GSG Cast 02.25 Aperture Tips and Pimp My Logo

February 25, 2009

Aperture Tip: Change your external photo editor.

Small Project Idea: Pimp My Logo. Link Fixed. Thanks.


  • Hey Nick, the link is broken due to it starting with your url rather than redirecting. Thanks for the site!

  • Hey nick thanks for clearing that up. I would just like to say I love your podcasts and they give me something to look forward to 😀 Would be great if we could see maybe a few more on your work flow with after effects or maybe even some tutorials.

    Keep up the great work, Harry Mitchell


  • Hello Nick,

    i found your website today and i have to say i love it, i watched like all of the videos on here while i had to render some stuff at work! I really look forward on seeing more!

    You said in one of your video that you would like to hear some content you could talk about. Well i am talking for me right now but i would like to hear some about motion graphic and visuall efect schools, for example which one you attended, who has a good reputition ( i hope that is how you spell it haha) how life at a school like that looks like and what schools you could recomend.

    Keep those videos coming!

    Thanks for this website!

  • Nick, great blog and really appreciate the walk throughs you do. Would love to see you work in after effects. The pimp link is broken.


  • Thanks for the heads up about the link. It is all fixed now.

  • Great comments Nick—especially about doing projects on a weekly basis. That idea is one of the reasons that we started our challenge jar idea (a simple blog where we post challenges with short timelines). Its a great way of learning new things and trying stuff they may fail or be brilliant without all the pressure or outside expectations. Play time is key.

  • Great Idea Tobias. We are doing weekly challenges like that at work right now.

  • Hi Nick, firstly I would say your blog is pretty cool! I had never seen the Aperture use, and I thing is a great tool! It looks exactly the same as Adobe Bridge (including rate pictures, make pills…) At first view, the difference essentially consists in Ajustments (what we could not do with Bridge).
    What do you thing about Bridge? How about images management at all?

  • Hey Nick, can you expand on 5 seconds of orange? That project is really fun to watch!

  • Hey Nick, thanks for the link to pimp. I fixed that one broken link 🙂
    And congrats on the blog, looks quite mad.

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