How to Animate a Page Turn with Cinema 4D and Planesmart with Mike the Monkey

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I’m so excited to have Mike “The Monkey” Senften back for another tutorial on Greyscalegorilla. In this video, Mike shows you how to set up a page turn animation in Cinema 4D using several different techniques including cloth and the bend deformer. Then, he shows you how to texture each page with a unique texture using the excellent Planesmart Plugin by Rick Barrett and Cineversity.

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  • Love GSG, all tuts are great and with The Monkey even more! keep it up you 2, cheers.

  • After over 2 days since i made the order, i receiver the ‘your order has been processed’ message, lol. It’s dated as 11AM so i’m hoping the shipping message will arrive with the needed details.

  • Hey Mike, Awesome tutorial!
    Hey Nick Awesome site!
    I’ve received my registration from Cineversity, Thank you both!
    I was just building a book for a project (great timing), I did mine with a plane and bend deformer.
    I haven’t been able to figure out the binding curve until I watched your tutorial. So I used a spline wrap on my plane (thanks) – looks awesome now, but I can’t figure out how to animate my page so the binding curve moves as the page turns. I only have about 3-4 pages that need to turn, any tips would be really apreciated,
    Thanks again! …..dave

  • Hey Monkey, you are very talented. Question: Is planesmart available in c4d 11.5 ?


    • Unfortunately, I believe it isn’t.
      I was running 11.5 in my video, but I was using a beta of PlaneSmart which still wasn’t very stable. The R12 version was really the first production ready release of PlaneSmart.

      I’d also like to preemptively cauterize any belief that this is a sneaky maneuver on Maxon’s part to get you to upgrade to R12. It takes quite a lot of extra work to fix all the bugs in legacy versions. It’s as annoying as having to animate a piece for 4:3 and 16:9 simultaneously. So I wouldn’t take it personally.

  • Hi im very excited about the Cineversity offer.

    But i dont get the Order to work. As im from Germany i have to use a fake US Address. But the form dont accept the adresses im filling in “You have not entered a complte shipping address.”

    I tried adresses like that:

    Address: 2640 Lavery Court, Suite A
    City: Newbury Park
    Zip: 91320 (tried also CA91320, CA 91320)

    Can someone give me hint what im missing.
    Tahnks in advance!

    • What i did was i put the country as US and the rest was my normal adress, which is outside US, and the order was processed fine.

    • Okay i readed in the comments that you should use your Countryname in the City field and use your real address. But this doesent help me either. What zip code should be used? This form also dont give a hint whats wrong…

      Can someone of the non-US guys who worked this out tell what they have done.

    • Hi Kamykazee,
      what state did you use and what zipcode? How did you fill your phone number?

      Its totaly try and error for me and im on this form for 20 minutes now!


    • So finaly i got it.

      I have started completely new on a different Computer.

      And i had to fill in an american city, state and zip code. So i used Moody, Alabama, 35004.

      I put my real Country in the additional address section.

      Zack, it works.

      I dont know what messed up before.

      Finaly, I want to say thank you to the GSG Team for all their work!!!

  • i wanna download this tut off vimeo so i can look at it in full screen. that way i dont have to keep switching to full screen as i follow along. any way to download it?


  • Hell Yeah!!! I was waiting for Mike to come back with another tutorial. This is a topic that I can never find the right answer to for Cinema 4D and love that it’s finally being addressed. I dunno if Monkey remembers me from Siggraph this year but we chatted about his last post and he seemed ready to never discuss spiral growth again…..LOL thanks again for giving back Mike πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks Mike and Nick for this! Just purchased it on the last day. πŸ™‚ But the status is “pending” Just worried that it will not be approved. I entered my grandpa’s united states address inorder to register it. Hope it gets approve soon. I seen a lot of great tutorials at Cineversity gonna spend the whole month learning cool shit and I get the planesmart plugin too. This is really an awesome deal! Thanks again Mike and Nick!

  • I’ve made my order on the 26th and it is still pending. I have received a ‘we have processed your order’ message, however.

  • Hey Monkey,

    Thank you for this really awesome video–you the man..:)
    I tried to take a magazine to After Effects,and insert photos to the pages by using the Buffer? But, this won’t do it! Can you please help me,or have any idea into how can insert photos,or video in to a book, then bring it into After Effects. Believe me I have try in all the web, and can’t find any information on how to do this–thanks!

  • Can someone send me a good page flip link.. Preferably a video one.. I googled this and only found a couple but the results look a bit cheesey.

  • at 1:05 he shows his monkey skillz

  • I bought the subscription Monday but i never received any member code, i emailed maxon but nothing yet? Any suggestions?

  • Sadly I cant see the video tutorial I just get the following showing in the video window
    β€œSorry, the creator of this video has not given permission to embed it on this domain.
    Pity all the other tutorials have been great.. thanks..
    any ideas why this is happening

    • @Nick UK – There are a few of us with the same problem. I’ve posted a screen grab at the top, so hopefully someone will look into it.

