How to Create the Dented Sphere Look

November 3, 2015

FourUp_dented_spheresProcessed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

This is a tutorial showing how to create a similar animation to the Half Rez 2015 logo animation also the look seen in my “Dented Sphere” series everyday renders. We will be discussing two different ways of approaching the effect of “denting” objects into one another and how to animate them.

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  • nice technique. how did you manage the different impact times for each sphere in the half-rez animation? Did you create different selections for each impact area, and work with each one separately using pose morphs as well?

    • Yes, just repeat the same steps I did for more deformations. You can sculpt as many instances as you want and then add these multiple deformed instances to morph between in the pose morph tag.

  • Thanks for making this amazing tutorial David! I never thought to use the pose morph like that before :D!

  • These are fantastic, guys!

    Rendering and texturing are such complex disciplines and yet tutorials and learning materials for them are not as prevalent as say, modeling, animation, or dynamics.

    If I could make a request, I would really appreciate your feedback on how to achieve this more-traditional “broadcast” look of shiny, glossy, super-glassiness.

    I’ve tried it with GI, but can’t ever seem to achieve the same results.

    Thank you guys.

  • Great tutorial.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Look forward to watching your technique.
    I used this kinda thing on one of my everydays ‘ bunny ‘ here.

  • Pretty amazing tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

  • Great work David. I need to use C4D sculpting tools more. Usually jump into zbrush but see the reason for staying in the C4D interface, which is way more friendly.
    Look forward to more tutorials from you.

  • Hi.
    Great tuto.
    I tried to play with the curve and other parameters in Collision deformer to do that kind of bump around spheres instead of using sculpt. the results are different but not so bad (ex:
    I’m sure, there’s a lot of funny things to do with that curve

  • My all thanks to Greyscalegorilla for such a great tutorial. Thanks David.

  • Wow Amazing tutorial
    impressive work
    thanks a lot !

  • Great! Thanks for sharing wisdom 🙂

  • i’d really like to thank you guys (nick and chris). it’s because of this website i made my first short animation film, in cinema 4d of course,
    welcome to watch it 🙂

    thanks again guys !

  • thanks for the tutorial, i’ve never really used the sculpt tool before and i love how easy it is! i would love to see more tutorials like this 🙂 here’s my render:

  • Thanks for this, this points me in the right direction for one challenge I’ve been having regarding insetting eyes and so forth in a natural way. I wanted to point you towards this in Cineversity:

    One cool enhancement in R16 is the ability to use a circle spline as a snap-to guide for the sculpting tools on a polygonal object. It really helped me get an even circle bulge on the outside of the inset sphere, combined with turning on Steady Stroke in the settings of the Inflate tool.

    Again, thanks for your tutorial, it gave me the nerve to head into the sculpting room and give that a shot.

  • Hey hey..thanks for the tut 😉 awesome!!

  • Wonderful tutorial! Pose morph + sculpting = genius!

    Here’s my take:

  • I cloned some balls to the surface of a cube and then threw in the collision deformer on a slightly bigger copy of that cube. Works fine!

  • Awesome techniques, life saver !!! thanks alot

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