GSG Cast 02.18: Greyscale Photo (Black and White) Workflow

February 18, 2009

Today, I go though my greyscale workflow to turn my digital, full-color images into black and white. I use, Channel Mixer, Curves, and Levels to treat the photo.

Full Color GSG Workflow tutorial

Final Image


  • Hey nice one, you’re a machine! My photos are starting to look better now thanks to these tuts.
    Do you know any techniques to fake that depth of field blur? I know there’s an effect but I’ve never been able to use it well, maybe because I don’t get the idea behind it or I’m missing something. That would be awesome.

  • How about a tut on what makes you select one lens over another for certain shots. And what lenses are better for one shot over another.

  • The idea of lifting those blacks has really changed how I look at PS with photo work. It has such a great effect.

    Question, I notice that you click on the eyeball of the layer and you can solo that layer, how’s that done? I’ve never figured out how to solo layers in PS and it’s always driven me nuts.

  • good tutorial, its a small thing but its so helpful. i never thought to use the channel mixer to greyscale an image. i am also interested in seeing which lenses you use for your shots. thanks again nick, you got skills

  • I just found your blog and i like your idea of posting new tutorials everyday. Well, i have a pretty complicated question. I am not sure if you’ll be able to answer it, but every tip can be helpful.
    So, i am a high school student and i wish to study digital design somewhere. Where? i don’t know yet. Somewhere in the US or UK or Australia… Do you know any great universities (not just 1 year courses but 3+) that you would recommend for that?
    Second question. I always wanted to make a Bac of Science, but i found out that Digital Design goes more into art than science. So, in many universities i have to show a portfolio. I don’t have it yet (i have about a year to create it) and i don’t really know what they expect from a high school guy. I don’t think they expect me to show them some real, big projects i worked on (of course i didn’t), but maybe the way i think? the way i am creative? Do you have any ideas of what to create?
    Hope i get an answer for that. I’d really like to know.

  • Curt and Brian: A lens selection tut is a good idea. Sometime soon I hope.

    Andrew: The key command is Option Click on the eyeball of the layer you want to solo.

    Pedro: I don’t think you would need HUGE projects to get in to a 4 year art school. Just start learning now and do some small projects. There are a ton of ways to get ideas. How about making a project based on the headline of the newspaper everyday? Just get started now, and you will have enough knowledge and projects for your interview process.

  • Dude this is awesome because this is what I’m doing in my classes right now. I’m about to start working on my final images for the quarter, and it’s nice see how other people are doing B&W. If you’ve got anything on HDR process ideas that would be awesome.

  • Do I call you Nick? or GSG? I like these “tuts”. But I always like to get to know GSG the person too. (I already know you pretty well though) I notice that I am out of sexy pics of me taken by you.. Now I know I could watch these and learn to take better pics, but I have an artist as a best friend dognabit, bring your snow bunny girl out and you can do your tuts from Colorado. I’m sure you could get a job at the art schools out here 😉

    could you go over the basics of the camera? how you decide to do what.. I need to get a decent photo to photoshop (or Gimp I’m trying that out now) I know I have a pentax but just a basic how to .. or is that to basic for GSG?

  • Lam Really Looking for .. some other tips in color currection
    nice one Gorilla

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