Light Kit Pro Demo Tutorial

March 10, 2010

I’m really excited to announce my new product called HDRI Light Kit Pro. It’s a kit for Cinema 4D that lets you quickly create studio lighting for your scenes and renders. Check out the demo above where I show you some of the tools, kits, and studios that come with the product. Or, visit the promo page where there are more examples and videos. I have been working on this for over 5 months now and I’m so pumped to show it to everybody. Thanks for watching.

Buy Light Kit Pro Here

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  • Waw it’s very interesting
    i’m from Morrocco and i love what you do
    keep it fan ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Top quality stuff Nick, as per usual. I would like to do more GI based stuff but I find the rendering way to slow for my rush jobs that I get. Cheers for you commitment to making c4d better for everyone.

  • The Crazy Gorilla strikes back!

  • HEY this looks like it was alot of hard work, have you thought of doing paypal i just click on the buy know link and it did not load. If you ever wonna come to london, i show you around. (for a free version)lol > thank you

  • Nick,

    Been a fan of yours for a while. Already purchased this kit (851mb now downloaded…) and looking forward to using it.

    As a working, hands-on-producer (my wife and I producer VH1’s SCREAM QUEENS, among others) we constantly preach to people that they need to develop skills in every area of making film or TV, including making their own graphics (if for no other reason than to have intelligent conversations with the people who they hire.)

    What’s great about your kit is it allows producers who can’t afford a full graphics-package for a small budget pilot to get awesome results very quickly.

    We’re doing a pilot for VH1 right now, and I personally will be using your kit to make the show’s “temp” logo…though with the help of your HDRI Studio Light Kit, I think they’re going to be blown away.

    Congrats on a great project. Looking forward to talking about it on our blog.

    twitter: @jokeandbiagio

  • wat a fool i am , cos the page did not work first time, i did not know that it was paypal in the first place.

    Nick are you still gona be giving us tuts when you make your

    I can see it now, you recording your tutorials on a 40ft boat with blue skies in the background.

  • Very cool Nick!
    I remember u and rob from pariah studio were talking about this few months ago.. But I can’t see him credited here ..(?)

  • Nick! There is a typo on the product page. Under ‘the final pitch’, it reads “Turn Cinema 4D into a professional lighting studio in for only $69. Awesome renders guaranteed!”

    See that, extra ‘in’. Love the kit by the way.

  • Nick there is another typo! It’s the $69 !!!

  • Great Product ! u have student discount by any chance ?

  • Awesome product nick! Glad to see it finally come to fruition… Now to finally get on my C4D remake of the 1986 version of Transformers the Movie ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I just wrote an initial review of the HDRI Light Kit Pro. Really excited about it…

  • Looks amazing, can’t wait to check it out dude!

  • Fine work. Looks well worth buying.

  • you would make it 69 dollars.. cough*

  • Nick! I’m pumped that this is finally out and it appears to be well worth the wait. (2h 53m left on download!) I wondered what this would add to the CS Tools alot of people already have, and not only do you include a great set of lights, but I’d venture to say that the training alone (esp the workflow tut) is well worth the price!

    As a proud owner and daily user of CrossProcess and ShakeIt for iPhone, I can vouch for the quality of GSG products. Not only are they the highest quality, but they’ll make all your stuff look amazing!

    Thanks and cheers, Nick! Well done!

  • Sweet Dude, so when’s the first contest to win a set up?

  • Brilliant stuff! Will buy it today.

  • I’ve been waiting for this product ever since you first mentioned it in one of your tutorials way back. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for all the hard work put into this!!

  • Sweet n’ awesome stuff.
    Of course I’ll buy it.

  • Paid for and downloading. Really excited!
    (btw payment method failed the first time, followed it through and just got a paypal screen saying there was a problem and to check my account. Couldnt see anything wrong and did the same thing again and it was fine. Just mention if incase there was an issue somewhere)


  • He Nick!
    Bought it, Thanks. My girlfriend asks if you’re planning on releasing more stuff that costs money and can’t put on a table, throw over a couch or hang on the wall…

    she’s lovely

  • Gorilla Hello, congratulations! I expect this project! Today I want to write a review on my site for Italian users (for now I only have 100 hits per day but it’s a start), then I’ll write a more thorough after purchasing the product. I ask you a favor Can you send me 1 or 2 renderings done with HDRI Light Kit Pro with the word (RENDERKING) to be inserted in? I’d be immensely grateful.
    Alessandro Boncio

  • SEXY ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Nick, some of us sell stuff on, mostly models.
    If i was to create a model and light it with your kit, the HDRI you’ve provided with this kit would be included in the project that is on sale. Having read your license agreement, this wouldn’t be possible without your permission right?
    Same for the lights you’ve included..

    This a thing you’ve thought about?

    • At the bottom of the product page it says the light kit includes ONE license for ONE user. So you wouldn’t be able to include them in model kits I imagine.

  • It’s great stuff!!!!WOOW

  • yeah! very useful package!
    thumbs up!

  • Downloading it right now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Congratulations on getting this released! Would have killed for an easy studio setup like this a few months ago for a project. Downloading now I’m excited to try it out – got some semi photoreal stuff I need to light soon so good timing!

