How to Create Abstract Paint Strokes in Cinema 4D

July 24, 2015

In this tutorial, I’ll break down how I created this abstract, organic candy paint stroke text inside of Cinema 4D.  I’ll show you how I created the base geometry using Spline Wrap and then I’ll go over how I used the Jiggle Deformer to create some nice organic undulation movement!  The Jiggle Deformer is an awesome way to apply cloth sim like looks to your geometry!  I’ll finish off the tutorial by showing you how I created the material for the text.  If you have any questions, be sure to hit me in the comments below!  Have fun and if you make something with this technique, be sure to share it!  Enjoy!


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  • Cool! i LOVE the candy material!
    Recently i made something like this with CHOCOLATE:

  • How do I get cineware to render this to look the same? The animation looks different. Its far more subtle.

    • hey mate, I had the same problem, I found that making the object editable it made the render look the same as the view port. (mine was a still, so I don’t know if an animation would effect it)

      • Inside Cineware? interesting… so you brought in the c4d file as a Cineware layer and the turbulence isn’t the same? Yeah you may just need to bake out the animation for it to work correctly. Was this using the Full res quality mode in Cineware?

  • I’m having issues with the material. It seems to flicker too quickly.
    Any suggestions? I’m working in R15

  • Maybe I’m just not understanding textures in cinema quite correctly still (kinda new), but isn’t the work in the color channel somewhat superfulous since you are at 100% in luminance as well? I notice there are no shadows in your final render.



    • In my render I has less than 100% luminance so you did get a little bit of details from the Color channel coming through. But you’re right, when you have 100% luminance you won’t see any Color channel stuff

  • I’m having trouble with my render not looking the same in my viewport? help?

  • Very cool. One question: how would you loop the turbulence, for a gif let’s say?

  • Hey i have a problem with render.
    I do everything the same and it looks good like paint stroke
    but when i hit render
    its not rendering spline wrapr and jiggle
    so i have view like its not paint
    its looks like balloons with no deformation
    dont know what to do

  • Hey EJ!

    Very nice tutorial! Thanks!
    I am trying to use this technic to make some sort of snow look right on effect for my holiday greetings, but I have some difficulties animating the spline wrap. I tried to animate the To property of the spline wrap, but that ends up in a ugle stretching of the capsule and some jittering alone some points in the spline. Would you, or anybody, like to share some techniques?

    Cheers! Really appreciate it!

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