How to add Multiple Stickers and Labels in Redshift for Cinema 4D

February 1, 2018

In this Quick-Tip tutorial, Chad Ashley of Greyscalegorilla demonstrates a technique for adding stickers and labels that allow you to use multiple UV channels in one material.

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  • Cool, very handy info even though I don’t use Redshift.

    Could this workflow be tailored for use in Octane ?

    • AFAIK Octane does not support multiple UV channels. I could be wrong though. I don’t use Octane in my day-to-day anymore. thanks for the comment!

  • For some reason the decal is showing up on both sides of my object, I can’t figure out how to

  • For some reason the decal is showing up on both sides of my object. I can’t figure out how to restrain it to just one side. Is this a UV thing? Do I need to unwrap my UVs or something for this to work properly?

    • yes, the skateboard was UV’d to have it’s top and bottom separate. As long as you properly UV your skateboard, you shouldn’t have any stickers showing up on your grip tape. 🙂

  • Hey Chad

    Nice Tutorial as usual! I am thinking of switching from Octane to REDSHIFT. I just can not wrap my head around the Octane work flow especially when texturing. I know REDSHIFT will have a learning curve just like any of the different render’s but is it better for a production workflow, especially for texturing?

    • Hi Thomas, what exactly is tripping you up on the Octane texture workflow? I’d recommend getting demo’s of any 3rd party renderer before purchasing. Always good to try before you buy.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the tut, just what I was looking for!

    For some reason as soon as I drag the UV channel into the shader node my texture stretches, even though its UVd corretly and looks fine in the C4D editor view. I’m having to tweak the Remap settings to make it look right.

  • Hey, Chad. Can you help me? Lets say I have several different objects sharing one redshift material. I want to put the label only on one of the objects. Everything is great regarding this object. The problem is with the other objects. When I bring out Alpha channel from texture (with color splitter) black part of the alpha channel is only on the object on which I want to put the label. The rest objects’ alpha is white, so the base material doesn’t show up on these objects. I hope I was clear:)

    • I’m having a hard time imagining this. Have you tried reference materials for the other objects sharing the material?

  • I didn’t quite get what you mean. As i said, i have one material for several objects. Lets say i have a gold material as a base material. But in addition I want to put a sticker on one object. So I have this object with gold base material and sticker on it, and the other objects with no gold material as it hidden due to the issue with alpha. I have kinda solved the issue with the user data node+switch node. Then i would have to create user data for each object sharing the material, and imagine if i have a robot with a lot of objects and details. I thought maybe there is an easy and right way to do this…

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