  • Seems very useful. Iยดll get it soon..!
    Damn! The Euro is so weak… ๐Ÿ™

  • is there any reason for the black planes around the soft box is it necessary

    And , an amazing kit by the way

    thanks for the effort

  • Downloading it right now! Rob and you have done a great job after watching this video. I would have bought it even if it didn’t look as good as it does right now. Really tempted to play with it. Now I first have to wait for the download to finish..

  • Looks very useful. Think I`m going to get it. Anyway – will it work with vray for cinema, too?

  • Wow, this looks the business. Can’t wait to purchase this… Love the fake plastic turd too, reminds me of that radiohead song…

  • Hi Nick,
    i do payment and i am waiting for the download .
    thank you for all you doing

  • I just finished a project where I had to create my own studio lighting. Having this kit a couple of weeks ago would have cut my work time by 20 hours, at least.

    Stellar work, Nick. I also think the turd should become the “teapot” of Cinema! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Big download ! but its just about 20 Cent per MB .. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your work is very inspiring to me and pushed me to the next level of understanding 3D.

    The Light Kit shows, that youยดre comming from the photographer point of view .. nice.

    Keep up your good work !

    Whatยดs next ? Marble Machine Constuction Kit ? ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Fabian (Berlin, Germany)

  • cameronprudames@me.c March 11, 2010 at 8:45 am

    Looks AWESOME Nick. Well done you

  • Congratulations to an awesome looking release!

  • Damn, this looks sexy as hell. Too bad you need the Advanced Render Module, all I could afford was was the Broadcast Edition. Otherwise I would have bought this instantly. Anyway, awesome work dude!

  • Looks really awesome! I’m gonna get it!

    And you’re gonna be a rich man by the way, haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This is like porn for cinema4d, great stuff!

  • Alejandro Hernรกndez March 11, 2010 at 11:11 am

    Oh my god…. I have only 1 thing to say, and is. THANK YOU. It’s very great the job you do. I wanna question: are the objects of studio created by you?, I mean.. I love the softboxes, the tripods of the white screen back of the spheres, and I want to know if you have done in c4d too. Thanks

  • This looks pretty freaking sweet!

  • How did you come to this price?!
    Its WAAAAAY to cheap for an amazing set like this :O
    I mean heloooo Inflation ๐Ÿ˜›

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Well done!! Very usefull!
    Does it work in R11 and R11.5?
    Does it work with Vray?

  • Woohooo!! Just bought and I cant wait to use it! Thanks Nick!

  • Sweet work nick! So do all the lightboxes work as reflectors with the actual illumination coming from a c4d light? So they can all illuminate the scene without global illumination?

  • Looks wonderful Nick – if it’s half as good as the Photoshop for photogs tutorial it’s gonna be a winner – on my buy list!

  • thought this was going to be a free plugin
    real disappointed *sadface and all that*

  • Nick, great great work. Bought it directly, still downloading, can’t wait to play with it. Will send some nice images when done! Love your work and tuts, you’re the Andrew Cramer for C4D ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I think the people bashing the price should realize how inexpensive this resource truly is. 69$ is a toss in the bucket when you have so many powerful tools just a click away. Nick has taken the time to create this package, why should he give it out for free? GSG FTW!

  • Any chance of a 10.x version?

  • Bought it, downloading now! I’ve been saving preset light rig files for a while, but to have them completely customizable the way you have them set up is a HUGE timesaver. Thanks for this, man! The product does not disappoint! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • And by the way, I was fairly positive that you were going to sell it closer to $99.

    70 bucks is a bargain ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nick, this is amazing! Really glad you have released this for others to use. Keep up the great work!

  • Now this product is really impressive and useful, and I’ll probably buy it soon….

    However its got me thinking, I’m only a beginner/intermediate at cinema 4D, should I feel slightly guilty that this does all the hard work for me?

    Lighting is probably the most important aspect of making the final model/render look great, and takes a while I’m guessing to learn, but this does it for you on a plate pretty much. What do people think?

    • I agree with that but what my teacher always said was:
      Why should make it again if there’s something like that already out.
      But I got your point.

  • Looks nice, what is the resolution of the HDRI images?

  • Fausto G Pacheco March 11, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    Nick i bought this amazing product but were are the 6 Test Models?

  • Fausto G Pacheco March 11, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    sorry seeing the videos now:) where did you get the angel?

  • This is the thing i have been waiting for for a very long time. i switched from using maya cos of your inspiring and unbeleivably easy tutorials. A bargain!
    I think your gonna make a wedge off this man.
    very cool.

  • Amazingly Cheap…………….

  • this is going to be a selfish message.
    but lets get honest, i liked and like this site small, friendly small commun – people respond to eachother its not forumy with tons of messages we can talk to you live askin questions. we get inspired and learn through you. thought that was what you were going for, a site that does that… now it seems to me this was the main cause at first, having a small site showing of some techniques and knowledge helping people out but to me this product is the start of you andrew kramering. you’re both great at what you do, but when money comes as a part to consider – things get lost on the way.
    you lose the personal, this small “study group”, makin more money will be the main goal of this site and not… i dont know, kinda tired of thinking this at this late time. just putting some thoughts out there.
    let the spam begin!

    • They don’t force you to buy their products, and they will still keep bashing out free tutorials for us.

