Half Rez 2014: Chris Schmidt – Half Rez Cinema Smash

June 12, 2015

At Half Rez 2014, Chris continues to try to use Cinema 4D in the most impractical ways possible. This year is Half Rez Cinema Smash, a cube combat game played in realtime in the viewport of Cinema 4D. In this breakdown he explains how his brothers Danny and Johnny translated a python SDK for Xbox controls in C4D python object and the rest was just playing with xpresso and dynamics. In no way suitable for any kind of distribution.

This video was filmed during Half Rez 2014, a motion design and 3D animation festival in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Awesome project!!

  • I can tell, you really enjoy with C4D.

    Well done


  • outstanding work! when can we play it?!

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