How do I make A Christmas Tree grow out of the snow?

December 8, 2014

In this episode of Ask GSG, Karl asks, “How do I make A Christmas Tree grow out of the snow?”

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  • nice!


    I was hoping this ended up available!!!!

  • Wow Chris great results. Thanks for this growth system workflow that can be used in a number of instances, not just christmas trees. Great work guys!

  • For people who want a quick adjustable Christmas tree.
    You can find a nice free plugin by Lazaros (Nitro4D) named MagicXtree here:

    To decorate the tree you can download the Cinema 4D Holiday Model Pack by EJ from eyedesyn here:

    And his Cinema 4D Holiday Ornament Shader Pack Volume 2 here:

  • Nice one!
    Some great techniques to use in various botanical projects.


    Enjoy your lunch.

  • It was a joy to watch this video. Thank you Chris and happy hollydays to whole GSG team.


  • Hello Chris!

    Very good tutorial, maybe we can get a .c4d file?

  • Rad tut – I can’t seem to get the Secondary Branches to clone onto the Base Branches.

    I am however using R14, is this an R16 specific feature? Or am I missing a step?

  • Hi Chris,

    Thank you so much for showing me how to do it. This is the end result. I didnt have time to do macro shots but it turned out v nice.

    Yes loads can be improved like Cam moves etc but I’m still a newbie.

    thanks again

  • Hi Chris!

    Thanks for the great tutorial and for that nice tip on the formula effector!

    The only thing I can see is that the branches are normally formed in a little bit different way than the one you made them:

    And here is a very long tutorial on a Christmas Tree in 4 parts )) in a little less procedural way

  • Hello Chris.
    When I saw the animation, my first idea about how you did it was “mospline turtle mode”. But you didn’t. Did you try with turtle mode and something didn’t work (may be growing animation) or you just did not think at all about turtle mode as a way to do it ?

  • I dont know if this is the place to ask this, but i really want to know how to make this!

    • Have you tried X Particle? For sure the second short identity film is doable with X Particle. The last one just looks like real stuff to me, like actually filmed.

  • Thank you very much for making that video :D! I loved it!!!
    There was so many things I never new i could do in C4D before!
    Again, a big thank you 😀
    Awesome Xmas tree!!!

  • Christopher Brooks December 15, 2014 at 5:29 am

    Fantastic project, learnt some new stuff.

    I appreciate that in video tutorials we are meant to re-watch bits we didn’t quite get, but I was having to re-watch every 2 min because of the speed you were talking at. I would hate to have tried to follow this if English was my second language. Maybe don’t down that 4th cup of coffee before recording next time 😛

  • hello thank you for the tut here is some constructive feedback, > you are killing me @ 34:06 with the particular angle change to get the start shape out of the 4 linear splines to make the star shapes. how fast you are going through this particular rotation has rendered me a classic “idiot who cannot follow all that jizz you barffed”. i have tried to follow from 34:00 to 34: 25 about 5 -6 times (i am i am not a slow person and i take your speedy traim tuts all the time. you you may be going into these quick rotation fixes way too fast on @ 34:06…. even for pause stop & play techniques. but i 100% appreciate the time you take to show us the best you can. i truly learn allot form the tuts you guys put up but on this one im left at an ….errr uh yeah way fast Chris…

    please do not add this post to your comments page, it is just for personal feedback on the speed. thanks and continue showing me how to be better at C4D

  • Really appreciate this tutorial, but you completely lost me somewhere around 16 minutes in. With all the back and forth using formula and such I tried re-watching several times, but my secondary branches just don’t go the right way. Very frustrating. Would be extremely helpful to have a completed project file to reference and deconstruct from. Or at least some screenshots of the various settings for each element. Just too much going on in this one and spoken way too quickly.

  • Great tutorial! I wish you all the best and may everything fall in place in 2015!
    Hope I not spamming, here’s my C4D greeting:

  • Chris, I think the fluffy look & white seam around the needles comes from Photoshops crappy alpha handling. I always run into that problems when using .psd alphas with c4d.
    (Photoshop seems to have some issues with straight alpha channels)
    My solution is to use .png’s with alpha; I think it’s the only format Cinema 4d handles correctly.

    BTW; I’m constantly wondering why you use RGB-Sliders in C4d… This wouzld drive me crazy 🙂

  • Chris Schmidt knows very well physics in Cinema 4D. We ask for a tutorial with an animated gift. Something like in the video below. Would have been nice to ribbon tying itself, then under the pressure of the box was bursting and falling (physics).

    Sorry for my English (Google Translate …) 😉

    Best regards,


  • Pretty nice tut! Unfortunally I’m lost when you put the sweep and the n-gon to he secondary branches (38:48) to figure out the branch. The sweep & n-gon isn’t shown in r17. I had the same with the needles in third branches, but when I replaced the n-gon with the custom spline it works and the sweep effect was shown.

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