      But yeah some websites suck, crap tutorials, and still pump out products, which ruin it.

    • You act like he’s your favourite secret band nobody knows about who just got some radio airplay, why do you make motion graphics? To make money? Thought so. I can’t tell if you’re upset he’s charging for a product or upset the site is becoming more popular – either way you’re right it is kinda selfish dude.

    • im upset cause i thought this site was about something else, not a stupid forum or helping 13 YO creating AE intros to thier youtube channel vids(like VCP). when moneys involved you want as many people as possible to get on your site, buy your shit. cause the goal or of having the site becomes totally different, you wanna earn – not help, teach or inspire.
      so yeah its selfish, im saying all this because i love this site – helps me a lot.
      seeing it starting to brand kinda sucks.
      the fact i saw your name before and i recognize your works doesnt mean anything to you? what will happen if the next step is a toturials only to attract people to buy? creating a forum filled with masses of people only so they will go thrrough the front page and watch the bigass ads you added of “BUY THIS AND THAT!”.
      that’s all im saying, selfish it is – but might hurt you in the future when nick does light saber tuts and when i wont know your name in the sea of 13 year olds fluding the site.

    • I understand where you are coming from, Mike. But you can expect the same free tutorials and content that has been on GSG since the beginning. I will NOT be getting rid of free stuff. We all benefit by growing this community Starting to charge for plugins will not only help sustain this site and growing bandwidth costs, but it will also help keep the free content coming.

      I really appreciate you being here from so early on, Mikey. Rest assured that there is no obligation to buy anything. I just want to start to make products that help people do their job better. That’s what this site is all about. Helping you make cool shit. I hope you will stick around with me.

      Thanks again for your strong comments. I really appreciate people that push me to think about things like this.


    • Just because money is in the mix doesn’t mean something can’t be creative or inspiring.

      Sure, there’s a lot to be said about creative people who do it strictly for the art, but somewhere in there, a brother’s gotta pay the bills!

      If you are one of those fortunate souls who was born into lots of money and doesn’t have to work for the rest of your life, excellent. I solute you and your good fortune. But for the rest of us who have to make a buck in this world and also work EXTREMELY HARD to do something creative while making said money, this is OUR reality.

      I feel fortunate and am thankful because I am doing what I enjoy and getting better at it, because of free tools and priced tools.

      Thanks Nick,

  • @mikey

    C’mon, seriously, a brother’s gotta eat, pay bills, make a living, etc. Nick (and Andrew Kramer) are great at what they do and for them to share so much is incredible. Gladly paying them for their innovative tools and techniques is part of Community as well.

    and Carry on Gorilla!!!!

  • First of all nice to see this pack finally released as Rob and you have been teasing us for weeks with this now. I like what i see. On the other hand i’m a bit disappointed how easy this magic works.
    Xpresso setup looks nice too. This is a great kit for everybody wanting to learn studio lighting in c4d but not having the time put some month into the learning. Ready to go render hotness.

    As i wrote in some posts before my render of choice is Vrayfor c4d and since we do have r1.2 now texturing a light with some gradients is done in a few seconds. We have been constructing these kind lightboxes in a few studio setups now and they are working great. So i’m sorry to say i’m not going to buy the kit for our studio.

    @mikey If you like to have this small study group feeling there are a lot of people offering training for individuals or small groups. Have a look at their rates and think again about buying small (great) product to support the site and the cost involved in this. We charge more an hour than this product costs and so do most tutors out there.


  • buying now… this by far the best $69 I will ever spend. Thank you for shining a light on a very time consuming task……get it ….shine a light….(crickets)

  • Heyy Gorilla, congratulations for new Light Kit…
    You remembered PBLURB Tutorial in Style (KORB), very thnks..

  • Hi Nick,
    thanks a lot for this great light kit!
    any chance to get a Vray-Edition of this fantastic libary in the near future?

  • Hey Nick! Loving the kit, just one hassle, ( and it’s probably me!), I keep getting texture errors and I have to re-link them back to the lights…. Any ideas anyone?

    • It’s just not you. It happens to me as well. When I save the studio in a different folder it loses its link to the texture. I thought Cinema4D would always look into it’s own folders first. I tried putting this in the texture path (preset://greyscalegorillalightkitpro1.lib4d/_Studio/tex)to no avail. I’m on Win7 x64.

    • Try saving the file as a project, it should then export all the textures to their own “tex” folder in the root of the new project folder.

  • very cool
    thanks Nick

  • Very cool.
    Almost as cool as your shirt.
    Where’d you get it so we can get one and look as cool as you!


  • lovely stuff, can’t wait to start playing around with this..

    I’m fairly new to C4D after switching from 3DS Max recently, mainly for cleaner workflow & integration with AE, your blog is making the switch over a pleasure – inspirational stuff dude, keep it up!

  • Nice stuff Nick :).

    One question tho is Rob Redman not in this anymore? I thought you 2 did this together?

  • Com’on now ppl!
    This is a great kit, if you think its to much money thats fine but dont come in to Nicks website and complain about it.

    We all need money. And believe it or not, even the sites you think doing everything for free isnt.

    By the way, bought the kit yesterday and love it.