  • I had a texturing question for the Monkey. How could I take a single sphere that has been cloned 200 times in a clone object, and apply a different texture to each one?

  • Anyone figure out how to take a PSD comp with tons of layers and add shadows without changing the lighting?

    Essentially I just want the layers to cast and recieve shadows but not recieve light from the light source generating the shadows….

    I tried setting the layers to luminance and also color when first using the plug in.. and then also tried using the compositing tag’s various options… i’m a bit stumped..

    if i turn on color instead of luminance for all the layers… they are all now able to recieve and cast shadows… but they also get lit by the light, which I dont want.. so i use the compositing tag to turn off “seen by rays”… and this effectively makes the layers go black since there is no light being recieved…. duh.. that’s obviously not going to work…

    also tried shadowcaster but it’s the same problem as the above…

    if i use luminance for all layers, they cannot recieve shadows..

    there is always the option of AO but that means the layers need to be close to each other or i need to set the distance really high… which isn’t ideal…

    any thoughts anyone?

  • I had a texturing question for the Monkey. How could I take a single sphere that has been cloned 200 times in a clone object, and apply a different texture to each one?

    Hello Again,
    I listened to your recent tutorial again and at one point you said you use a multishader.

    I tried that and it works. I already setup the placement on the texture for the one object so everything else in falling into place since I made sure the textures are the exact same dimension.

    Thank you so much. This project has been on my shelf for 10 months and now I can begin to see light at the end of the tunnel.


  • semafore wallpapers ftw!

  • Hello Mike, your very good tutorial, most could not understand how you used the cloth to make the page, I am a beginner in cinema 4d, perhaps because of it and also do not understand much English because I’m Brazilian. You could send the project to me? would be very grateful

  • Thanks so much! For both sharing the handy techniques behind the page turn and alle the great workflow tips.

    Here’s my go at it:

  • I lurv mike the monkey with an extra v for emphasis

  • very great tips from the monkey Nick… Your posts are great as well as your plugs and tuts… More power!!!

  • Signing up for the free trail of Cineversity has been a pain from the start. I’ve signed up, been charged but have heard nothing from MAXON in 10 days. Brutal online service.

  • wow! very very thank you!

  • Great video. I’m going to look for the single page tutorial, and see if I can make my own version.

  • Thanks Nick and Mike. This is great.

    Are you using path deformer or path deformer lite plugin?

  • Still can’t view th video. Any chance can stick this one on youtube or remove the restrictions in vimeo?

  • Thanks for this great tutorial. Based on it i tried to build a magazine. And it works pretty well with the bend deformer and the effectors. The only problem I’ve got is that the spline bender animation I use to curve the pages at the binding starts with the main timeline and not with the initiation of the individual page. I don’t understand why this is different to the bend deformer that behaves right. Can anybody help me?. Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Thanks Mike…I would love to see a more in depth tutorial of how exactly you did the magazine page flip…I’m a Newbie!
    THanks again for all your great input!

  • MAxon finally got back to me and I was able to sign into Cineversity and begin my trial.

    A few days later I no longer had access to any of the member vids.

    Anybody else having this trouble?

  • You both have strange Audio during your Tuts,
    The Gorilla sounds like he is sniffing “Crank”, and the monkey…well He is just drunk, but I still love you both as long as my money is not getting all the Primates stoned or Silverback’s High!

    I’m sober, and “All” the Primates should be also, If not then we are all doomed to eat the “Big Banana” or..Well… Let me re Fraze that.., Bite the Big One!

    Oh Damn, that didn’t sound right either,
    Oh well, You Get My Point!

    Ahh the hell with it!

  • Very Very Good!! Thanks for being a Generous GENIUS Mike!!

  • Hey Nick awesome blog as always, and Mike Whiskey Monkey, fantastic tutorial!

    Just a quick question, I bought the 30 day trial from Maxon, but how do I renew for the annual membership? I tried to renew, but it seems like (becasuse of Maxon’s wording) that I’ll be charged to $295 membership fee. I tried to contact customer service, but they havent replied back yet.

    If I’m missing something or if there was an update to the membership offer please let me know.

    Thanks guys!!


    • UPDATE, I just got a email back from Paul Babb. He says, Maxon is sending out a coupon next week to take care of this issue.

      Maxon is on like Donkey Kong!

  • Amazing tips and tricks to make some routine works more faster as always.
    Great video and plugin.
    Thanks to both of you Nick and Mike πŸ™‚

  • HELP!!!!! I have 2 days left on my trial and when I go to renew it says it will cost $295 instead of $95. The code you gave doesn’t work Nick for the renewal – how do I get a working coupon code?

    Unless this gets sorted, it feels like a complete con, since the only reason I payed for the trial was to get the discount for the 12 month subscription πŸ™

    • I have the same issue. As Keifus said ^^^^ I have been told by Maxon that there will be a second, additional coupon sent to us in a few days which will drop the renewal price to $95.

    • Anyone get an email re: renewal yet?

