#AskGSG 5: How To Animate Broken Up Text and Geometry In Cinema 4D

January 5, 2015

In this Ask GSG, “becheg” asks about this cool piece by Fernando Lazzari. We’ll tackle chopping up some text and geometry in some interesting ways. Then we will animate the parts using multiple fracture objects and numerous effectors. A million ways to apply these techniques to other things.

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  • Really good stuff again, Chris. Cheers 🙂

  • It’s cool you changed the thumb of the videos so one can recognize what he will watch 😉

  • This is great!
    I saw a BBC2 ident a while ago and tried to recreate the technique. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how they did it and it got quite messy. This would be the way to do it.
    Thanks Chris!

  • Hello,
    Thx a lot for sharing all your knowledges….Very useful…I spend so much time by trying reproduce all nice projects you did….Thousand thx !!!!
    I have a problem with this one….I tried to solve it by myself for a week by failed 🙁
    Could you explain why some objects ( my Text and one you named “cogs” ) disappear as soon as I put them in Fracture…For others, it works ….Don’t understand why…;
    Thx for time you’ll spend by giving me an answer

  • R15 HELP PLEASE > are you using R15? (maybe you are using R16)
    …seems my Cogwheel Object (R15) does not contain parameters for “Teeth and Inlay”

    will this tut require r16?

    • I think you are right. Those cog settings are in R16 only. I will update the tutorial. Sorry about the confusion.

      • Thanks buddy,, i went around the issue …but wondering if what i did will work.
        went into Broadcast library / sports / mountain bike / and grabbed the gear out of the bike. (it seens to have been extruded from a spline (made from spline but no longer just a spline) will that work for the boole?

        • …errr it was a dumb question on my part, just needed to get rid of the height to make it flat then drop to floor and baam.

  • Thank you very much for making this truly epic tutorial! It used many features that I have never tried before, and in ways I have never thought of 😀

  • Great tutorial. Thanks a mill. When I do the extrude with the sliced up segments they come out slightly bevelled and misshapen any ideas how I can fix this

  • Many thanks for a great tutorial Chris. I would still like to know how to change the colour/texture as the “objects/pieces” are affected by the effectors, like in the sequence that inspired your tutorial.


  • Great tutorial, thanks!!!! My shapes seem to have exploded too much – the side faces are all jutting up separately instead of the whole shape chunk. Any thoughts on why?
    Also, had Paul’s same question…

  • You lost me at 17.53… A bit too difficult for my beginnersbrain. My text and boole did not work the same as in the tutorial. If only I could figure out what went wrong.. You should “star” your tutorials, one for beginners- five for pro’s:).

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