  • Hey Nick this is an awsome product you have put togher here, i have been waiting for this for quite a while, i even tryed to build my own studio setup that runs something simliar to this product but yeah its hard to build, i must say that for the price youve put togher a really rebust product that takes HDRI light studio a run for its money at ยฃ499 (ex VAT) for the pro version.

    I am probly going to purchase the product but i have a question! what happens if there is an update for this product?

  • Hi,

    We did buy the Kit, still downloading 2.03Gb of 1.35Gb what is this?
    How big is the file??
    Should I stop and download it again?
    Is this counting for the 5 downloads limit?
    Do you have a suport@mail?


  • Can’t wait to try this out! Looks so fun to use!

  • WOW! It’s modo SILK for C4D! Yay!

    Ordering it in 3…. 2…. 1….

  • Big job! My 69 bucks will thank you. Great! Dreams Come True:)

  • Downloading right now…

    slow download though, guess this puppy is spreading to loads of users at the same time right now ๐Ÿ˜‰

    can’t wait!

  • I’ve just bought it.
    Thanks for your work Nick

  • same problem here. still downloading 1,49gb of 1,35gb. Please help!! Its already my 4th try to download it!

  • Why does the HDR Light Kit require Mograph?

  • Hey Nick,

    Is there a reason why it can’t find the textures and hdrs when I go to render? Everything is set up as in the install video. :S

  • Got it… Don’t spend it all at once….

  • I’m getting the same problem with the textures if I do a save as to the project. How do I get the textures path back to the project?

  • Great stuff. Will buy it as soon as I will get “free” bucks.

    At somehow I do agreed with Mikey – but only in the part when we both hope this site would not be new VCP… ‘cos we all sick tired of it.

  • Iโ€™ve just bought this great stuff!!!

  • Super sexy. Can’t wait to use.

    And is that a Designer/Model shirt, I’ve been looking for one of those since that came out…

  • Need some support, could you refresh my download links? Connection drops and i havent been able to complete the download. Already sent you two emails and no answer.

  • Is it possible to generate my own HDRI lightprobes for later use?

    Kinda like HDR Light Studio>>

  • Same problem loading textures….

    • i’ve fixed this by loading manualy all the paths, but saving studios with new paths doesn’t “save” new textures paths… have to do it each time i close C4D.

      Also, in the studio “Office Room” you have an HDR called “OfficeFlouscent” that doesn’t work, i’ve tried to create the new path manualy but don’t find the hdr in the kit zip…i only see
      it in the content browser studio’s textures directory…but it doesn’t work well by copy/paste the hdr… don’t find the “KinoFourBulb” neither for the alpha channel of this “Fluorescent” Material…
      Is it me or does anybody have the same problem? I am on mac

    • Same problem here… Mac with R11

  • Would you please stop complaining about beeing “Andrew Kramerish” !? Nick, Andrew and all the others out there making tutorials deserve to be paid. And they donยดt sell hot air, they sell actually good products to help people like us stay on the edge of this industry. So STFU! Will you!?

  • Why would anyone rag on Video Copilot/AK anyway?
    Some problem with huge amounts of free tutorials?

    And I’ve learned so much from GSG that if he went totally commercial I’d still be ahead of where I was before I found this place.

    Guess there’s always a whiner or two…

  • @Trak,

    I’m having the same issues, even when I go to render. Materials aren’t picking up the textures automatically. (HDRs/Textures)

  • guys if you are looking for product support
    go to check rob’s forum
    even if he’s not credited here…he’s still helping nick out

  • Working as a freelance and I often have to deliver the work to graphic studies or video production houses. Is there a way to remove the controllers and leave only the light sources?
    Speaking as i were a photographer: No problem to deliver the negative, but also give them the camera …

  • Nice work ! Downloading it now …
    Thank for the doing the work for us…

    Amature Designer

  • Hey all.
    thought I’d jump in and leave a comment. I was involved with this and I have to say Nick has done a LOT of great work to finish it.
    It’s a great product and well worth the cash.

    For those of you having texture issues this isn’t a fault with the kit. It’s just the way C4D works and how you set it up. It’s a simple fix but if you don’t know you can hop over to the pariah studios forum, where you will find a bunch of friendly users who have instructions on how to solve it.

    If you get it you will love it straight out of the box but experiment with it and make it your own. There is a little truth in all the ‘clone’ Kramers out there but that’s only because people are copying step by step. Be creative and post ‘your’ work.

    Overall have fun and be more productive. That’s what it’s all about.


  • I was wondering on your office set up how you got it to be so bright. Is there more lights in the scene that is not seen by camera? and how far do you bump up your gamma in GI?

    • It may be a gamma issue. Make sure your GI Gamma settings are correct to your monitor. Other than that, there is a brightness setting that should help.

      Thanks for getting the kit.

  • All fixed, great work guys, and it’s true thanks for “doing the work for us”

  • 69$ !!!
    The download start ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Nice job and many thanks for this great kit !

  • Hi ! amazing product , thanks a lot! Just one detail … stuck on 777 Mb and stopped downloading. To many people at the same time ? or is there any specific problem ?

  • I’m so deperate I actually tried to simulate the Light Kit myself:
    Took me about an hour, haha!

    I’m buying it tomorrow!

  • Ho again… reloaded download and worked for about 500 Mb and now stuck again and impossible to reload the file …

    solution ?

