How to Create Custom Geometry Using X-Particles

September 29, 2015

This is a tutorial showing how to create custom shapes that would normally only be created through advanced modeling using X-Particles.


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  • thanks for that nice tutorial. And yes, I think I am not the only one which is loking for some nice tutorials about octane and cinema 4D especially real glass and photorealistic product shots (maybe packaging, bottles, ….)

    thanks and greats from germany

  • Hey Beeple has been posting some really cool dailies lately. He has some process videos but its hard to understand exactly what he’s doing to make some great renders. Can I request a tutorial with an image similar to Beeple’s creations? I love how he uses illustrator here and then brings that into Cinema 4D as a spline and extrudes it then works from there. I know his work uses Octane which maybe not a lot of people have but anything that just gets the idea of creating the NEAR FUTURE(Mr. Concept Art) that would be cool.

  • I am officially showing interest in Octane.

  • Hey, I’m the only one who doesn’t hear anything around 5 min and on?

  • Very cool…Thanks Dave… and yes, definitely.. Octane tutorials please!

  • I’ll add my voice to those requesting Octane tutorials!

  • OCTANE!!!! PLEASE!!!
    (Mainly because of Beeple)

  • Super cool! +1 for octane tuts! and i would really love if you do a tutorial showing the process of the renders in your instagram that combine realistic photos and 3d pieces!


  • Yes! Octane tutorials would be great! Steep learning curve combined with, shall we say, average documentation, makes it hard to get in to. Bought it 6 months ago and haven’t really had the time to start using it. Sadly, cause it’s amazing. Great xp tutorial πŸ™‚

  • Octane!

  • Nice tutorial and welcome! Hoping for more.

    As of Octane 2 im not sure if there’s a lot to do for you, since
    covered all i needed.


  • Really neat stuff, becomes even cooler once you start playing around with deformers on the objects that you are skinning.

  • A Octane tutorial would be fantastic!

  • I vote yes for Octane tutorials!! Thanks for this one !

  • Octane, X-Particles and R17 please sir.

  • Would love to know about Octane and how you made the gold look.
    This is a great tutorial, looking forward to creating some sealife πŸ™‚

  • Amazing work David, really interested after those work with Octane!

  • Very cool. I only use octane, so yes, I’d love to see octane tutorials!

  • The best tutorials act as a launching pad to new creative efforts. This is a great tutorial.

  • I have to get X-Particles now!.. And yes Octane please!!


  • Thanx for the tutorial, please do some on Octane like you mentioned.

  • It would be great to see a comparison between OCTANE and V-RAY.
    Is one better suited to certain kinds of render (stills / animation / photo realistic / outdoor)?
    Knowing the main differences would help us decide over which is better for the type of work we do.

  • Cool Tutorial and YES, OCTANE PLEASE !!

  • I would love some tuts on Octane please!

  • Thanks a lot for this inspiring technique!

    Sharing is caring – so I hope it’s ok to post this…
    If anyone is interested here’s my result with V-Ray and the source files for download:

    Octane turorials? YES PLEASE!

  • Please show us some octane!

  • Thanks for the great tutorial + yes, please on the octane tutorials

  • Great tutorial! I’d add a +1 to some octane tutorials!

  • Hi Dave,
    One thing that kept me away from buying x-particles is a post i’ve read that you can’t export your mesh/geometry. I find it very hard to believe.
    Is it?
    Hope you can clarify this once and for all πŸ˜‰
    Great tutorial by-the-way!!

    • Hi Fred, you should have no problems exporting your your geometry from x-particles. You may just have to make the objects editable.

  • Hey Greyscale Gorilla,

    here is some cool Inspiration:

    Maybe you can use some of those for a new Tutorial?

  • Yes! Octank tutorials please especially for those who have the demo!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Really cool new approach to achieving complex and strange forms. For those of you that like this tutorial, you should check his work, as he has some amazing renders with this bizarre geometrical elements merged into a real image scene and it is mind blowing. I would love for him to make a video on how to achieve those images using octane. So yes please go for the tutorial!

  • Octane stuff would be awesome!

  • Please!!! Octane tutorials would be awesome.

  • Great tutorial – it’s a big YES from me for Octane tutorials too please. I’m new to it, already loving the look and the speed in comparison with Physical Renderer but no one does tutorials better that GSG and I have much to learn. Octane please!!!! 8o)

  • Great tutorial, sparks a lot of inspiration. Yes please for Octane πŸ™‚

  • Β‘Octane, Si!

  • Hi! Could you show how to make that kind of trasnperrent rubber material which is in the image that green blob and the red thing , i like how it looks

  • Thanks Nick!
    many thanks ,, your Tutorials Very helpful to me ,,
    but i make some Tutorial about Xpresso … πŸ™‚

  • +1 for Octane Tutorials!!!

  • Hey, found my way to this just now. Great tutorial Dave – Thanks for sharing it!

    Also want to post my +1 for more Octane Tutorials. I’d be especially interested some tutorials about how to get Octane to play nicely with GSG plugins like HDRI studio. I’ve dabbled with the Demo version of Octane and so far nothing I’ve tried gets it to work with GSG’s HDRI Studio. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  • Hey, nice tip/tut! one thing though: I noticed in a couple of views with the spiral cylinder there was a little blob of almost left overs from the skinner . . same thing popped up for me . . . how the hell can we remove it ? no matter what tweaking I try its either still there or the whole surface is just wrong . .

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