Half Rez 2016: Chris Schmidt Makes a Tutorial from the year 2000

March 21, 2017

Can Chris make a tutorial with a version of Cinema 4D from the year 2000? Watch this presentation from Half Rez 2016 where Chris shows how far C4D has come in 16 years.

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Question of the day: What version of C4D did you start with?

More about this video.
Watch Chris do a presentation during Half Rez 2016 in Cinema 4D R6XL. This version of C4D is from the year 2000 and it’s amazing to see how far we have come.

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  • William OConnell March 21, 2017 at 1:44 pm

    Nice work Chris, always fun to watch! I think hard work is one of the biggest keys to success and you definitely represent! Forever grateful for everything you guys are doing. Love from Minnesota.

    • Hi.. I started C4D in 2000 I think it was a version before this one. 5. Something. I did my 1st showreel in C4D and entered into a post production house in Germany. They told me I had to start learning a professional 3D software. Everyone at the company was using Softimage 3D. Then XSI. After 15 years of experience in commercial production and the death of Soft.. being the head of 3D in a company now. I decided to head us back to my past. C4D is a fantastic software, a much better option for our company than a crossover to Maya.

  • WOW guys you are awesome! I just started with cinema (r17) and i am still struggling around. Something i have to mention is that i am already 43 and that makes it not really easier to start on a tool like this but i can still make process LOL… What would you say? Am i to old for this? Cheers and hopefully see you soon.

  • Back to the future with Doc Schmidt and Nick Mcfly.
    Very bizarre sensation!!!

  • He is not “Chris”… he is “The Chris” šŸ˜€

  • I started with Cinema4D R6… 2005 I think…
    Still have it… Thining of making a vid, whould be like visiting the dinosaurs.

  • Fun game:
    Name something that hasn’t changed at all since R6 !
    I’ll go first :
    Light lense flare presets

  • I started with Cinema 4D version 1.5 on my Amiga computer, do I get a prize? šŸ˜‰

  • Nice work Chris, i started cinema4D R 9!

    Thanks Greyscalegorilla!


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