    • Please email me if you can’t get the full download. I will resend more download tries. Sorry about the issues. I will make sure you get your download.

    • Hello Nick ( the Gorilla ),

      I sended you an e-mail with the download problem. Hope that you can help me on this as fast as possible.

      Thanks a lot !

    • Hi !!! just finished the download ! thanks a lot for the help !
      Really great kit , and thanks for all that you’ve been doing with all the tutorials and tips around C4d !!

      Will be watching for new stuff !

  • @Robert Redman…

    Thanks for the pointer. Resolved my render issues!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • of course very beautiful

  • Realflow :((((((

  • Downloading!!!!!!! my birthday gift!!!

    thanks nick

  • Loved the tutorial man!!!
    Can somebody please upload this to rapidshare or megaupload?
    Can not find this shit anywhere! Not even a torrent!!!

    Oh, and nice work dude!!!

    • Carlos you do realise that this is the official site right?
      It would be wiser if you didn’t post a question of where to find a pirated copy of the kit…

    • Classy move dude.
      And by classy I mean cheesy…

    • Lmao.

    • Hey,

      Eye for an eye man. I paid for my personal copy of C4D. Sights like GSG encourage every noob to download the C4D torrents. How many people here do you think actually purchased their own copy of C4D? I’m getting the Light Kit Torrent when it’s out.

      It’s the circle of life man. Tired of paying out of my wallet when everyone around me doesn’t have to.


    • Hey John!
      What an interesting theory … you prefer to pay your copy of C4D to a enormous company that as contracts with so many companies of CG productions, that each one of them uses multiple licenses ; a company that make giant profits on their commercial sales …. and of course , you prefer to pay 4.772 $ ( depending on the version you have ) than to pay 69 $ to someone that till now as being doing an amazing work for everybody … FREE !!!

      Just my opinion…

    • Let me be clear: I condemn piracy!
      That being said…

      69$ might be meaningless when you’re a professional, but it is a lot of money when you’re a student (lots of bills!) and you only use C4D to make car renders in your spare time (no profits!)… (yeah, I’m talking about me)

      Is it the end of the world if you don’t get this kit? No, but it would sure help anyone using C4D…

      The bottom line is: If you’re making money out of it, you should pay for it! But, if you’re just learning or whatever and not making any money out of it, then you should have it for free! (or almost)

      What do you think, Nick?

      * You might call me ‘naive’ but I do believe that Nick would make about the same amount of (well deserved) money… or maybe even more! if he had made it ‘pay-what-you-want’…

      • Thanks, Jason. I really did think long and hard about making this affordable for students AND professionals. I think it’s a fair price for the kit. I put a LOT of time into making it as valuable as I can for the price.

        About tools… I don’t think the tools should HAVE to be free because you are “Just Learning”, though. Software like Cinema 4D and After Effects cost money because they are such great products. These things aren’t created for free. It takes time to create great software. Overall, I think people should buy the tools of their trade.

    • Blah Blah, tired of everyone cutting corners.

      Let’s be real here. How many people have a legitimate copy here? As of now, there are about 170 posts. I will say only 10-20 people bought C4D through legitimate means.

      GSG and other sites merely encourage piracy in a very roundabout way. It is easy to say, well, we serve the C4D community. But the majority of the community has cut the corners on this.

      And besides, it’s not like this light Kit is anything special, I can basically make my own for free. But yes, when the download torrent is out, i’m going for it. Why not? I need my justice.

      Why do I have to shell out for C4D and other purchases when half the people here don’t? Who’s the real phoney? I just said it, when most people don’t even acknowledge the problem and instead post a b.s. comment like “Hi Nick! Love the program!” etc. Whatever. Yeah, I’M the bad guy.

    • Nick,

      I value your ongoing efforts in educating anyone willing to listen (at no cost). For your hard work and dedication alone, I frequently visit your site.

      I have purchased your new light kit and to be honest, I feel it is the very least I could do. The product is great in itself, however your lessons are worth 10x more. Some may complain about price, yet they forget how many hours of your time they have acquired as time has passed. Yes, students have very little money at times. However, they are STUDENTS. Which means they are paying for an education. How much would they have paid if you were involved with their program? Much more than $69 that is for sure.

      I would like to thank you for sharing your talent & I wish you and all parties involved much success!!

      Kind regards,


    • Thanks for replying, Nick.

      For professionals it sure is a bargain… but not for students or anybody else not making money out of it. Still, not the end of the world! Just my 2 cents.

      That I can not agree. Educational stuff should be free! Even Autodesk acknowledges that…

      Overall, I just think the โ€˜pay-what-you-wantโ€™ system would be more fair for non-professionals… that’s all.

    • @JohnF

      “Sights like GSG encourage every noob to download the C4D torrents.”

      No, they don’t. Does watching the show ‘Trick My Truck’ encourage every custom truck enthusiast to steal one? Causation does not equal correlation regarding whether frequenters of this site have actually purchased C4D (disclosure: I have).

      “Tired of paying out of my wallet when everyone around me doesnโ€™t have to.”

      Your indignation with other people stealing software is absurd and cowardly. Just because others commit bad behavior does not mean you are now obliged to do so as well. That’s not a question of fairness, it’s a question of integrity. Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking.

