How to Change Your Default Option Settings in Cinema 4D

December 31, 2010

In this short tutorial, I show you how to change your default option settings in cinema 4D. This is really helpful options that you change every time like screen aspect ratio, render size, or anti aliasing settings.

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  • Thanks, very useful!
    Happy 2011 !

  • Nice tut. happy new year

  • Thanks Nick!
    Merry christmas my friend!!
    Please check my motion πŸ™‚

  • Hey Nick,

    Speaking of layouts, can you upload the layout you use for r12. Like you did for r11.5 in the GSG light kit.

    Or is it already somewhere?

  • Great little trick πŸ™‚

    I’ve managed to trick it in code..
    but this is much quicker and easier!

    Thanks… and Happy NY. Here;s 8.30pm ATM

  • Happy new year to you too, Nick!
    Have a good one!

  • Christopher Scott Kn December 31, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    I’ve been using this for a couple off weeks now… Didn’t I hear it from you, Nick? hmmm

    I was also trying to bring up the ‘secret menu’ thing in AE during yesterday’s live stream.

    If you hold down the shift key while selecting Preference in AE, you get this ‘secret’ tab added to the list.

    Change the cache to ‘2’ and it speeds up your render time over 100% (in my case)
    I rendered a 60 layer, 4 minute project the other day that would have taken 1hr and 35 minutes but took 16 minutes after I initiated this simple change.

    I also found that having the caps lock on during the rendering sped things up even more because it wasn’t wasting processor power displaying the view.

    Maybe I can get one of my clients to agree to add a new 12 core to our next contract. That’d be super nice.

    Happy New Year to you, Nick (and all the GSG’ers)
    Let’s all have a very profitable and fun 2011.

  • thanx nick another great tip

  • Happy creative year to all!

  • Great tip, Nick… πŸ˜‰
    Have a great year y’all!

  • Nick, I have to say this again man…I LOVE the Light Kit. It makes the renders that much sexier. Thanks and keep kicking ass bro!

  • Happy New Year to u Nick!!

  • Thanks,
    Happy new year

  • Great tip Nick! I googled this exact thing about a week ago and found this.

    apparently “new.c4d” will load when you create a new c4d document while the program is already going, and if you create a file called “template.c4d” in that same directory, it will be loaded on startup.

  • happy new year Nick and thx again for this new little but useful tut !


  • This is great.
    It works when You ad object change “select only visible” in live selection tool, delete object and save as new.c4d
    To change that default was my wish for long time.
    Happy new.c4d year to all of You

  • Happy new year, Nick. Keep the quality vids and positive attitude flowing!

  • Gracias al Gorila por sus volados, tener la grandeza de enseΓ±ar a los demas es una virtud

  • It works great with hud settings too. I use it to add a axis scale to the hud in all the views.


  • I don’t know where to find this answer so maybe one of you guys know… How do you figure out the size of a selection or face once it is already converted. Example: make a cube 100cm then covert it by pressing c. now if i want to know the dimensions of of the cube. Any Ideas? thanks!

  • Hey Nick,

    Thanks for the awesome site. I have a question on how to change the default key command for setting a keyframe for animations.

    Right now default is (I’m using Mac) both command+mouse click and control+mouse click to set a keyframe when hovering over the keyframe circles.

    I want to be able to just simply mouse click the circle to set a keyframe.

    Funnily enough when in Command Manager and using Shortcut filter pressing either control or command to search; results in nothing so figuring out how to fix this has been a challenge.

    I actually wrote to MAXON asking for help in R11.5 in how to do this with no reply πŸ™ If you do not know how to do this, would you please request that Maxon change this to default for the next revision please?

    Making the default just mouse click to set keyframes would be better and more After Effects like.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  • Thank you forall your work and great tuorials!!
    One other question … What kind of microphone you use for your videos ?

    Happy new year !

  • Happy newyear tiny greyscale monkies!

  • Hey,
    while I was playing with Cinema,I did something(propably pushed the wrong button) and now my navigation keys aren’t working properly. 1 and 2 keys both zoom, but 2 does this weird thing while zooming:
    and 3 key doesn’t rotate properly:
    How can I fix this? I already tried reinstaling cinema- didn’t help.

  • This feature is also a life savior in Europe since we use PAL which has 25 frames per second. The default fps is 30 so it’s nice to fix this one both from the scene settings and from the render settings.

    Oh.. and have a nice year 2011!!

    • Yes I did that too!

      It’s also possible to save several render settings in one file. For example for testing and final renders. (It’s in the bottom left part of the output settings screen)

      Also you can save anything you want just like a normal scene file, like default shaders or light setups you always use.

  • Happy New Year Bro! you have been most helpful in 2010 .. i just came back from a heavy dose of chilling.. in between some Lsd .. i was compositing background almost every thought i had.. no antialiasing issues πŸ™‚ .. so have been an integral part of my 2010.. i have improved my design work.. and have recieved a lot of positive feedback all thanks to you..

    your determination.. energy.. and desire to keep learning and sharing.. is like.. good.

    dont stop the rock.. god bless.. 2011 will see you higher πŸ™‚

  • Happy new year Nick and a big thanks for what you do. You really make our simple C4D users life easier !
    Keep up the good work !

