GSG Cast 02.20: Learning Tips and Photoshop Actions

February 20, 2009

Note to Self: Stop saying “I’m gonna keep it short.”

Learning Tip: Learn to play guitar, before you write a song. Learn where the pots, pans and spatula are before you bake a cake. Learn how to build a spice rack before building a house.

Photoshop Tip: Intro to Photoshop Actions.


  • Nice actions intro. I always forget to use action more then I do.

  • Hi Nick,

    Been following your webcasts and been enjoying them. thanks for all the time you put into them.

    I got a couple topics i would love to hear you speak more on.

    Photoshop vs Illustrator I learned using AE with photoshop, but at what point should you use Illustrator to prep your elements for AE? I have been dragging my feet to learn Illustrator. darn vectos.

    i went to Columbia College for film/video and now that i am doing more motion graphics at my work I’m really feeling the hurt of not taken any graphic design classes. there are a ton of tutorials on line about how to use AE and Photoshop, but are there any good graphics design tutorials online? Should i look into taking some night classes or any good books to recommend? I have already read some of Jim Krause’s books. They’re pretty basic, but ya gotta start somewhere.

    thanks again for the webcasts.

  • Hi Nick,
    Your webcasts are fantastic. I have learnt so much going through then in the last couple of days. My question is, why do you use Aperture to organize your pics rather than Adobe Bridge? Do you edit much in Aperture before you bring pics into PS? Do you use Adobe camera raw or do you use Aperture for conversion purposes? The reason I ask is because I chose not to use Aperture as it did not seem as good as PS or even Nikon Capture 2 and I’m thinking maybe I missed something, which is very likely! Thanks for sharing your knowledge in such an entertaining way.


  • Hey Nick,

    Thanks for all the info. I’m teaching myself about photography and photoshop. I know some of the basic stuff already, but definitely need more practice and knowledge to make my images POP!
    I disagree with you about the learn how to play guitar before writing a song though.
    I’m a musician and i’ve heard some incredible songs from people who can barely play the chords to their songs.
    Thanks again!

  • Ozzie,

    I think Nick wrote something about this a while ago .. it might have been one of his first blog post.

    I think he said something along the lines that neither are perfect but he liked parts of both but I think he did lean more towards Aperture.

    Hope that helps..

    if not I’m sure Nick will throw in his 2 cents.

  • Hey! These casts are great, thanks for sharing… 🙂

    I would like to expand your tip on resizing with a tip of my own: you don’t need to create two separate actions to resize landscape and portrait shots.

    Instead of using “Resize Image” try File > Automate > Fit Image. It resizes images according to the maximum size you set it to. I use 720px * 720px, and it resizes everything to fit without distorting the image.

    At first I didn’t use it because it would often add an extra pixel to a given size for apparently no reason.

    Then I opened the script (Applications/Adobe/Photoshop CS3/Presets/Scripts/Fit Image.jsx) and found out someone tried to fix the bug by adding a rounding of 0.5 to the resizing action. I tried setting it first to 0.4 and then to 0.1, and it works everytime.

    Now I have a single “resize and sharpen” action I can run on any picture I want post on Flickr or my photoblog, regardless of orientation. 😀

  • This is what I needed. Thanks!

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