How to Animate and Control Lights and Dynamics with Xpresso In Cinema 4D Part 1

February 10, 2011

In this tutorial, I show you how to recreate this excellent piece by KORB for MTV. In the video, I will show you how to model and texture the bulb, set up the room, and prepare the lights for animation. Then, we will setup a basic Xpresso rig to control the dynamics and the lighting up of the bulb to go along with the music. We will also go over how to light and render the scene without GI to make it look as photo real as possible while keeping render time down. Lastly, we will hop into After Effects to do some quick compositing and add some depth of field.

This is my longest tutorial yet. Over two hours in two parts. I’m really excited about this one. Let’s rock it!

Finished Render

Mentioned In This Tutorial
Korb MTV Spot
Robertleger’s Xpresso Training
Hello Luxx’s Custom Forces With Modynamics
Download my Cinema 4D r12 Layout
Thanks to Mike The Monkey.

Watch Part 2 Of This Tutorial

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  • Great tutorial, Nick! Thanks!

  • tried to find out how to do this in R13 Broadcast but not successful 🙁

    Connectors are included in Broadcast

  • Always Thanks ! Nick !!

  • I put in the exact same settings and watched in for anything I missed but my lights are still not acting the same as yours…. :/

    • I got the weight on, but the lights don’t nod up and down, i tried increasing the weight and lowering/highering the attractor but nothing. No differences, nothing.

  • Robert Veldhuis June 11, 2012 at 7:24 am

    Hello, i have a strange thing in the R13 broadcast version, when i use the attractor and create a rigid body simulation tag on the bulb , the bulb isn’t attracted, maybe it is something silly i missed.

    Greetz and thanks for all the tutorials so far

  • hey Nick

    Im working on a final year project at uni and im trying to get a blob similar to this one that MTV created a few years back.

    Only im not sure how to go about it. Ive tried softbody and attractor to animate the blob moving but it stops rotating and begins to drag. Pretty much what im asking is how to create a soft body which i can make roll around and deform (or just roll up stairs or sit on a chair)

    Thanks in advance

  • Just wanted to extend a huge “Thank You” for offering these tutorials publicly. I’m very new to Cinema 4D as well as 3-D (less than a month), and have learned a lot following your tuts. They are fun and challenging! VERY much appreciated!!


  • Unfortunately, all the bulbs stick together and they dont act independantly. R14.

  • In C4D R14, I Can’t find the check box “Respect Dynamic Mass” in Attractor object. I’ve just “Mode” selector.

  • Very nice tech stuff.

  • Hi Nick,

    Great job at SigGraph man. Which presentation did you like? Did you see Oculus Rift? That was insane.

    Steve S.

  • Using R15 and my attractor does not have the “Respect Dynamic Mass” check box option. I’ve noticed many users posting about the same issue but don’t think anyone has given a direct answer yet. I have the “weight” object placed within the bulb just like in the tutorial but my bulbs aren’t jumping up yet. Is there a new “Respect Dynamic Mass” option or a work around for R15?


  • I briefly topped the tutorial for 1 sec to come here and say “you teach quite well, are very good at indicating how to’s. having fun with it thank you for continually providing free tuts. back to the tut.

  • sup Gorilla > could you shed light on the R15 equivalent to “Respect Dynamics Mass”
    in the Attractor parameters. > I get no respect from this attraction lol! Thanks

    • Listen up ppl i might found smthng to clear the “respect dynamic mass” issue.
      The mode option is actually what u need and the acceleration mode it s supposed to respect the obj ‘s mass .here u have a more explicit version

  • sorry! the “force mode” takes the mass into consideration

  • We’re looking exactly for this tutorial. Thanks for sharing GreyScaleForilla 🙂

  • is this offline?

    cant see any video

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