    • Not yet…we live in hope πŸ™

    • I am having the same exact problem, mine expired today and it never gave me the option to upgrade for the 95$ price. Nor did I receive any renewal email. I don’t what’s going on. I did email Cineversity support and they replied saying that they will send out a coupon this week. However I have yet to receive anything.

      @fasteddie I agree it kinda does feel like a con but I am sure they will sort this out. At least I hope they will : )

      Either way Great tut Monkey!

    • SHAZAM! They emailed me the coupon and it worked. Hooray! What a learning resource, thanks Nick, Mike and Maxon! πŸ˜€

    • Same here, just got mine too! Check your emails.

    • Mine is expiring on the 5 of march. Recentyl I wrote an email to Maxon, never get an answer. I guess thy are very busy πŸ™‚ Do they email the coupon code automaticly to every trail-account?

    • Well, still waiting to hear from Maxon for the promised ‘coupon’ and no response to my follow up emails….

  • Hey Monkey great tut! Really inspiring stuff, ive also bought the trial with Cineversity and really loving it so far πŸ™‚

    Im also trying to follow the page turn tutorial with the bend deformer but im running into trouble – as the page flips and bends, the page kind of comes away from where the book bindings would be, and then returns into place..

    Is there anyway to avoid this problem?


  • how come the ice didn’t melt in your glass by the end of the 40 minute video? i want a tutorial on that!

  • it’s the evening of the 1 March and darn it, I missed out. Wish I’d seen this offer sooner.

  • 14 days too late =(

  • Has anyone figured out the page intersecting issue? my solution has been to turn them off as they flip before the next one comes on the top of it. any better solutions?

    • Turn’em off? Manually? I guess that would oly work if the camera is on top looking straight forward, righ?
      I’m trying, will post if a find a solution.

  • Now that the Maxon offer has expired, is there anywhere we can purchase the PlaneSmart plug-in…??? can we get it if we sign up for cineversity still…??

  • Hey guys, very useful tutorial, thanks… But, please, can you make a light tut about individual pages? Especially part about animated thickness of the first and last page… Please… Thank you very much πŸ™‚


  • Thank you for some other informative web site. The place else could I am getting that kind of information written in such an ideal method? I’ve a venture that I’m just now operating on, and I’ve been on the look out for such info.

  • Could you give “” this video?

  • Hi Mike.
    How are you?.
    I have made your magacine.
    It look pretty good, but when I try to resize, everything, especially, the deformers, does not work propertly.
    Do I need to reconfigurate the deformers?.
    Another question.
    How can I change the animation if I put the magacine in a XRef, with then intention of change the moment when the magacines start to turn pages?.

    Thanks you so much indeed, and by the way…… your works are amazing.

  • Nick, Mike, you are the best of the best guys!
    Mike, I want to ask you a question about a book rig you showed in Planesmart tutorial and itΒ΄s about a book with rigid cover, and the pages seem rigid to. IΒ΄ve been working in something like that but I have a problem whit the separation between the pages, and the movement, I canΒ΄t make it works like yours, and end with all the possibilities. I would like you give to me a little help or tip to make it work.
    Thank you in advance.
    Cheers, Mauro.

  • Is there a tutorial on the actual page turn? That would be great.

  • Hi Mike and Chris’
    Great Tutorial. I really appreciate. I was able to work with the old method of bend deformer and it is good but I realize the page turns from the last through to the first. What can I do to correct this mistake.
    I also could not find out how to bind the book using cloth.
    I really wish there is a separe tutorial on book and page animation. I appreciate everything. thanks guys.

  • Hello all, could someone help please? Check out the C4D project file in the link.

    I have a difficulty animating pages of the magazine. I followed some tips from Mike the Monkey. I sorted out the issues with overlapping pages. I’d like to have the first 2 pages open slowly as they are (when 1 page rests the other starts moving). Then the tempo should speed up. And the pages should be closer together (just flip through it). When it gets to the cover page, the whole magazine should become flat and sit on the surface.

    I tried to increase the speed by animating time offset on the step effector. Unfortunately the result is jerky as you can see. I also can’t use ease in or out on those key-frames. I tried to render just slow animation and time remap it in After Effects. It didn’t give me the result I’m after as I need the pages to be closer together towards the end.

    Also I need to use the X-ref to be able to adjust the 1 page turning animation on the fly.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • thank you very much, this very helpful….

  • Hello! is a great tutorial!

    in the video i saw a lot of c4d magazine file, is possible to buy or download ?

    thank you for the answer!

  • Hello πŸ™‚
    i am a bit of a beginner in Cenima 4D and while trying to make this i hade a problem with applying the time offset to the paper clones after putting the single paper as a child to the clone object and applying the step effector
    i hope to get a reply of a fix to this problem

  • Where is Mike Senften now?

  • Helpful tutorial, thanx.
    Would be good if on this page below the
    tutorial I can find a DOWNLOAD button.

  • What ever happened to Mike being a regular contributor?
    I would really love to see the book rig he did at the end of this tut in another full tut.
    Likely or Unlikely?

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