How to Create an Elevation Map Using Cinema 4D’s Sketch and Toon

January 22, 2015 - By 

Elevation Contour

In this tutorial, I’ll be covering a cool way to create an elevation map using, you guessed it, Cinema 4D!  I’ll show you how to easily add contour lines to geometry using Sketch and Toon.  I’ll also go over some other really useful concepts like how to create and apply 3D gradients to an object, how to apply a Sketch and Toon material to an object and some of the basics of Sketch and Toon, and how to then animate Sketch and Toon lines so that they draw on.  And I’ll cap the tutorial off by showing a nice trick using the Time Effector to apply constant motion to an object.


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  • my mountain is scaling from top to bottom ? i cant figure my problem out !

  • I don’t see contour in my sketch and toon options?

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