How To Add A Dynamic Floor To HDRI Studio Pack

July 17, 2015

In this very short video, I will be answering the question, “How Do You Add A Dynamic Floor When Using HDRI Studio Pack?”. We have been getting some emails and twitter questions about this, so I decided to make a short video about how to set it up.


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  • Hi GSG! Great products! Could you do a tutorial on how to create your own HDRI images and load those into the HDRI Browser (GSG HDRI 2.0)? From Nick’s Twitter account, it looks like GSG is using the RICOH THETA to create the images in your pack, but should be able to do the same with an iPhone Pano shot, correct?

  • Hi Nick,
    I was rendering out an animation using Studio pack 2 and team render (Cinema 4D 16 Studio).
    It seems like my 3rd machine wasn’t using team render. (no reflections in that section).
    Is this because it is only licensed for 2 machines?
    Is there a way for you to make it unlimited team render machines?
    Thanks, Dave

  • Hi Nick. Could you explain the set up of the Cloner and Emitter in this scene? Also curious what the Random Effector is doing too.


  • I wanna see a tutorial for making the emitter do that, with different objects 🙁

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