  • Thanks for this post. This will definitely same some frustration.

    Happy New Year!

    I made a video based on your candycane tutorial, but since I’m a new subscriber, I accidentally posted it as a comment to your Vimeo page rather than to your blog. Rookie mistake. Anyway, the link is below.

    • In my video, I discovered that I didn’t know how to create an object buffer for particles created by an emitter. Should I just put a compositing tag on the emitter itself?

      I ended up trying to fake a mask in After Effects – to mediocre results.

  • Hey Nick Campbell,

    Regarding the purchase of Cinema 4d and following along with your tutorials,

    is Cinema 4d Prime fine okay?

    I am using blender now, and I dont have 2,600.00 to spend and i dont know if Cinema Broadcast edition is even worth it?

    Really would appreciate your input, thanks -your fan -Nick

  • Hey Nick,
    i’ve been watched all of your tuts
    and would like to ask you to make a tut
    that Xplains how to make a vid like that:
    watch the end

  • Happy New Year Nick! Thans for all your work in the tutorials and stuff!

  • Hi Nick, I am from china and I know there’re many people live in china like your tutorials very much, but unfortunately vimeo now is in the chinese government BAN LIST, so… Can you take some time to upload your video to youtube? I can still visit youtube via some tools, hope it can be done…

    • Sorry, Most of my videos are longer than the youtube 15 minute limit. I’m thinking of finding another way to get tutorials to people who can’t watch them easily. Maybe a USB drive?

  • Thank you very very much!

  • thanks again for the great tutorials Nick

    here’s a question I had, open to anyone: I have a new computer with lots of processing speed/ram, but it seems to take quite a while to render basic things (like the text stripe fillet tutorial). I’m not using a ton of lights or anything complex like GI. Are there any ways I can manually set up C4D to make sure its taking advantage of all my computer power? Haven’t found any great answers online. Running a demo of C4D R12.

  • weird! maybe its some of these lights then. or maybe my perception is distorted by your awesomely fast render times.
    thanks for the reply Nick!!!!

  • I somehow messed up and now whenever i open cinema it loads a scene with a floor and some lights.

    I then tried to make a new empty “new.c4d” file and overwrite the messed up file.

    But cinema still loads the scene with the floor and lights.

    i also tried to delete the “new.c4d” file and make a new file from scratch. But somehow cinema STILL loads the file that has been deleted and removed from the Trash bin. Weird!

    anyone know how i fix this?

    Does Cinema store some data about the default project some other place???

  • Thanks so much!!! I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how people always had their units set to Meters by default.

  • It says I dont have permission to save in that folder and that I need to contact the administrator. Is there a solution to this?

    BTW: I’m using Windows Vista

  • I love your tutorials. I just have one problem: your uhhhs and umms. It’s veyr distracting sometimes. Here’s an awesome link that helped me in school:

  • i am having problems getting this to work in r13, anyone else or just me?

  • Jesus, and how to change the default font use by C4D, e.g, when using the spline text or the MoText object, the default font don’t please me…

  • Hi everyone!! I need some help with my render settings options, I can se that in every tutorial, the “General” sort of panel inside the render settings is available, but in my render settings window is not, I have all the others like output, save etc etc, but the general is just not there, I need to find it in order to manipulate the quality of the render… Help me please !

  • Hey can someone help me when i start up my Cinema 4D it always start up with the Startup Layout and i want it to start up with the Standard layout how can i fix it? please message me back on my Youtube: DivinityX

  • Hi there, I’ve been trolling around for a while now and I really can’t find anything useful! How on Earth can I get my render settings to open in that nice little tab like you have there? I’m fed up with having it appear in a new window, inevitably on the other monitor which is turned off!


  • I have a question that’s related to this but does not work, How do I save default Bake object options, as a work on games and use that a lot for rendering textures. sadly the method here does not save it πŸ™

  • Hi I have Cinema 4D Studio R16 And was wondering what the highest resolution possible is for it that is above 8k I was thinking maybe 20k? ?

  • Hello,
    perfect tutorial. I have one question. How to change the default settings on an object projection texture of UV maps per cubic mapping?

    Procedure A:

    Object + Tag: Texture
    Works (cubic mapping)

    Procedure B:
    Making material
    Embedding material to the object
    Does not work (UVW mapping)

    Thanks and Happy 2016 πŸ˜€

  • Its 2017, and your still saving lives! Cheers and thank you!

  • We have just purchased a few seats of C4D but cannot seem to find any information of how to change file locations by default to fit in with our current systems (Maya), for instance, is there a way to change (by default) the locations for textures, sound files, movies, etc? We have a pre-built structure that we use for all of projects over all of the applications that we use, such as Maya, LightWave, Media Composer, Nuke, etc, every project gets the same file stucture, this we can obviously do manually but we just use Maya to start a project for every job and have built in all the directories that we use manually, but with C4D we cannot seem to find where we can move the ‘tex’ folder too, it just re-creates one automatically when you save a file, also gi data is saved in the same location as well as logs? making the file system messy and annoying for the post guys, any info (or a video on C4D customization) would be much appreciated, bot Internet and Maxon are very unhelpful.

  • FOR THE WHEN!!! Huge fan of you all for the last 6 years and I am glad to see you all going strong!

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