      $70 is a fair price for this package. It took Nick many days of hard work to complete. Can’t afford it because you’re a student? Ask mom and dad. It’s for your education after all, right?

      Back to integrity: No one is looking on the internet. Are you going to do the right thing?

    • Jason,

      Having been the “non-pro” and learning not too long ago, I can tell you this: if you’re serious about your craft, you should pay for it. Shit, $69 means nothing more than skipping the fresh release of Assassin’s Creed, one night out with a chick, or (god forbid) skipping a couple night’s worth of beer. Being a cash-strapped student just means having to prioritize.

    • Sorry, I have to completely agree with JohnF on this one.

      Anyone looking for the torrent go here:

      Tutorials and site like this DO encourage piracy by making 50% of tutorials needing “Magic Bullet looks” Trapcode, etc, etc.

      What happened to the fundamentals? Everything now needs to be glossed up.

  • ^ Seriously!?!

    Anyways, seems as though the purchase site is down. Any info on when it’ll be up? Really stoked to get this and start on my new motion piece.

  • Hi Nick,

    where can I get the download link.
    I payed the lightkit today per visa card.


  • I just bought it and can’t wait for the download to finish.

  • hi this is Anthony thank u for the tutor! it
    is really great! and i’m just wondering that is it possible to make liquid thing to be controlled? with out using real-flow? i have been tried but i couldn’t do it and i know i can use meta ball to be fake water looking but actually what i want to do is there is a some object melt in to the liquid and the liquid truns in to under object.(so i can control the liquid things whatever i want!) is it possible in c4d? i’m really need this effect for my graduate project. thank you for yout time …:-) have nice day

    • Tricky to do it realistically in C4D but it’s possible with thinking particles and metballs.
      Alternatively there is a plugin that will help you do it all in C4D.

      Google dpit effex

  • Just upgraded C4D to 11.5 from 10.0 (Yes, yes – I know – where have I been for the last couple of years!) and thought I’d buy this kit as I’m an occasional user and have always struggled to get my lighting looking right. I’ve just played with it for 5 minutes and already my scenes look so, so much better. (So much better it’s actually a bit embarrassing!)

    This is a bargain – Maxon should make you an offer you can’t refuse to include it as part of the package in the future.

    Well done Nick

  • Hey guys, here’s a futuristic, abstract kinda thing I made with the kit!

  • Great job, it looks awesome. I want it!

  • haha.. love your hair. you are so cool.. you are my man crush.

  • Hi nick,

    Congratulations for HDRI light kit pro.
    Is a very good product ..

    Thanks for your work.

  • I’ve bought it and I love it! Great work Nick, really awesome. I don’t understand how you made these lights, I can’t find a way to simulate them!

    Would you mind if I make an advertisement-ish film with it?

  • @Markus Vlad- hey man you purchased it. You have a right to do whatever you want with it.

    @The software pirates
    $69 dollars is way to ridiculously underpriced for this thing. I haven’t purchased it yet, but any kind of plugin for a 3d package that’s under $100 is a bargin. I hope this kit never sees the light of day on torrent sites and DL sites

    @the people who actually own this
    please be cautious, do not share your DL links, or files or anything because it only takes one person for everything to spread and it’s obvious they worked pretty hard on this.

  • Wonderfully wonderfulistic wonderfulness.

    I like it very much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • oh hthx i talk about tins some weeks ago…
    so is very expensive: 69 bucks? kkk year year i brokem mi pig money!

  • Who is this guy? just keeps pumping out sweeet product, someone buy that man a beer!

  • Thanks Nick, Just purchased its and its downloading like a charm.

    Regarding the price, $69 dollars is not a lot of money. In fact for the time this product will save you it pays for itself. Remember people, Nick Campbell works just as hard as the rest of us and his time is worth as much as yours.

  • Nice Job! I just wanna ask about the OfficeRoom… I couldnยดt find the “OfficeFlouscent.hdr” and also the “KinoFourBulb.jpg”. Can u help me?

  • Woohoo! Just paid for this bad boy and i am like a little child on christmas right now. Waiting for the gifts! Can’t wait to play around with it.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    Cheers Jakob

  • If you don’t have that Mograph thing, can’t you use this light kit?

  • Hey Nick,

    I sent you an email but i am not sure if it was the right one for the Light Kit Support.

    I purchased the Kit a while ago but i am unable to use it because i get these errors:

    Any Solution? Right now it is pretty useless and I really want to use it. ๐Ÿ™

  • Bugger. I don’t even know what the Advanced Render Module is haha. Is it some sort of plug in for the newer version of C4D?

  • Nice job, looks super cool! Nick, are the lights HDRI photographic captures? Is this HDRI content or all procedurally generated within C4D. I can’t find this out. With the download being so large I guess they are photos.

  • I just bought my, copy and I have to say it’s definately well worth the money. Very nicely done. I hope you can make it up in volume, cause it’s under priced. Modo’s is going for 125. I did notice however that when iI load the office Studio it is missing, OfficeFlouscent.hdr. Don’t know where to find it. Thanks I’m already using it for a Client.

    Geoff Hull
    FOX Sports

  • Hi Nick,

    I’ve purchased the kit yesterday, but got no link yet.
    How long will it take?

    Regards, Diana.

  • Hi, i am from Hungary!
    This kit, is really a big help for me.


