How To Animate A Blinking Title Card With Mograph and Cinema 4D

January 26, 2016

In this tutorial, Nick gets back to his Motion Graphics roots by showing you how to make a modern blinking animated title.

First, we will use the Mograph plain effector and the color shader to make the blinking type animation. Then, we will build the blurry floor reflection using Topcoat and animate the Camera move and other parts of the scene using our procedural animation plugin, Signal.


Tutorial Focus:  , ,

  • Fantastic tutorial, as always every bit of knowledge helps. If I have anything to say it would be the the reflections for me are too long. Is there any fall off fade you can give them? Other then that it’s a job well done.

  • Thanks Nick for your fantastic tutorial. By the way… if you do not want the floor to be lit by the light, you can switch drag it into the Object box in Light > Project Tab > Exclude 🙂

  • Hi Nick!

    Nice tutorial, thanks for the new tips. By the way, you’ve mention something about render farm. It would be nice if you and Chris talk about this thing, the beneficts of having one, how to set it, how to install the Cinema 4d net render, etc.

  • It’s probably a little blinged out with the glows and whatnot, but here’s what I came up with:

    Great tutorial as always!

  • This one a great one, Nick. Thanks for taking us all the way into AE for the post fx!

  • I am interested in text animation.
    it’s wonderful tutorial.
    I wanted to know the kind of thing.
    It will be very helpful. thank you…

  • Hey Nick !
    ( First sorry for my english, I’m from Belgium )
    First time I comment on the blog but I’m a student in 2D/3D and this tutorial is amazing ! Really loves the render. Grescalegorilla helped me so much to improve myself in 3D design and modeling even if YOU say that you’re not good at it haha

    Keep doing amazing tutorial ! Thank you for all !

    BTW is there a way to download the video to watch it offline later ? I can’t find it on Vimeo


  • Hi Nick, I notised during you tutorial that you have 5018 unreaded and unanswered mails… You make me sick.

    I wish I could sent you some money to deal with so many unanswered mails. We both know that handsome men dont have time to deal with many mails. So many mails, so many mails. This is start to creep the hell out me, and I’m writing this shi&%.

    Nice tutorials Nick and Chris, thanks a lot for your effort. 😛

  • I can’t believe I just watched the whole thing 😮

    However, do you mind going through the After Effects part step by step? I’ve only played around with After Effects so I have no idea what you did. If you do, that would be really appreciated.

    Thank you so much for the video!

  • Hi guys,

    Great tutorial – plugins and everything inbetween that you all do at GSG. I’ve gone through the tutorial and love both Topcoat and Signal, but having a couple of issue with the render settings that i’ve sent from Topcoat. I’m kinda new to C4D, so i’m thinking its something obvious that i’m missing/not doing.

    I’ve linked a video below with my test renders, and noticing some noise/grain type visuals and was wondering if anyone is able to help?

    Hope you can help.

    Thanks for all the great work.

  • Where do you find the Glow Highlights Plugin? I cannot find a reference anywhere to that effect…..

    Great Tut!! Thanks!!

  • Christian Prieto June 9, 2017 at 1:18 am

    Thanks for the great tutorial Nick. This video pushed me into picking up TopCoat today, and it’s a great tool! Looking forward to using this in my workflow. Thanks for all the great stuff!

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