How to Create the Inflatable Object Series Part 2: C4D Octane

January 8, 2016

This is a tutorial showing how to create my inflatable object series. We are going to start out with how to Model and Sculpt these “balloon” objects. Than we are going to jump in and texture the object using Octane.


This is a tutorial showing how to create my “Inflatable Object” series.
In Part 2 of the Inflatable Object tutorial we texture our Inflatable Carrot using Octane to create a realistic rubber texture.

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  • It’s private on safari

  • It’s private on Chrome as well.

  • Private video, can not view.

  • Same here… :/ looking forward to watch this one…

  • This is lovely. Wondering if you could tell us your rendering set up? Vfx cards etc? Thanks

  • I’m just recently discovering David and I love him already. Thanks for the amazing tutorials bro. You’ve really inspired me to do something beyond the inflatable things. I appreciate it and I hope to see more from you in the future.

  • Wow, very impressed by Octane’s ease of use, I like that you can create textures in a similar way to c4d, as I still find nodal texturing a bit alien!

    I wish David had shown us a bit about Octane lighting, he’s using them in the scene.

  • Part 2 is now part 3 and the original part 3 is missing.

  • Thank u for tutorial i am also using Octane for my all works it is amazing
    There are some kind of Octane soft box. Did you create yourself or are there standard octane area light??

  • Has anyone been able to install the demo of octane?
    Can’t seem to get it to work.

    • Same here! It’s the GPU renderer I can afford, but can’t get it to work. is it because it doesn’t have a R17 plug in yet?

  • hey nick !
    can you please do a tutorial on how to create and animate this type of hexagonal type environment as shown in this video

  • Nice work, Dave + GSG!

    Can you share the general specs of your hardware setup with us? I’m interested in an Octane setup and would like to know what you’re running.


  • Can you make a tutorial please showing us your lighting setup for the inflateable carrot?

  • Is it also possible to make without octane?

    • Of course, the material is not too complex and can be duplicated in C4D material builder. The tricky part about this is creating the actual inflatable objects themselves and for that you do not need octane at all, just to good ole C4D sculpting, check out the part 1 of the tutorial.

  • yoo..where is the part 3? =)

  • Great tutorial 😉

  • so is this part 2 or? im confused as people keep mentioning part 3. is there something missing from the middle? whats the hold up on the other part if there is one? this is by far one of the better tuts on GSG.. yet kinda simple!

  • Hey dude, where can I get Ocatan? Is it a plugin? Is it expensive? Thanks

  • Do you have a video on modeling the valve for the inflatables?

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