  • excellent, got it several days ago now and for sure I’m very happy with it. thx big time! you did a great job.
    I’m also glad you haven’t protected it like andrew kramer did with his Optical flares which is an awesome tool but I’m not going to buy something with that kind of licence. I mean I’m not going to run after mister Kramer everytime I change my nvidia or hardrive, com’on! he replies saying that he will always be there and going nowhere, yea right like he already knows… sorry for this parenthesis just wanted to point this out cos even if you loose some money because of piracy there will always be people like us willing to pay for it even if they can find it for free, work deserves money. 64$ man, worth it. thx mister Gorilla and hope you’re going to pay some beers to your friends with this money.

  • Hey Nick,

    Great job man. This is replacing the homegrown hackjob light rig’s I’ve been using. Same result with a much better interface and customization. I am really enjoying it.

    Keep it up.

  • Daamn, your tutorials keep getting better. I used to be a big Video Coplilot fan, but somehow, your tuts are more fun to watch and just more comprehensible (for me at least: a 16 year old dude from Amsterdam, whose English is not perfect…)
    Anyway, thanks. Here’s a picture of something I made with the HDRI-thingy. (Don’t know what it stands for, but it sure makes some sexy reflections…) Thought you might be interested…

  • Baldur Mรกr Helgason March 18, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    Congratulations on your great product Nick! Looks great! Too bad our Icelandic krรณna is so cheap right now! ๐Ÿ˜› But I will definately buy this regardless. Lighting is the main thing holding back my 3D skills, so this will come in handy.

  • Does anybody know how you can make the lights NOT seen by camera? It will not let me uncheck it… any work around?
    Long live the Gorilla!!

  • when using the studios the message “GI Irradiance Cache File Cannot be written – please check output path!” appears and it wont render. what to do?

    • Only way I personally found to get around that was to lower the GI settings to Low/Low instead of Medium/Medium. But I would like to know what is causing that error, too.

    • That doesnt even work for me, any other suggestions to this problem?

      • Render settings=>Save Tab=> File.
        I found the path I wanted to save my file to and it seems as if the problem was that C4D would automatically populate the project name as the destination folder. See example :

        /Volumes/G-DRIVE/Jae Mac “She Wanna” Video/After Effects/C4D/project file

        Obviously it has to render to a folder not a file… duh..

        all i had to do was erase that “project file” and it rendered fine!

        File…../Volumes/G-DRIVE/Jae Mac “She Wanna” Video/After Effects/C4D
        Hope that helps someone..

    • I think may have found the problem… When you load up a studio scene, it is loading from the library, which is locked. However, in the GI settings, it is (by default) set to Auto Save the IR Cache file. Since you are loading from a locked folder, it tries to save the file in the locked folder, which it can’t. (That was kind of redundant, but just trying to be thorough).

      I haven’t fully tested this, but I am pretty sure if you save the file in a new place, then try rendering, you’ll be fine. For me, I turned off Auto Save, and it rendered without a problem.

      Hope that helps!

    • That works! Great man, thanks a lot!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dude, that works awesome. Thanks so much :DD

  • Great toolkit! Improvements I would suggest:

    1. Build the elements to a more real world scale. Inches for instance. Hard to drop real object into the scenes with them being so giant.
    2. The floors don’t actually align to the floor of a c4d scene. This would be very handy.
    3. build a Vray version ๐Ÿ™‚

    thanks Nick!

  • Hey Nick…
    Slight problem with the “creating a paypal account” part… it’s taking millions of years….
    Can your kit be bought in another fashion?


  • Here is my Test of this incredible product. A huge time saver, spend more time tweaking and less time getting a basic light setup. Love the kit, Thanks Nick for all your hard work.

  • So you are a DesignerSLASHmodel?

  • Great results with the lightkit. Here’s a simple test render.

  • Two things. I noticed the Fluorescent hdr is missing and the textures content is giving an error. Is there any easy way to plug those back in?

    Also there seems to be a lock on the expresso nodes. I tried changing one of the colors on a light but it wouldn’t let me. I tried saving the project on my desktop because of locked file issues in content browser (didn’t work either).

    Get ready for trouble shooting lol. Thanks man! Great stuff

  • Ok so I entered the forum for this. For those that missed in a previous post from Andrea:,236.0.html

  • thanks for everything nad all you tutorial
    i go to buy that kit soon you are the best .

  • Hi,Nick
    um, everything is working perfectly,
    and i’m very satisfied,
    but the one thing that bothers me is,
    it keeps saying ‘texture error’

    [window3.jpg(softbox texture)
    RoundedCorner2.jpg(softbox texture)
    octagonbox.jpg(softbox texture)…]

    like this.

    how can i fix this problem?
    i tried to find out texture files but i couldn’t..
    but the thing is,
    other things are working very okay…
    and no problem..except this error..

    it shows up right before rendering,
    and i couldn’t do ‘make preview’ rendering either.
    “rendering failed, there is at least one texture missing”

    help me!!!!

    -is this probelem only on me? ๐Ÿ™

    • Hi, Jinoo,

      It’s not your problem. There is a fix that will be coming out before monday that should help this problem. For now, try not to copy and paste things into different scenes. Only MERGE objects. It’s a good practice anyway.

