Hey Nick, loving your screencasts!
    Wanted to share a little known PS shortcut that is related to this. If you want to flatten all your visible layers to a new layer while keeping all the original layers simply select one of the visible layers and Command-Option-Shift-E will flatten them all to a new layer on top. On PC that would be CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-E

  • Heya,

    Just a fan, and really loving your blog videos! Thanks!

  • hi, I found out your blog lastly and I really appreciate it as I am an Junior Motion designer in Paris, so again nice Work !

    By the way I suscribed to the “Contrast” portfolios, do you got any news about that ? Im really looking forward to use it..


  • Hi Nick,
    Just been checking your blog, looks cool, love what you are doing. I have a general question about it…which is… How do you go about promoting your blog, getting it seen and talked about?
    My own blog is in its infancy and is a little too defined, just work stuff I’m doing, would love to hear your tips on getting your stuff ‘out there’.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Book Recommendations:

    Thanks for the book recommendations, outliers was a great read and I’m glad you included it on your list. Also for others who have asked, a great basic design book I picked up the other day at the SF MOMA store is called

    “Graphic Design The New Basics” by Ellen Lupton.

    Very basic but I think in a good way for people trying to become better designers.


  • Scott Holtog: I compress all the movies at H.264 with ACC audio.

  • Lloyd: Great tip. Thanks!

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