How to Create a Cupcake in Cinema 4D

July 16, 2015

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create a tasty looking cupcake inside of Cinema 4D.  We will start out by modeling the cupcake wrapper, muffin bit, and the frosting!  Then I’ll show you how you can animate the cupcake getting frosted by using the Mograph Module.  If you have any questions, be sure to hit me in the comments below!  Have fun and if you make something with this technique, be sure to share it!  Enjoy!

Here’s my previous tutorial on How to Morph Between Splines in C4D


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  • Excellent!

  • Just beat you to it on this one 😉
    love your work though man, killing it

  • Cool tutorial and a nice use of the Matrix object.

    I do however have something to point out that would be easier to create with a different method. That would be the wrapper. I made a little video showing you what I mean, but the basic gist of it is to use a star spline instead of a cylinder since it’s quicker and easier to do. Here’s the video:

  • I always love your tutorials. They are fun and cute!

  • Excellent use of the Matrix object! Your tutorials are always great! Thanks for sharing. Rogers tip for creating the wrapper was also very helpful. Keep up the good work.

  • Hey, Any chance you can share the cake material or instruct how to make it? Awesome animation and brilliant textures!

  • sir i wan to b a great motion graphics artist and i use only after effects n now wan to learn C4d from u ….please help me…….love the way u teach…..

  • hi sir tis is the best…

  • sorry link was bad. here is the right one I hope.
    thanks again|/polygons/tp3nozw8922rfwy8c3x0pcqoo7sgcf

  • ok, I guess it does`t work with a Squarespace site because that isn`t right either. oh well.

  • Excellent!!! How can I get the textures? the cupcake texture is amazing!!!

    • I don’t understand the idea of doing a tutorial and having all the materials prepopulated in your project without sharing anything about how they were created. I don’t get it…

      Are you expecting people to know how to do that part already? Or you don’t think it’s an import part of modeling?

  • Where are the materials used in this tutorial?

  • Amazing tut, thank you i enjoyed it very much.

  • Maira Serra Marsal November 20, 2016 at 7:12 am

    Hi! Thanks for this tutorial I am quite new at cinema, and I am having a problem on the animation part. When I take the Helix object ( called End) out of the Sweep and I replace it with Trace , the frost has lost its angle and it becomes a messy thing. I went back and forth the tutorial many times. Making sure all the specs are exactly the same as yours when creating the helix and the sweap but couldn’t find why this happens. What I discovered ist that when I take the Helix object ( End) out of the Sweap and I put it back, I get the same error. Any idea why this happens? Thanks in advance!

  • great tutorial, but why didn’t you include lighting and materials? that’s pretty important…

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