      You will get the update in your email soon.
      Sorry again about this problem. It will be fixed.

  • There it is ๐Ÿ˜€ the 1.1 update with an extra Rainbow Studio bonus!

  • Hi Nick,

    Loving the kit. Only a slight problem, I keep getting texture errors when I hit render… I’ve updated to 1.1 but this hasn’t fixed it. I reinstalled it twice following your install vid but no luck!

    Have you any idea what the problem might be?

    Cheers, Ollie

  • Hi, first of all great kit, but I usually do architectural exterior renders, could the skylight help me with my renders, because I’ve been trying to improve my renders and I know the lighting is crucial, would aprecciate it if you could get back to me on that. Thanks

    • For realistic, Exterior renders, you may want to look into the “real sky” object built into cinema. It might give you a more realistic look. My light kit is more for studio lighting or adding stylized lighting to your scenes.

    • are you talking about the simple sky with seetings or the skies that are on the presets, I have used the preset skies on the advanced rendering and modified them to my taste and I’ve had some good results but are you talking about some other sky?
      I would apreciate it if you would tell me thanks.

  • Amazing i am going to go Buy it right now this is Awesome! =D Keep Up the Good Work!

  • Hi Nick,

    loving the Light Kit! My boss got it for us the other day and its a HUGE help!

    But… What font did you use for the intro for the video above, I love it!

    Cheers again mate

  • I made this with the kit!
    Hope you dig ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The kit looks darn awesome, only prob is I only have cash D: (as in real money, in paper) and no way to get it to you other than a old-fashioned letter

  • Hello, i’d like to understand :
    – in GI, can we use normal lights ? Or just the kind of lights in the kit ? Cause you’ve made a switch to turn of all the lights.
    Maybe a tutorial to explain the difference between them ?

    Thanks a lot for an answer !!

  • Hey nick,
    Im surprised this was only 70 dollars, you must of spent hours of day working on this.
    Thanks for making it affordable for people like me (student)
    I really appreciate and Im really happy I bought this, it is awesome
    Thanks again,

  • Yo Nick, got your HDRI kit and i must say – love it!

    posted news on my site and added you to the links section; wanted to mail you but did’t find your email anywhere.

    check out:


  • Hey Nick,

    Can you please send the link of the update for the missing textures and error messages? Thanks man! You rock!

  • GORILLA vocรช รฉ o cara. Obrigado por se dedicar a passar seus conhecimentos de c4d. Nos do Brasil adimiramos seus trabalhos. PARABENS!!!

    GORILLA you’re the man. Thank you devote to pass his knowledge of c4d in Brazil admirer of his work. CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Is it possible to get the HDRI Light Kit for free..

  • This is a very reasonable price for all that you have given us. free tutorials and links to better ourselves? AWESOME!!! thank you so much. truly appreciated

  • I think that $69 is way under-priced for this thing. I still haven’t bought it, but it definitely worth the money!


    Everytime i try to render i get this error :
    “GI Irradiance Cache File Cannot Be Written Please Checkout Path”

    What do i do ???

  • Eh nick dude im having the same problem with IR irradiance cache and rendering could you give a more detailed explination on this HDRI lightkit pro i love it rendered in enlarged mode but for some reason the Saveable render mode is the same thing he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^ thanks man.!

    Studio Light Rig Bundle Pack v 1.1
    great idea for add some lights

  • Hey everything works perfectly, but me being a total cinema 4d noob, have no idea whats wrong with the render. everything is perfect EXEPT for whenever i render the 12 lights to the right that make it glossy dont show up. they just turn black making the final image really dark and matte looking…

  • Everytime i try to render i get this error :
    โ€œGI Irradiance Cache File Cannot Be Written Please Checkout Pathโ€

    how can i delete irradiance cache??

  • I am having a problem with the HDRI for the Office studio florescent lights. Every thing goes fine until I save the file then the HDRI gets lost or something. I have sent two emails to you guys asking for help but nobody has gotten back to me. Im getting a bit desperate because im using this for a school project. Any help would be great.

    ps im using Cinema R12 i dont know if that messes it up.


  • I purchased the light kit a few days ago and it’s been great, but when made something using the “office” preset the Fluorescent material was black. I know this means the texture hasn’t loaded properly but I cant font it anywhere to load.


  • We were advised to get Light Kit Pro for its excellent quick lighting set ups and downloaded it quickly without really noticing that it didnt work fully with C4D visualise. I wondered what our version was missing and noticed on your website that it works with 11 but after that you need the broadcast or studio bundle. Is there anything that can be done about this? e.g. any patches


  • elo GSG[-_-] i’m a nwbie.. in cinema 4d i alwys.. luk 4 22rials in youtube.. 2 learn.. but i’m not stsfyd.. wid d8r 22rials.. but wen i watchd ur video tutorials in ur website.. and in youtube.. i gt mor intrstd.. 2 learn in using cinema 4d…. u explain so well, direct 2 d point… tnk u so much! GSG[-_-]… i wilsh u cud hav sme 22rials lyk this stuff in this site. i wish i cud m8k sme of diz graffiti arts … in curving and bending the arrows.. and in motion tracking 2.. thnk u again….

  • But a smiling visitor right here to share the love (:, btw outstanding style and design . backlink

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